Sunday, November 28, 2010


Life is going alright.  This weekend has been not too shabby... Friday night, one of my favorite girls came over to my house.  Her name is Megan and she is totally awesome and I love her a lot!  We practised what we will be singing in church for the Christmas Program and we also watched Toy Story 3.  I love hanging out with Megan because her laugh is just the greatest.  She fell in love with Spanish Buzz from Toy Story 3 and she was rolling around on my floor laughing at it.  It was great.  We took some pictures on Kayla's new favorite facebook app, LolCam.  It was a good night!

Saturday was not a fun day.  I worked from 10-5, my usual Saturday shift.. but this time it was worse because this weekend was actually busy.  There were various sport tournaments this weekend which made us busy and also people from the hockey tournament had 40% off coupons.  And of course... I got stuck in Rockport.  It was not as busy as Reebok, but I find with Rockport there is usually more messy situations.  Like for instance, I had one couple with a large purchase of stuff from Reebok (both cashes were occupied so they came over to me).  The purchase got a little crazy when I was unsure about the total.  After everything was sorted out (it took about 10 minutes for everything), the couple thanked me and walked away.  As they were walking away, two older ladies were leaving as well.  One looked at me and exclaimed they did not find what they were looking for but it would have been better if they had some help, stuck her nose up and walked out the door.  I stood there in shock for a moment at her statement.   I turned around, still with my jaw dropped in shock.  A customer who had over heard the remark looked back at me in shock as well and told me not to worry about them and that it was not my fault that I was busy.  Later on when the customer and his wife came up to the cash and they told me I was doing a great job and not to let anyone else get me down.  Sometimes I hate customers, sometimes they are great.
When mom picked me up from work, she had some sad news to tell me.  Our friends Joan and John Laurent (they are sort of my fake grandparents), well their lovely dog Buffy has gone off to heaven.  I loved that dog, but I know it was her time to go and I know (cheesy yes...) but all Dogs do go to heaven.

Buffy and I...

Today, I stayed home from church.  I was tired and not feeling the greatest mood wise.  I have been down lately and felt like no one was really around to help me up..  but I ended up getting myself up because I was the one that brought myself down.  Life is full of setbacks, success is determined by how you handle setbacks.  
This week : Work and Hello to December.  December=Christmas, Christmas=all I want right now.
Hope you all had a good weekend!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Puppy Love

Downer of this week-  Haig did not end up coming to work in PEI
Making my week-Today is my day off and Haig got a job!

I am currently relaxing at home on my day off writing this little blog post.  My week is going well.  Haig did not end up coming over to PEI for work which kinda sucks but he did get a job today and I am very happy for him!  I am watching One Tree Hill at the moment.  Season 3 is going well.  After this episode I will be starting to make some cookies.  I am also enjoying being at home by myself with my lovely Doggy Nala.  She turns 12 next month!  I love her so much.

XO, Lyssa

Monday, November 22, 2010

This week...

Work, Work, Work is on the agenda!  Oh along with my amazing boyfriend coming back to work here on PEI for a week or so.  He arrives tomorrow and I am very happy he will be around!  We found out yesterday afternoon but it was not certain until late last night.  Speaking of last night, I had the opportunity to hold Young Single Adult Family Home Evening in my home.  I think I am really going to enjoy this new calling and I am hoping to get some inactive YSA out to the activities to the December activities.  We have planned that we are going to have Family Home Evening every two weeks and on the weeks that we do not have that we will have an activity.  First activity, baking cookies for the nativity Pageant!  Christmas is coming fast people!  I am so happy that there is some snow on the ground.  I think it is beautiful.

new shirt bought on the weekend
 So back to my week... this week is mostly all about work, Haig and One Tree Hill.  Shifts this week: Today 1-6, Tuesday 1-6, Wednesday OFF, Thursday 11-4, Friday 1-5, Saturday 10-5.  During the times that I am not working, I will be trying my best to spend time with my man (if he is not working...), watching One Tree Hill, going to Institute on Wednesday night and hopefully going out visiting teaching with my momma. 
Weekend Flashback :  Harry Potter was amazing.  I have not read the books (yeah yeah yeah, tell me I am a big loser, I just do not have a lot of interest in reading the books now that the movies are almost done... I will eventually read them someday when I feel like it), but I did think the movie was quite good.  I loved the beginning, but the ending was quite sad.  I look forward to the final finale!  I adore those movies...

 I think that is all for now to begin my week...Hope you all enjoy yours as much as I will enjoy mine working!
XO, Lyssa

Friday, November 19, 2010


My Day so far;
  • Woke up around 8:20
  • Ate some breakfast
  • Watched two episodes of One Tree Hill
  • Mom picked me up for work
  • Worked from 12:15 to 5 in Rockport (not too eventful, except for the only lady who called to ask if we have walking shoes.... )
  • Mom picked me up from work with exciting news of her new Job.  So proud of my momma and her success.  She is so happy to be moving on to bigger and better things!
  • Brought up the sugesstion of going to see Harry Potter tonight with the Famjam (we always go to see it together as a family) 
My day at present;
  • watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Eating Chili Cheese Nachos
  • Blogging/Facebook
The future of my day;
  • GOING TO SEE HARRY POTTER AT 9:30pm with the Family.  I am a little stoked if you cant tell...

 I will be so tired for my 10-5 shift at work tomorrow but it will be so worth it!
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For Casey

Casey was not too happy to read my blog this morning and find out that our Greys night tonight was not mentioned on my exciting things of this week.  I am sorry Casey, so this one is for you (and Nora of course too).  Since I have been home from Dal, most weeks I have watched Greys Anatomy with Nora and Casey.  I have been a Greys fan pretty much from the start.  I missed most of the first season but I have watched every episode since (except for last season's CRAZY finale when I was in Montreal;  Emily Mallett and my sister were texting me like crazy freaking out over what was going on).  But I seriously do love this show!  Casey only started watching it last year.  So she would come to school and be like freaking out about Izzy and Denny.. and Em and I were like wow Casey, you are so far behind.  But I am happy she is all caught up and a Greys addict like the rest of is now :).  Today has been fairly good.  Woke up around 9, took a shower and did some laundry.  My two sweet visiting teachers also came to see me this morning.  They gave me a lesson on President Uchtdorf's talk in the last General Conference.  I held one of the cutest babies today, my visiting teacher's son Isaac.  He is so freaking adorable and I have such baby craze!  This afternoon I watched one of my new favorite shows, OTH.  I am loving it!  I also made some peanut butter cookies and listened to some old music.  I made dinner tonight which makes me happy and productive!

Watch out Glee and Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill might be taking your spot as my new favorite show..
I will be off watching Greys with my ladies tonight.  Sweet dreams!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life is only what you make it

This week has been going good.  Monday, work 1-6.  Tuesday, work 10-6.  Today, One Tree Hill and work 1-6.  I am loving work though.  My job is great and I am getting a lovely paycheck tomorrow that will be going to tithing, my savings and my visa.  I am trying to be wiser with my spending habits because I have things I need to save up for.  School being the biggest one.  By next September I want to at least be able to pay my first semester.  So my week has not been too exciting.  Just working, chilling at home and watching the second season of One Tree Hill (which I am loving...I blame Laura for making me fall in love with it!)  Some exciting things this week though...
-I am a happy girl!
-Christmas is getting closer and closer!
-Institute was great tonight!
-Harry Potter comes out this weekend! Not sure when I am going, but as soon as possible hopefully!
-Tomorrow is my day off.  My visiting teachers are coming to see me and I going to make peanut butter cookies!
So, that is about it for now.. not in a big mood to write but there yah have it!
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, November 14, 2010


childhood ambition ........... to get married and have babies!
fondest memory ............... a special moment with Haig after testimony meeting at EFY this past summer
indulgence ................... Chocolate, Kisses, One Tree Hill (my latest tv craze), shopping sprees, shoes shoes shoes.
soundtrack ................... anything that starts with a T and ends with a Swift!
wildest dream ................ just go to a different continent spontaneously. Right now.
retreat ...................... my room.  See growing up my sister and I shared the smallest room ever.  When we added the addition on two years ago our room became so much bigger and better and I love everything about it!
 looks a little different now, but this is the jist of it.
proudest moment .............. getting 89% on my grade 12 math final
biggest challenge ............ coming home after DAL.
first job .................... paper carrier hollla
last purchase presents! shhh :)
inspiration best friends

My writing ............................. is kind of stupid and boring but I guess some people read it..

My life ................................has been going pretty darn great!

Today consisted of a great sacrament meeting, my first calling as a Young Single Adult Rep in the Charlottetown Branch, an afternoon watching One Tree Hill Season One, A YSA Dinner at the Smiths house with fun games and now home chatting with my loves Brittany and Haig :)
Talk to you all tomorrow!
XO, Lyssa
ps, and blue eyeliner!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Reasons why Today is good

1.  I finally thought of the best gift for Christmas for Haig.
2.  The taxi driver was very nice on my ride to work this morning.
3.  Customers were still messy today but nicer than Wednesday.
4.  My friend Tyler (who is living far away from me right now) came to visit me at work because he is home for the long weekend.
5.  Tyler bought awesome shoes from Rockport today.  They are silver!
6.  I got a hug from Return Missionary Cory Grinton!
7.  Two nice ladies at work told me that I was doing a great job.
8.  I spent the last two hours of my crazy busy day at Reebok, down at the quiet Greg Norman.  (I have a love/hate relationship with working at Greg Norman.  Some days it is busy, and some days it is completely dead.)
9.  I am going to watch Toy Story 3 with Tyler tonight!
10.  I work all day tomorrow but I am so happy to be working.  I love my Job... most days. 
11.  I work with Amanda all day tomorrow, then we may go get chicken bowls from KFC.  Best darn things ever!
12.  It's friday, and I am in love :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harry Potter Marathon Thoughts...

  • I wish I had a Unicorn
  • Even though Voldemort is evil, he is actually sort of awesome
  • If I could just go to Hogwarts, my life would be so much easier
  • “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?”
  • Harry running from the Basilick Snake, Kayla: “He is probably thinking, I hate my life”
  • Dang, those kids grew up...

  • Albus Dumbledore is the man…
“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, but the choices we make.”
“Soon, we must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy.”
“But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”
“When in doubt, I find retracing my steps to be a wise place to begin.”
  • Dementors are losers. “The worst part about prison, is the dementors” –Prison Mike (The Office)
  • I LOVE when Hermoine punches Malfoy in the face… it is the best.
  • God Bless Harry Potter
  • Everyone really does love a rebel sometimes.
  • About half way through the fourth movie, my sister and I realize we have no life and have wasted our whole day off… but it was well worth it!

“Well you know what they say about you? They say that you are a sparkly wizard freak who is a less hot version of me, so you can take that fake apology and shove it right up your sparkly…


 And that is how Cedric Diggory died… 


no I’m totally kidding, turns out he is a vampire, he can’t die.”

  • Fred and George are totally awesome.
  • It is seriously sad that they have a new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher every year.
  • The Harry Potter theme song is classic.

Kayla: “Harry Potter is like a trademark”
Alyssa: “No, I think it is more of a Culture”

  • I have a style crush on Emma Watson, or maybe just a crush… this girl is beyond gorgeous!


 Off to watch Order of the Pheonix..... Scratch that, my amazing boyfriend is going to call me soon :) Harry Potter, you can wait.

XO, Lyssa