Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Claus Came to town

Did Santa Claus come and visit all you good boys and girls this year?  He sure did visit our family.  Christmas day was a wonderful day and I loved spending it with my family.  We also got to go to an uplifting sacrament meeting where we listened to wonderful Christmas hymns sung by very talented people in our Church branch. We opened presents after we got home from church.  I got spoiled with a new TV, a duvet for my bed, a UPEI Hoodie, some other clothes and socks, lots of body stuff and... what you have all been waiting for... A gorgeous pair of sparkly earrings from the one and only Haig Aaron.  I also did spoil myself before Christmas with a couple of things that were on my wishlist like Lululemon pants, pretty scarves, a new purse and new jeans.  I still have a couple more things on the wishlist, but more practical things like a cover for my duvet and a floor lamp for my room.  We ate our Christmas dinner in the late afternoon, but the best part about it was my hot turkey sandwich for lunch on boxing day.  It was better than the dinner itself.  Boxing day was spend relaxing.  I did not leave the house once, I don't even think I made it outside.  I had some swelling from my wisdom teeth removal so that was no fun, but it has gone down since Monday.
I went back to work yesterday and last night we had a party for my best friend Amanda who is home for the Holidays.  Scott took lots of pictures so I'll get some of those up here when I get those from him!
Today, I took someone's shift so I was only at work from 11-4.  It was really random and strange because I usually work a full day shift (10-6).  Tonight, my cousins and Auntie K are coming for dinner and I'll go to Hunters later with the gang.
And tomorrow, is my second Christmas.  It won't be Santa Claus coming to town, but Haig Aaron will be making his way over.  No major plans for the weekend yet, but knowing us we will find lots of fun things to do and it will be good all around.
Stick around, I'll be back in the New Year!
XO, Lyssa

Friday, December 23, 2011

this past week

has been filled with...

- lots of Christmas goodness and cheer
- some quality time spent at Casey's house and my futon.  Having heart to hearts and exchanging Christmas gifts
- eating yummy food for brunch at Cora's with Ellen and Kayla
- work, work & work.  Tomorrow is my last shift until after Christmas (27th/28th) then I am done until the 2012! see yah later RBK
- Ups and downs with emotions
- cute things said from Haig Pinsent.  He is a Keeper for sure.
- Excitement to see my best friend tomorrow night!
- The Hills Season 4.
- watching 'A Christmas Story' with my lovely lady Megan Smith
- eating pizza and doing some Christmas shopping with my sister
- sipping hot chocolate as the nights get colder
- happiness from doing well in my courses
- reading of The Hunger Games
- just wanting next week to get here.. (haig pinsent, come over already!)

XO, Lyssa

Monday, December 19, 2011

Been awhile'

So it has not been a very exciting week, but I guess that's what getting your wisdom teeth out does to yah.  I got them out on Thursday and I was pretty much sick all day after that.  My weekend was chill, to let me mouth recover from the surgery.  I am mostly done of my Christmas shopping which is great because I was in a couple of stores today running some errands and the next few days are gonna be crazy!  I also have lots of plans to hang out with people this week.  I decided I really wanted to make an effort to give each of my good friends quality time to hang out this week.  So today I hung out with Casey for a bit, then we met up with Jess and Chelsey.  Tomorrow I will hopefully spend some time with Scott and on Thursday I'll go to eat with Ellen and Kayla.  I am also hanging out with church friends on Wednesday night for a YSA Christmas party.  I think that is the best Christmas present you can give to anyone--- Time.  The country, and my province in particular have just  been struck with the death of two guys from Prince Edward Island.  They were shot in Alberta last week.  It is a such a tragic event and is a reminder that life is just too short.  So forget that you may not be able to give someone a gift this year, you may not get the gift you want, just to spend time with people you care about should be enough.
That's all for now... more to come later.
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Okay, so normally I would not do this because it is bascially Sydney's trademark from The Daybook. but I decided to do it today because today has just been one of those days.

- brushing shoulders in the largest hallway with a girl.  what was even worse was that we have the same kitbag, the kitbag that I thought no one else on campus would have.  and we both noticed
- that time when you make cookies and the dough seems like it is going to fall apart
- Nala.  she is just one weird old soul
- (this is the main reason for the awkward section) I live on a dead end street.  no one hardly comes down it let alone the people that live on it, and no one ever knocks on my door.  like ever.  so today when I heard a knock from my room I was like I am going to go get the door that never gets knocked on!  when I got to the door and opened it, two men (who I thought were the missionaries from the back)  turned around and walked back up the steps.  come to think of it now they did not even introduce themselves.  they started to try and sell me on something and seeing as I was freezing cold  I invited them in.  they sit down at my kitchen table and start to sell me on this life insurance thing.  then they realize that I did not own the house we were in and that I live with my family and my PARENTS.  suddenly they were really awkward and were like "can we come back when your parents are here".... they will be back later in the week, no one will be home ;)....when they got up to left one said "yes, we arnt mormons or jehovah witness, we are just trying to sell our product, then I stated that I was a mormon... He was a little blown away by this.  such a lovely afternoon..
- getting my christmas day gift from haig.  because I have no idea what it is but it is in a tiny little box.... any guesses?

- I, Alyssa Fraser, am finished of my first semester of university! Holla Holla
- my french exam only took me one hour
- getting a very gracious gift from my grandma for christmas.  she will be getting lots of hugs when I get to see her next.
- eating chocolate cookies after they come out of the oven and are still moist and melty.  can you say chocolate party in my mouth?
- going out to visit teach all 3 sisters we have tonight.  visiting teaching is something that women do in my church.  my companion is my mother and we go to visit 3 women, share a spiritual message with them and help them to do anything.  it is nice and I got little bits of different inspiration tonight from each sister.
-  the fact that I totally did not use punctuation and capital letters in this post.  hello Christmas BREAK!

XO, Lyssa

Monday, December 12, 2011

oops, i love you

When I woke up this morning I realized I completely forgot to tell you what I did on Friday night with my best friend CASEY !!!  (check out her blog, she's trying and its super cute and fun to read!)  So, on Friday night I met Casey at Wendy's for some din din.  We are classy ladies like that.  Classy and broke.  We wanted good food at a cheap price, and that's Wendy's around here.  She got a spicy chicken sandwich while I went with the grilled chicken.  We ate our sandwiches and they were actually really yummy.  After we ate, we went down to Old Navy, Payless and Lasenza.  Neither of us did any shopping but Casey got some ideas for Christmas gifts and we tried on about every pair of shoes in the size six section of Payless.  I do feel a little bad for the women who were working that night, probably on commission, that we did not buy anything.  Tuff luck, I am broke and am still waiting on two pairs of boots that I ordered from Go Jane!  At this rate they wont be here for awhile (they have just been sorted in L.A!,  urghh--- I want my boots).   After all of that fun, Casey came over to my house.  Her mom was having her staff Christmas party at their lovely little house and Casey did not really wanna be around all that fun.  So instead we sat at my house, watched movie trailers and other youtube classics and it was a lovely night spent with my best friend.
What do you and your best friend do together?
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A lovely weekend

Honestly, this weekend has been just lovely.  And the very sad thing is that I did not document any of it.

The weekend started on Friday by spending most of the day with my friend Dana.  Dana and I have known each other since Grade 1 from being in French Immersion together throughout all of our years of school.  We also sat a long side each other throughout our band days of playing clarinet.  Last year, Dana went on Rotary Exchange so this is also his first year at University as well.  Luckily, to go a long with all of our years of friendship and studying French together, we ended up in the same class!  So on Friday, I went over to Dana's around lunch time, we ate some food, studied some french and caught up on stories of the past year.  We also took his dog Gracie for a walk, she is such a precious dog!  It was a lovely time and I highly enjoyed it.

On Saturday, I worked from 10-5.  It was rather strange because I did not work the Saturday before and the Thursday night a couple days before as well because I have been studying for exams.  It was a good day though because I got to work with my favorite ladies and it was not very busy at all.  I was in Rockport so I mostly just got to help old people pick out shoes, or young people pick out shoes for old people for Christmas presents.  Greatness.  Saturday night I also got a little more Reebok staff love.  Ellen, Noreen, Scheit and I went out to Boston Pizza for a light dinner.  Noreen is going to Ontario this week, Ellen is going on her vacation and Scheit is going home to Alberta for Christmas pretty soon too so we thought it would be nice to get together before we don't see each other until the New Year.  It was a lovely and lively dinner and I  enjoyed spending time with these ladies.  After dinner, I made a quick stop to the mall to purchase one last item for Haig for Christmas!

Today reminded me of how much I love to relax on Sundays.  I went to church in the morning as usual.  Church was kind of a drag because I spend both hours in Nursery.  When I got home I ate some lunch, did some internet browsing and then did some studying for my final two exams.  This evening I also had the lovely opportunity to attend our church's Nativity Pageant.  It is a whole narration of the birth of the Savior along with real animals and lovely music.  I pretty much know the script by heart now from seeing it so much throughout the years, but it still gets to me every time I see it.  There was a lot of young families there tonight and it made me really happy because I know that there are still amazing people out there that are trying as much as I am to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas.  It is a wonderful thing to know.

Here I am in the Christmas spirit.  A lovely lady from church takes these photos every year.  Honestly, the elf is so scary but so awesome at the same time.

So as for this week, I have two more finals to write, a couple more Christmas gifts to get, some baking to do, some TV shows to catch up on, and oh you know... get some teeth pulled from my mouth.  How joyous and triumphant.
Hope everyone will start to feel more Christmasy this week, I know this weekend has put me in a very Christmasy mood!
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. B

This is my best friend for the next couple of days.  For those who don't know what it is, it is a Bescherelle, which is basically the french bible of verbs.  Verbs are really silly in french, well, French is kind of a silly language in general.   But, j'aime la francais (yes I forgot the little thing on the 'c' but I don't have alt tabs so deal with it, I do really know what I am doing okay!)  So two more exams, University 103 on Monday which will basically be questions like 'How do you manage your time effectively' and 'How do you deal with stress'... yeah, not going to be that big of a deal, and then French on Tuesday!  Wish me Luck!
Good day and Good night
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Lady

Exam tally

1 down, 3 more to go.


Wish me luck on the rest :)
XO, Lyssa

Friday, December 2, 2011

a new word

I learned a new word the other day and this word is 


  [fil-i-gree]  Show IPA noun, adjective, verb,-greed, -gree·ing.
delicate ornamental work of fine silver, gold, or other metalwires, especially lacy jewelers' work of scrolls andarabesques.
anything very delicate or fanciful: a filigree of frost.

Synonyms:fretwork, interlace, lacework, lattice,ornamentation, tracery

Coool huh?  Why this word is important, you will learn in a couple of weeks time!

study procastinator

To go to UPEI to study or to stay home and study....

I need to answer this question, and then I will start to study, I promise

XO, Lyssa

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Brittany just did a post on numbers and it got me thinking about some numbers in my life right now.

23 months, have I been in a relationship with the wonderful Haig Pinsent.
28 days til I will get to see him again
4 exams I must write before I can feel stress free
15 days til I say goodbye to 4 wisdom teeth
6 hours I must work tonight and then be off until next Saturday
20 days until I get to see my Dad whom I miss very much
70 percent is what I am at least hoping to get on my exams
25 more days until we celebrate the birth of Christ
31 days until a brand new year, 2012--- come at me.

XO, Lyssa

The last few days

have been blissful, and have gone by way too fast.  They were fantastic while they lasted but goodbyes have had to be said again.  I want to share a story with whoever is reading this... and that story is a bit of my belief in prayer.  It is your average story of losing something.  On Monday, Haig's first day of his visit here, I went to my evening class to drop off my paper.  He joined me afterwards as we went to a bookstore and a couple of other places.  When I was picking something out I asked him if he had any cash so I could buy the item instead of using my debit card.  He said he did but when he went to look for his wallet, he didn't have it.  We did not panic too much at this.  We figured if he did not have it, it was sure to be at the house.  So we made a few more stops and made our way home.  Once we got home, we searched for the wallet but we had no luck.  It was strange because I knew that I had seen it and he would not have left his house without it.  Once we had felt like we had looked everywhere, we decided we needed to go back out and look for it where we had walked from store to store.  While we got back in the car, both frustrated and scared, Haig offered a prayer.  This act allowed us to let our Heavenly Father know how much we needed his help.  We went back to all the places we had went, but no luck.  When we went back to the parking lot at UPEI to look one last time, it was not there.  We got frustrated, I got teary and Haig called his Momma to cancel his cards.  We went home and took it in, and relaxed for awhile.  Then, it was while my mom was doing some cleaning in the mess we had made of the den, she found it.  Silly us, only moved the suitcase on the floor but we did not actually pick it up to look underneath it.  Everything was okay.  A wallet may not seem like a big deal, I mean it is because Haig needed a lot of stuff in it, but the point is that if we are feeling lost, we need to seek out our Heavenly Father for guidance and protection.  He loves us so much and he wants us to rely on him.  Don't forget that.

We spend the last few days, watching movies (Water for Elephants, Crazy Stupid Love, One Day and Cars 2), we went skating, did some shopping, ate lots of food, went out for dinner, went out for breakfast, and did a lil cuddling.
Now, Exam time for me and Work time for Haig.
every things gonna be alright,
XO, Lyssa