Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've known Mark for a couple of years now.  We met at an EFY.  I think we were going into Grade 10 or 11, I can't remember.  I met him one of the last nights of the week and he told me he would be visiting PEI after which I thought was kind of cool.  Rewind a couple years later, Mark's parents have some land on PEI and start looking into building their retirement home.  Originally from Saskatchewan, the Watson family has some family on the east coast so I kept in contact with Mark over the past couple of years.  Mark got called on a mission in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He served from Summer 2011-like, three/four weeks ago!  His mother told me a couple of weeks ago that they would be visiting the island with Mark so when he texted me yesterday evening and told me he had been around for the day, I just jumped the gun and asked him to hang out.  Who knows the next time I will see this kid and the evening was still young and I wanted him to have a good night on Prince Edward Island.  When I picked him up at the hotel he was staying at with his parents, I noticed that he looked different.  It has been about 3 and a half years since I have seen him...
rewind--- awh babies in summer 2010

Of course he would look different though!  I really think missions help young men to evolve into great looking men!  There's no doubt about it in my mind.  We decided we would go get some ice cream at Cold stone Creamery because Mark has never had it before.  It took us awhile to make our decisions.  I went with 'All loving, no oven' and Mark had some sort of berry cheesecake in a waffle bowl.  As we ate our ice cream, I got to hear lots of stories about Mark's LDS mission in Vancouver.  He told me the good stories and I am super glad that he enjoyed his experience so much.  He even said he would go back and serve for longer if he could.  We lost track of time and ended up looking around at one point and realizing we were the only people in Tim Hortons.  Awkward... so we got out of there.  I still wasn't really in the mood to go home so we went for a little walk and kept talking about his missions, our lives in general, our future plans and all that other adult kind of stuff.  Mark is hoping to go to BYU in Provo, Utah.  I hope he gets in because he seems like he really knows he will be happy there.  Next thing we knew it was like 1:30am and we had lost so much track of time talking about so many different things!  

I am grateful for our friendship in the gospel and for the sacrifice that Mark took to serve a mission.  He wants to be a dentist, so is onto the next long chapter of his life... along with finding a wifey, right Mark?
Come back and visit soon, or I'll go to Utah.  Whatever works kiddo.
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, July 28, 2013


my brother is the coolest.  crowd surfing at a show in Charlottetown, PE.  Saturday July 27th 2013.

week photos

painting my dresser has actually given me some peace I have been needing these last few days.  almost finished!

I visit old navy at least once a week and car hunting sucks a lot.  especially when you need a new laptop too and you are trying to save for school. 

eva and lily are basically the cutest and me and mom doing some school work together [boring]

another week down this summer, only a couple more to go!

Sunday Glam

I do think clothing brings out confidence.  I felt good about myself and good about my personality today as I walked through church in this knockout.  It made for a happy happy Sunday, along with a two hour nap in the afternoon. Looks like I'll be up pretty late tonight doing some reading/school work!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

up close and personal

practicing taking self portrait pictures with a large camera.  not too easy!
I had fun though on my Saturday afternoon off.  I watched some Veronica Mars for a little bit and then I decided I wanted to play around with some of the Rebel settings.  I found a beautiful part of the field in out back filled with these pretty purple flowers too and it was all snap, snap, snap from there!


farmers market

A couple weeks ago, I booked a Saturday off Reebok in hopes of going to Halifax to visit the Pinsent family and friends over there.  With the rising gas prices and a little echo that is really no longer an off island car, with no A/C, I decided it would be best to stay home and have a chill Saturday at home.  I will hopefully make a venture over to Nova Scotia near the end of the summer to celebrate Haig's one year with his family!  The would be nice for me.

So a couple days ago I asked Megan to join me on a Saturday morning farmers market date.  I cannot tell you the last time I have been to the Charlottetown Farmer's market. I love it a lot too.  The smells, the sights and especially all the colors.  I find our farmers market is mostly produce, meats and delicacies compared to the Halifax Seaport Market that I have been to a couple times now in the past year or so.  There are a lot more vendors at that one.  I liked going to this one too because then it helped me to not spend too much money!  Megan and I planned on going for lunch, and we did just that.  We walked around first and scoped out what our bellies were hungry for.  We got chocolate banana smoothies to go with our meal too.  I went with a classic sausage with honey and maple flavor.  Megan was a little more adventurous and had honey garlic chicken and rice from 'Out of Africa'.  It looked good, I should have had a little bite, but maybe that just means I need to go back soon and try my own!  Looks like I might have another Saturday off next week because I agreed to work on Sunday.  Farmers Market round 2 perhaps?  

I would love to indulge in another butter pecan square that I got for dessert.  yummmmy

also, 1st picture.  I totally PHOTO TRENDED!  It was awesome.  I was on my way to pick up Megan who had just woken up, so I made a stop to take a picture with this awesome thing.  I somehow managed to capture this one, with my camera sitting on the top of my car with self timer.  While running back to my car, I noticed that someone had stopped and parked on the other side of the road.  I thought they might be creeping me for a second and then they drove into the little driveway I was on.  I got back in my car and looked at the picture.  Then, the woman got out and started to take some pictures of this farm equipment herself.  HA, it was pretty funny.

hehe, photo trending'
I can't help that I'm creative and expressive ;)

Thanks for the date cutie ;)
XO, Lyssa

Friday, July 26, 2013

side by side

june 13th 2012                      ---                   july 20th 2013

i miss you always.

I never thought this would be this hard.  Our summers are very busy and it feels as though I have not gotten a good sappy letter from him in so long.  The weeks are flying by, but they aren't easy without those tender hand writing letters for me to have and hold.  I miss our dates and our kisses and our laughs together. My love is however growing for the things that he is doing.  I am happy because I know it is something I could never do, and seeing him make the sacrifice in his life, to better his future makes me happy.  It makes me happy to know how right this is for us.  I am working full time, a bit on the weekends, taking a course online and also trying to maintain a social life this summer.  In the fall I will go back to school full time and work here and there.  I would not have much time for him even if he was at home!  I know he keeps busy too.  As a missionary he is teaching many people about the gospel.  They can teach people for weeks to months depending on the person and the circumstances.  He is bettering their lives and is gaining more of a testimony as he has told me countless times as he is converting himself to the gospel over and over again.  What sweet words to hear.  It's hard for sure, but it will be worth it.  I am 100% sure of that and I'm sticking' to it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

boomshakalacka BEN

You've seen this kid around here before.  His name is Ben Swinemar.  He longboards, he wears high top chucks, he is fun to be around and he is athletic.  For the past week he has been sailing around Cape Breton.  Cool right?  Well I think so.  You know what is even cooler?! His team placed First in Division & First in Class in Race the Cape 2013.  He got a mighty sunburn and sent me silly selfies while he was there.  He is a great friend.  Next week or so, he will be leaving to work in Newfoundland and Labrador for the rest of the summer which is a bit of a downer.  I know he will have so much fun there though, because that is just how he is.  I owe him an ice cream and a longboard riding hang out sooner than later, but for now he will have to just keep being awesome and go install some security systems.

and forgive me for not coming to visit him this weekend ;)
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boat Day

When Emily asked me to come on her dad's boat on Saturday night for the following day, I could not pass it up.  Emily and I have had a couple of rocky summers so I have not been on their boat in a long time and I sure have missed it.  I just had to go today.  I don't know what the rest of the summer holds and if it didn't have another opportunity for me to go on the boat then I would have been really sad.  I am hoping it holds another one in store after the amazing day I had today minus the sun burn that I currently have.  I really did forget to put on sunscreen.  Stupid, stupid me.  Once we were out there and started having fun I forgot about it and realized later in the day when my skin was really starting to look pink.  Well now.. I look like a cute tomato and I don't really wanna talk about it.  I should mention though that going down south really did wonders for my skin tone this year.  I usually burn very easy but my base tan from Dominican this spring really helped with my overall tanning this summer.  I am careful though and I have not been out much anyways.  We started the day off by boating out to their raft in the middle of a river near Stanley Bridge.  Emily's dad brought a friend with him and Emily's brother Jake was also with us.  Jake and Donald did some water skiing and Emily and I just relaxed on the dock.  They left to go pick up some more of Donald's friends back at the harbour.  When they came back we did some riding on the 'dog'.  Dog is a big inflatable that kind of looks like a hot dog.  You sit on it and the boat pulls it.  Emily and I went on it together and had a blast.  There were a couple of big wave shocks, two of which sent us off the dog and into the water.  It was fun though, we would come up out of the water laughing our heads off anyways.  Later on in the day we took a little drive on the boat.  It is so relaxing to just sit and just cruise on the water.  We made our way to a little beach where lots of other boaters go.  We anchored down for a little bit and sat on the boat in the sun.  Emily's brother's friend was nearby and had his family's seadoo.  We watched as Jake drove with his friend and I thought oh how fun is that.  Before getting ready to go, he asked if Emily and I did wanna go out for a spin.  I was so excited and we got ready to go.  Emily sat in the middle and I was so nervous to be on the back.  Once we started going, and fast I might add I began to be really nervous.  I just knew I was going to fall off at some point and I didn't know what would happen.  Emily and I started to get some air a couple times hitting some waves and he made a turn we were not expecting.  Emily claims she let go, but I felt like I had pulled her.  We both landed side first in the water.  It shook Jake's friend up a bit but we were all good and I know we will be feeling the soreness tomorrow.  Myself, when I will be with the kids all day!  Joy...

All in all though it was such a fun day to spend with Emily.  I love the boat, I love the summer and I love her!
ps, I did not drive the boat and I totally want to para-sail sometime!!!

XO, Lyssa

Date Night with Kayla

Who says you can't have a good date night when you have been feeling like the biggest single girl problem.  Let's just throw that out there to begin with.  It is HARD being a "missionary girlfriend".  The one thing that I have been missing the most lately is going on dates.  Having been in a long distance relationship before hand, Haig and I did make the most out of the dates we did go on.  We enjoyed going to movies, dinner, mini golfing, getting yummy sweet treats, going swimming or just cuddling up outside in the grass.  We also liked taking pictures and documenting what we did together.  I think I will have to start a 'date bucket list' for when he gets back because there is so many that I would like to go on with him!  Maybe even one the same as last night, but minus my sister... (sorry Kayla!)

Kayla and I both worked all day.  I worked in Reebok on cash and she worked in the Adidas golf store [*fun fact- Adidas owns Reebok & Rockport].  The stores are separated by walls but all connected as one so I didn't really see her much during the day.  When we got home that evening we ate a light cold dinner with our family.  Who doesn't love some cold cut ham and potato salad on a hot summer night?  Kayla needed to get some money out of the bank so we decided to take a little drive together.  We had some good tunes and some conversation about our work day.  After stopping by Kayla's bank we decided we wanted to try a new frozen yogurt place downtown.  This is Charlottetown's first of it's kind and it was pretty much the bomb dot com.  We loaded up on raspberry, vanilla mint and chocolate and both piled on toppings of our choosing.  It was just about $5 each which I don't think is too bad for a special treat!  We took some pictures because that's just what we do.  When we were finished it was still pretty light out so we found some parking further downtown and took a walk down by Peake's Quay.  It was the first time I have been in the shops this year and there is always cute things to be seen and more pictures to be taken.  After a good walk around and a dozen pictures later, it started to rain a little so we made our way home.  It was a bit of a sad drive home because the radio did not play a song we called in and requested.  Bummed us out, but I am still happy for a good date night with my favorite sister in the whole entire world (good thing I only have one!)
Thanks Kayla, love you forever.



XO, Lyssa (& Kayla I suppose)

Friday, July 19, 2013

a forever friend

My sister in Zion...she's been officially set apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She goes into the Missionary training Center in Provo, Utah in a couple of days and then she will be off to Lyon, France for the next 18 months.  See you soon chickadee, I love you forever!