Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Avonlea Village

My mom was just full of winning this summer.  In July she won passes for Victoria Row Summer Concert series and she gave them to me and Jocelyn and we had a wonderful night!  Then last week she won a family pass (4 adults) to go to Avonlea Village.  We had never been there before, mostly because it is more of a tourist destination and for younger families.  We asked Katrina and her girls if they would come with us and they did and we had a wonderful couple hours at Avonlea!  I really liked it.  It was so cute and traditional.  I would have to say that I would have never wanted to live in that day and age, although we did get a little carried away with the dress-up house.  We watched the characters perform a skit, we got dressed up, we walked around the grounds and we had some amazing Moo Moo grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  We also went the the petting farm, poor lily got her thumb bit by a donkey but she was a tough little girl.  We also went on a horse wagon ride, which was Eva's favorite part ;) She sat right behind the horse so you can only imagine what kind of questions she asked about the horse's behind...

  Anne of Green Gables is a fictional character but I think we would have been kindred spirits because she is quite the hoot.  And if we are really getting unrealistic here, I don't think Gilbert Blythe would have ended up with Anne because he had quite the crush on Kayla during the day.  He played some tunes for her and was pretty upset when we told him we had to get going to get some other things done.  Kayla, Mom and I ended our day off at the Cavendish boardwalk where we got some beaver-tails!  They were so much better than the last time I had one at Magic Mountain so I was pretty happy about that.

Check your worries at the door, and enter a world of imagination. Let yourself unwind as you travel back in time and surround yourself with Prince Edward Island's favorite story, "Anne of Green Gables".
Plan on spending a full day to enjoy the full slate of activities hosted by the colorful characters of Avonlea.

summer snaps

Here are some more great things about the last few weeks.  I have already mentioned this a couple of times, but I got the best scripture vlog from my missionary.  I made one for him and sent it but I felt like a total loser the whole time.  He is on way more of a spiritual high than me right now so I kind of just felt like I was rambling scriptures to him and that it made sense and then when I watched it back, it totally didn't... but whatever I am sure he will enjoy it!  One day we took the after school kids group to the library.  We learned a little bit about mail, which is basically the story of my life right now [waiting by the mailbox].  The children's librarian read us a book called "I miss you every day".  If I had the time I probably would write Haig every day and send it all in one big envelope at the end of the week.  Maybe I should keep a little daily journal for the next year and give it to him when he gets home, if I can commit some time into doing it.  Since I do miss him every day, I found his old watch that he left at home and I got the links taken out and a new battery.  The watch itself is a little big faced for my tiny wrists, but I love it regardless.  Summer Self-portraits are pretty shameless if you ask me.  The Sunday Kayla was away I went to the beach with my parents and so I did get a little bored and it happened.  It also happened again the next day cause it was my last full week at the daycare.  It was a really good last week of work.  Even with the challenges of the week I was happy and even happier to be done full time for the summer!  

The last two photos are with my boyfriend ;)  
Haig and Kayla had many inside jokes that even sometimes I didn't get in on.  One of them one time was something about how he was Mario and I was Princess Peach.  How this happened, I really have no idea.  But I was reminded of it when we saw this Mario in Wal-Mart the other day and I was wearing a peachy color so photos just had to be taken!  I miss that boy, but this kiss on the cheek worked for now until I can give him a real one!  


Monday, August 26, 2013

my favorite roommate

Let's just throw it back to this first;;;

Now this.  Almost 5 years later.  We have changed just as the colors of our walls and the graphics on our pillow cases and curtains.  I know it seems a little silly that I am 21 years old and that I still live and home, and then to say that I am sharing a room with my 18 year old sister is a little funny too.  But you know what, right now and for the next couple months I would not have it any other way!  I am also looking forward to seeing what the dynamic will be like when we are both in post secondary.  It will almost just be like living in a dorm room ;)  I love my sister and we have so much fun in our room together.  I would have so say that I do spend more time in it than she does, but when we are in it together we are bound to be having a good time.  
Our room has many good memories to me and I hope for the next little while many more will happen in it.  Thanks for being the best roomie ever Kayla, I love you.
(but can you clean up your mess from Scotland soon, it is making my OCD go a little crazy ;)
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, August 25, 2013

summer this & that

 I am trying to squeeze in as many more summer fun activities as possible!  There is basically only more more week of summer, how crazy is that?  It really just did fly by.  I think working at the daycare really helped with that.  Days just flew by.  One minute I would be getting in the car, all ready to go and start my day and the next I would be dealing with the kids and then I would be home.  Just in a snap.  There were a lot of days that I would just get home from work and not want to do anything because I was just too tired or frustrated from my day.  Since I only finished my summer course about two weeks ago, there has not been too many of those kinds of nights since.  When I was in my course, most nights I was doing work for it, a final paper in particular.  Once I finished up the course [that landed me a mark of 86%!!], I decided that I did really need to spend some time with people that I did not hang out with much this summer.

As Megan would be leaving pretty early to head over to Fredericton, one night Julie treated Charmaine, Megan and I to COWS ice cream and a games night at her house.  I got Apple Pie ice cream at cows, and it was really really good.  I was kind of debating it because I had a taste test and it was pretty sweet so I wasn't sure how I would feel about eating a whole scoop of it, but I was not really in a chocolate mood that night and most of their ice creams are pretty chocolaty or I find the combinations of some of the other ones don't work very well together.  So I did decide on the apple pie.  We went to Julie's after and played some Skip-Bo.  It was Megan's first time playing it so it was  fun to introduce her to a new game and she did get pretty competitive.  The only downside to this fun night with these lady friends was when we were walking to the car in Julie's driveway, I dropped my iPod front first onto the gravel and it shattered.  It still works as of right now the screen is just a wreck.  So I ordered a new one, just cause I felt like it! I am looking forward to having it here pretty soon.

On August 25th, I drove up to see the Aitken family for a reception for my friend Michael and his new wife Becca.  They are a couple that are really mean't to be together.  They are both hilarious and I love being around them and sadly that is not enough.  I have really only hung out with Becca a couple of times but I just love her personality because she just fills a room with laughter.  Michael and I have basically grown up together but there is a couple years between us so when he was off serving a mission I didn't know much about him because I was younger.  We did get to be in YSA for awhile together before he moved over to NB to be able to be with Becca more.  They were married earlier this month in Nauvoo, IL and had this little picnic reception at Michael's family home in Prince Edward Island.  It was so cute and I was happy to have seen them.  I drove up with my lovely Katrina face and her two sweet sweet girls.  There was also adorable little kittens there and this other catch of a guy named Ben Aitken.  Ben and I go way back too, I am pretty fond of his kindness and love for his family.  I am happy that I got to see him today even though it was only for a short period of time.  Hopefully next time will be longer!


Megan is going back to school at UNB tomorrow!  It has been a hard year for year, and a tough summer with the job that she had.  But I am super proud of her for always sticking it out and really showing who is boss.  She is so organized and always smart with her decisions. She is a great friend to me and she knows how to tell me things they way they really are.  She has uplifted me on many occasions and she has never judged me, but has only given be advice to consider and value.  I do highly value her opinion because she is such a smarty pants.  (she otta' be too, she's on $cholarship at UNB ;) She is switching into the nursing program this year which I just think is a perfect fit for her.  I know she will end up finding her place in that field and I am super excited for her to learn more and more about it.  And oh my goodness can she make me laugh.  Sometimes is is basically all we do together.  Her laugh is contagious.  We didn't get to hang out as much as we wanted to this summer, but I am happy that I can always go to her with anything.  We can rant, we can laugh and we can dance.  I'll miss her, but she is never too far away.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  I don't know what I would have ever done without her!
XO, Lyssa

my Elder

I got some pictures not too long ago from the one and only Elder Haig Pinsent.  I am pretty darn sure I can say that because I am in high doubts that there is another one out there.  Even if there was, I bet he would not be as fantastic as this one.

Elder Pinsent loves his mission.  He loves learning more and more about the gospel and how it is strengthening him in his own life but also how it enables him to teach it to others and change their life for the better.  Him and his companions have had success at finding people and baptizing them.  He has grown to love the companions that he has served with and also the saints that he serves with.  He tells me again and again that I have a lot of people that I need to meet which is very exciting to hear.

Elder Pinsent loves reading the scriptures.  Along with the pictures, I got my own little video of a scripture trek that he takes me on.  I am grateful for his growing love of the words and revelations of the Lord. He admits that he should have read the scriptures more before he left on a mission because there is so much goodness to be found in them.

Elder Pinsent still seems as silly as ever.  Him and the missionaries that he is serving with look like they do have a lot of fun together.  He also likes to take pictures of food and goofy things.  He also has been having a tie craze.  There is a thrift store not too far away where they like to go and ties are only 50 cents [which means he bought 25 'new' ties].  Since he won't be reading this for a little while, I will have to admit, some of the ties are pretty bad.  He has always loved vintage ties and I don't mind them either but some of them are just a little too much for me to handle.

Next week he will hit his one year mark.  I think he is a little nervous for it.  He said it will be all downhill [in a good way] from there.  He said some people ask how long he has been out for and he says just under a year and they say "Oh you are still pretty new", but after it is over a year they will say "Oh so you are almost done".  Missions are somewhat of a funny concept in that way.  They two years long which is a pretty long time, but they just go by very quickly.

He continues to grow more and more every day spiritually and I know that these things will make him a better friend, brother, son, husband and father.  He is really the best for serving a mission and taking this time out of his every day life to serve the Lord and the church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  So, I am pretty proud of him.  He also looks pretty good doing it too don't you think?

and I just love him
XO, Lyssa

Saturday, August 24, 2013

you love who you love

and I love him, and miss him very much.