Friday, November 29, 2013


Life is full of surprises.  You never know who might come in to your life or what kind of opportunities will come up.  Take for example my great friend Jocelyn.  This time last year I was meeting her for some of the first times, and I was unsure of what our friendship would end up being like, or if we would be close.  I am so happy with the friendship we now have.  Last night we went to our Business Society Formal with our other best friend Casey.  My heart was happy getting ready, taking pictures and dancing around with these girls.  I need them in my life more than ever.  I have them for everything, and they always know what's up.  I just drove Casey home last night [which was weird because usually I am driving home more people], but then it was so nice to just sit with her for a little bit and talk about life and all of the things that are going on right now.  We are at this stand-still right now.  We feel like adults, but we are both still at home, hanging out with our family most nights.  Casey is way more mature than me though, I admire her and the decisions she has made especially to go to UPEI.  It hasn't been the easiest for her and Jocelyn, but I am happy they have come because I would not be as close with them today if they hadn't.

This has been random for now, but I guess that's what life has been lately.  I am wrapping up my sociological theory paper and it has been a pain in my butt.  I will be happy to have it done even though I have to take the second part of the course next semester.  I only have one exam on the 13th and it is bound to be pretty easy.  I love December and I am looking forward to spending even more time at home with my family, and some quality time with my friends.  I think Christmas will be a little hard again this year without Haig here, but I know it should be okay.  I just love Christmas and this time of year.  Everything is starting to get some festive, and I am loving the happy spirit that I have to go along with it.

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