Sunday, November 24, 2013

saturday nights alright, alright, alright

Well, it was just alright.  I was hoping for a better time but then again I shouldn't have expected that with where we were going.  The bar that we were going to has been known to be pretty ridiculous but had some pretty good dancing.  I love to be on the dance floor.  It makes me feel fun, free and careless.  Emily was home to judge gymnastics this weekend so we of course would go out for the night.  Chelsey joined us before Casey so we had some cuddle time in Emily's comfy, comfy bed.  When Casey got over we finally got ready to go.  We were able to hang out and just catch up on some things.  We made our way over to Jocelyn's and hung out there for a little bit too.  Jocelyn has such a cute little place down town even though the location has had its upsets.  When we got out, we danced our little bootays off.  I had a blast regardless of the very sticky floor and my high heel flailing around the place.  They were platforms and sometimes when I would loose my balance on the crowded, sticky dance floor I would be flung towards one of the girls and then just pretend to be dancing with them so I wouldn't look like an idiot.  Good thing I was with the bunch of them because I could not have seen myself recovering from falling face first unto a dance floor, especially at this bar.  I won't be going again unless I've got my girls by my side.    
love them, love life

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