Sunday, November 17, 2013


Sunday night.  The house is getting warm because we've had the fire running since about 3pm when we got home and settled from church.  I have been loving it but I am starting to get a little woozy and would love to just sit outside for a couple minutes.  I don't think I really want to do this though because I cannot get sick right now.  I can get sick in about two weeks time when I am basically done school.  Darn you Family Resource Exam that is not until the 13th of December [Friday the 13th at that, at 9AM, how lucky am I?].  And what did I do this weekend?  Basically nothing.  I had Saturday off so I went out to get some money from the bank and then met up with Mom after she had written a test for a little shopping.  I made her spend some money because she deserved to.  It is also funny to note that I feel like I am getting older when my Mom and I shop at the same clothing store.  Reitmans has some pretty cute stuff though, right?  Then I took a little drive by myself  to take some pictures of my community for a project.  I realize that even though I am in a rural community, my distance to down is way better than some other residents and my area looks less like a country side, more just like an area outside of town.  There is a farm up the street though so I am sure that's saying something.  And the fact that I usually see cows on a daily basis probably makes me a little more of a 'country' girl.  That's okay though, I don't mind.  It's more beautiful out here any ways.
Today was also pretty relaxing with doing some school work after church.  I helped make dinner with my dad and then I also made some spice cake for dessert (boxed cake I might add, cause I don't have time to be too domestic right now...). I ate it with some yummy jarred apple pie filling my mom made and french vanilla ice cream.  It was so delicious.  Fall is the best season for food [yes it even might beat Christmas treats!].  I am looking forward to the busy week, because I know that when it is finished, I will be one week closer to being done this semester, one week closer to Christmas, and one week closer, to you.
Smile baby girl, Smile.

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