Wednesday, December 4, 2013

end of the semester



3rd Year- One Semester down, one more to go.  Well, almost.  I only write one final on Friday the 13th for my Family Resource Management course, so I am expecting it to be a little breezy.  This semester has been pretty easy on my I must say.  People kind of scared me and told me third year was so hard.  I think next semester will be harder than this one, I am mentally preparing for it now.  It will be my first time taking 5 courses, granted one is online and I am hoping to get it finished with pretty early on.  As for this semester, I am glad it is done with.  I spent more time at the library than ever before.  One of my courses readings were all there on the reserves shelf so in order to look over the material for the '5 question multiple choice' quizzes, sometimes on over 100 pages of readings, I would have to go to the library to skim it over.  If I went with my best friend Ellen, we usually did not get as much done, but in the end I am so glad that I got to spend so much time with her this semester and I am looking forward to a course we are taking together next semester too.  I also spent a lot of time at home this semester.  For a couple of reasons... I got pretty lazy earlier last month, and money is starting to run pretty tight.  It sounds so silly, because I go out and spend money on really pointless things, especially food.  I do really want to try harder to be better with my money because I won't be working too much in the new year.  When I was able to spend so much time at home, I became closer with my sister and parents.  My brother is still annoying as ever, but I try and be as kind as I can be towards him hoping that someday I will get the same in return.  When I am at home too, I can just do what I want.  There have been so many nights that I just am able to sit at the kitchen table and get my work done, mostly surrounded by my family who are watching TV or doing various chores.  I would not have it any other way right now.  I need them, and I try my best to contribute as much as possible, so they need me too.  
I think most of all, I have grown up so much, even just this semester.  I love that I can say that with surety.  I know that I have.  I look back to the girl who was going into third year, and how scared she was.  She knew what she had overcome, but she was still nervous.  I even considered dropping courses again which seems to happen most semesters now when the work load gets to be too much but I always seem to find a way around it.  I really know how to be organized and prioritize my school work and activities.  It also helps that I don't have things too too rough.  I have gotten some bad rap for it though.  People think my degree and my work load is so easy, and I am not saying it is, but I have it pretty lucky.  I am learning things that I want to learn and I am learning them at a pace that is very comfortable for me.  I enjoy my education, I value it.  I am thankful for it, but I also can't wait to be done.  One more semester for third year, two courses in spring semester, 2 in the summer and then one more year and I'll have a University degree.  And that will be a great day of no more going to the library or stuffing my face with cupcakes and endless nights of school work accompanied by hot chocolate or herbal teas.
But for now, I'll take it.  This is the student way of life.

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