Monday, December 23, 2013

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Have I mentioned this has been my favourite December of my whole life?  It has been so much fun.  It seems like a much more special time of year.  I think it all started with the fact that I took part in the nativity pageant, it just lifted my spirit for the Christmas season as well as the close to this year.  It could also be the fact that school ended really well.  I got really great marks and I am also looking forward to my courses next semester.  I am happy to be one step closer to getting my degree in sociology.  My family is all together this year too.  As I have mentioned countless times, it is so nice to all be at home more of the time.  We like to do our own thing, but knowing that we are all under the same roof is very comforting.  Right now I am sitting at the kitchen table across from my mother who is doing some stuff on her laptop.  Kayla is on the couch watching "Christmas with the Kranks" for the 15th time on television.  I can hear something dad is listening to in the other room, and I know without a doubt, Bryan is in his room most likely playing a game or talking to friends online.  Nala is sleeping, as usual.  Our tree is decorated beautifully this year and all of the presents are underneath it already.  I'm getting more anxious for Christmas morning to finally be here so I can open mine all up.  I'm excited to get some new things.  I had my last shift today with the babies at Chances.  It has been a good little work experience for me and I just love the sweet little ones.  I went to the movies tonight with Emily and Casey and we saw Frozen, and it was just about the cutest movie I've seen in awhile.  The music was so great and I loved all of the characters.  Emily drove me home and I have been relaxing ever since.

It was a busy last couple of days, but certainly most enjoyable.  Thursday the 19th, I went to my friend Dana's house for his second annual Christmas party.  I saw some people from high school that I haven't seen in awhile, but mostly it was nice to see Dana and hang out with some of my closer friends.  I drove Chelsey and Amanda so it was really nice to have them as company to and from and to catch up and share our Christmas plans with each other.  I worked the next day, and then I went to another Christmas party at the Biggleys' house.  I just love this family.  They are always so sweet and Angela makes the most amazing food and treats and is also very talented with knitting, quilting, photography and crafting.  I just admire her ambitions to create.  I hope I can be like that some day.  They threw a lovely open house inviting church members and neighbours into their home.  I was happy to be around happy people and share in the Christmas spirit.  We stayed until the very end, which was unusual for us, but afterwards we had to go to Superstore at get some groceries for Christmas and the weekend.  I can now say that I went grocery shopping with my family from 10:00-11:30pm.  It was even no tax, so I spent most of my time at Joe Fresh and bought a couple new items for my wardrobe [thanks Grandma for the Christmas money, it has also bought my ticket for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival next summer!!!].  We had fun and by the end of the night we were all so tired, it was so good to get home.  

On Saturday the 21st, I did some running around with my momma in the afternoon.  I rented some movies for the next couple days that I have off and I also did a little more shopping... oops.  I swear I am done for awhile!  We had some dinner and I spent the night in just watching Netflix.  It was very lazy of me, but that is what Christmas break is for!  Sunday was a bit of a messy day and it was hard to get out of bed.  I eventually did in hopes that church would be cancelled.  It didn't, so we got ready and made our way to church in the blustery weather.  Once we got there, they said they would just be having the sacrament service and then we would make our way home before things got too much worse.  It was nice to see everyone dressed up so Christmas-like for church, I wished I could have spent some more time with the people that were there.  There was some more relaxing in the afternoon until I had to figure out my plans for the evening.  I have had tickets for this show for a little while now, to one my my favourite bands 'Two Hours Traffic'.  They have decided after many years in the music business, to part ways. This was their farewell show.  This would be the last time I would see them perform.  We started going to their shows in Grade 10 or 11.  They would play at Solid Rock Cafe for all ages.  Then once we turned 19 we could go see them at Hunters.  I was also so happy to see them this past summer at Rock the Row.  I was pretty sad to be seeing the band live for the last time, but I am happy for their years of music and they energy that it has brought into my life.  I went with Jocelyn, Casey and Cody.  One of Cody's friends was there and Scott and his girlfriend Kathleen, and also a number of my people from high school.  Nothing compared to the last few minutes of the show when they played "Stuck for the Summer" and I bounced up and down with Casey just like we had so many times now, at Solid Rock, Hunters and now this last show at The Mack.  I bought some of their merchandise that they were blowing out at we called it a night.

I spent the night at Jocelyn's apartment because the roads were a mess.  I had gone over before the show and we made tacos and she got ready to go home for Christmas.  She is happy that I stayed over, I don't think she would have gotten up without me there.  We were up early because I had to work at 8am and she wanted to get on the road around the same time.  We wished each other a Merry Christmas and parted ways.

To say the least, this month has been amazing so far and Christmas Day isn't even here yet.  I won't be talking to Haig like I did last year but I am happy that he will get to talk to his family and I also got to hear from him today in an e-mail so I know all is well.
December, keep making me happy- A

{always stuck for the summer with you best friend}


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