Sunday, December 1, 2013

good-bye November

This afternoon, (nov 30th), I had a meltdown.  I am facing a very challenging trial with my relationship and I just cried on the bathroom floor for awhile. It was just one of those moments.  To have made matters worse, I tried to make cookies beforehand for a YSA service project.  Mom is not home, and I don't know what cornstarch looks like, so I accidentally used baking powder instead.  I used a 2 cups of butter which luckily mom wasn't too mad about.  She said she would help me make more cookies. Point is, when I was finished making the dough I knew something wasn't right so I tasted it and my throat just about clogged up.  It resulted in the mess that was already bound to happen considering where my emotions were at. Later when I was crying I could taste the baking powder, it was disgusting.

I decided I needed the spend the night out. I worked on my last school paper all morning so I figured I also deserved the night out! I went to the mall to get a couple more Christmas presents.  I am almost done this year, which I am pretty happy about.  When I was finished shopping I decided I would get a pretzel for dinner (aka, the only thing I had basically eaten all day).  I jumped on Facebook as I sat there alone and ate it.  

What I found on Facebook was the most amazing thing ever.  My best friend Amanda was home. I called her immediately and we made plans to go to a show at a new venue in town.  I got to spend the whole night with her after one the crappiest days ever.  We got to catch up so much and share some funny stories, some concerns and give some advice.  

When I am with the people that I love, I have a better outlook on life.  This afternoon I thought it was one of the worst days of my life.  Amanda saved the day, literally.  I will always be grateful for the trial and the terrific-ness of November 30th 2013.

I love you Lethbridge Lady.

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