Saturday, December 21, 2013

merry christmas my missionary

I wish I had more pictures of us from this time of year. This time next year we will have to take a bunch.  We are kind of already planning on spending it together so I hope our plans will all work out. Lets take lots of pictures. Of course it won't be only be the first of many holidays together, but the ones that we have spent together seem like so long ago.  I look forward to starting our own traditions as well as carrying on with ones that we have grown up with.  We can find a good balance of things we would like to continue to do and start doing this time of year.  I miss you, but tonight my sweet friend Julie reminded me that it is my last Christmas without you.  How crazy and fantastic right? I'm gonna be okay this Christmas too, last year was a little hard but this year has just been a lot happier all around. I know you are happy too and I just love spending this time of year with my family, so I have found a lot of happiness.  I miss your family and I wished I could have spent some time with them, but next year we will all be together and I'm already excited for it.  I love this feeling that I have right now.  I love Christmas and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you Elder Pinsent and my only Christmas wish is that you are well taken care of. Oh and one more, that you are thinking about me just as much as I am thinking about you this wonderful season.
-yours, A 

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