Thursday, September 30, 2010

Count your blessings, every doubt will fly.

These past few days back on the Island have been pretty great.  I am not feeling too productive though which I do not like at all because I am a type of person who has to be doing something to be happy.  My dad told when I decided to come home to vegetate (yeah he used the word 'vegetate') and relax this week.  I have dropped off some resumes at some places in the mall and I had a job interview yesterday at Garage clothing that went pretty well.  I am also working at Reebok this saturday so that is great.

I have enjoyed my week.  Monday night I dropped some resumes off and I bought a delicious slice of cheesecake from Super Store.  I also had a nice chat with my friends Brittany and Laura, I miss them a lot and I know they will be reading this sometime so I MISS YOU GIRLS! 

Tuesday was a pretty slow day but tuesday night brought abit of Glee and a dinner with Haig, David and Amanda.  We went to Pat and Willies and got really good/cheap appetizers.  We also went for a walk down at Peaks, it was windy but still lots of fun. 

I really love my friends :)

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon at the mall while waiting to go to my interview and for mom to get off work.  Last night I went to Institute and Haig, David, Amanda and I had a sweat pants party and watched 'Letters to Juliet'.  It was a pretty cute movie, very chick flicky if that is what you are looking for.

I am really grateful for a lot of things right now.  Life is a little tough and I am trying to help some people out with problems in their lives and it just makes me grateful for how my life is and the decisions I have made to be this happy.  I really enjoyed Institute last night and it got me very excited for General Conference this weekend.  I am so happy there is a Prophet on the earth who leads and guides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I am so happy I have such good friends in my life and I am really happy to be home with them.  I think that is all for now but I'll be back soon, I need to get better at this blogging...
XO, Lyssa

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, you can fall apart.

So, the last few days have been pretty crazy.. So I'll catch you up on what has been going on in the life of Alyssa Fraser.

Thursday night was the Young Single Adult Temple night.  I love the Temple, it is the best place on earth.  It was nice to get a chance to go to the temple before I left Halifax.  I have made a goal now that I am home to attend the temple in Nova Scotia once a month.  It was such a great experience to be in the temple with other YSA.  The spirit was very strong and it was great to be in the temple with some of my best friends. My best friend Brittany Criss and I have never been in the temple together so it was super nice to be with her!  I also did a confirmation for someone born in 1622! Oh how I love the work done in the temple.

After the temple, Laura drove Brittany and I to McDonalds and back to our residences (she loves us).  I went down to Brittany's dorm for the night and we watched Greys Anatomy and The Office. 

Friday morning Brittany and I ate breakfast together.  Brittany went off to her classes and I went back up to Cameron House.  I took a nap in my big chair because my bed was not made.  It was not a comfortable nap but it worked.  It was only about 10:30 when I woke up from my nap so I decided I wanted to do something.  I had not been down to Freak Lunch box since I got to Halifax, so that is when I decided I would go on a solo Halifax adventure.  I got dressed in my pink rain jacket, leggings and my purple converse and I was on my way.  I started to walk down Coburg Street. There is a coffee shop called Coburg Coffee about two blocks down from my residence.  I stopped there first because I was told by a customer at Reebok that it is a great little coffee shop.  Thank you Reebok customer.  I got a hot chocolate and I read Obituaries in the back of the shop.  Do you ever wonder what people would say about you if you die?  You can call me crazy all you want, because yes I am that girl who sits in the back of a coffee shop and reads obituaries.  Personally I think they are beautiful and I enjoyed reading them.  After Coburg Coffee I got on a bus to take me down to Spring Garden Road.  I took a walk in the Public Gardens.  Halifax People, you are so lucky to have such a nice area in the city.  I love this place..

Public Gardens was followed by a trip to the mall.  Purchases were a cute dress from Pseudio (pictures to come soon), cute hair clips from a store called 'Splurge' and headbands and socks from Ardene.  Made a quick stop at the bank and used a five dollar gift card I had for Pete's Frootique on Fudge.  After my Spring Garden Road adventure, I ventured down to Barrington Street to go to Freak Lunchbox.  There I bought Razzles for a future movie (13 going on 30) date night with my best friend Casey.  I also walked down to the waterfront to visit Theodore and eat Subway. My last stop was the Citadel Hill. 

Saturday my parents picked me up at the Pinsents house and I said my goodbyes to them.  My parents and I made our way over to Halifax to pack up my stuff.  After all that was said and done, we made our way home.  Saturday afternoon involved alot of unpacking.  Once I start doing something, I cannot stop.  So that is how it was with the unpacking.  Even now on monday afternoon, I am still surprised that my room is back in order.  Saturday night I watched abit of the Relief Society Broadcast with my mother.  Haig and David also came over for awhile after work.

Sunday was a good day.  I went to church where we had a great testimony meeting and I got to see my church girls.  After church the boys came over and we watched an episode of Glee and relaxed.  For dinner we went to Amanda's house.  It was yummy and it was nice to be around Amanda and her awesome family.  Later last night we watched The other side of Heaven.  I was asleep in Haig's arms for most of the movie but it was good.

Monday you can fall apart.  That is sort of how I feel today.  I am so happy with the decision I made to come home.  I love and miss Halifax so much but I know that this is right for me.  I am confident that other oppertunities with arise in time, but for now I just need to be patient and positive.  Today is just not a good day because it is slow and uneventful.  All of my friends are at University, College, School or work.. and I am here feeling alone and useless.  Hopefully some lunch, online job hunting and watching Glee can do the trick you put me in a better mood.  Happy Monday my loves!
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Packing, Dinner Dates and Dance Parties

Tuesday night was fairly good.  I stayed at the Pinsents for another night.  I love Rachel Susan Pinsent so much.  She is so great and funny.  We ate dinner in the kitchen together, it was lovely.  One of the neighbour kids brought over a hamster.  I am not a big fan of small rodent animals.  The Pinsents have a rat and I strongly dislike it.  Haig thinks its so funny that I hate it but whenever I am around he will make sure its not out.  But I did hold the hamster, so I am making progress with my dislike of small rodent animals.
Tuesday evening was also the season premiere of one of TV's best shows...(according to myself)

 Glee is my all-time favorite.  I also love Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl and 90210.  I am hoping to start watching One Tree Hill soon because I have heard that is pretty good as well.  My sister started watching Glee and got me hooked on it last fall.  So Rachel and I watched the season premiere together and I chatted it up with Brittany for abit while she watched it.  Rachel and Brittany both have a crush on the same guy in the show, he is Asian.  I also took the oppertunity to raid what is left of Haig's closet and put the infamous gold jacket on for abit.  It is kind of his trademark.

Wednsday I came back to my residence.  I started to pack up some stuff and even now the thought of leaving is so weird.  I hate it but I know that this is right and it is what I need to do right now.  After packing for abit and going to see if I could drop my classes (I couldnt drop them because the woman who was going to help me wasnt there), I made plans to meet some people for dinner.  Brittany, Kathryn, Jessica, Heidi, David and I went out to 'Your Father's Mustache' on Spring Garden Road.  Brittany and I got Pub Clubs, they were yummy!  Brittany and I also giggled a lot during our dinner because we watched a date that was going on.  There was this man and woman, clearly on a first date.  He was a geeky looking guy trying to pull off a really cool look.  She was sort of a barbie doll to say the least.  First thing that really made us laugh was her drink, she had a HUGE glass of red wine.  Second thing was his food.  NEVER, do you order RIBS on a date.  NEVER! So he sat there digging into these ribs, licking his lips and fingers and after he was finished he picked stuff out of his teeth with a toothpick, in front of her!  She sat there awkwardly, took off her cardigan (which made us laugh) and waited as he went to the washroom.  Final thing of the hilarious date is that she paid.  So we are left to confusion but we will still assume it was a first date because its funnier that way. After our meal and giggle fest we took a walk in the Public Gardens and got cool treats at DQ.
We all took buses back to our own destinations.  I wish I could find a bus that would take me to where I should be in life...  I went to Brittany's dorm for abit when we got back and had a jam session to Glee's version of 'Empire State of Mind'.  

Today brought my final decision.  This morning I dropped my classes.  On Saturday I will no longer be a student at Dalhousie University.  Maybe again someday, but for now, 
Pce out DAL.
That's all for now, Going to the temple tonight!
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm going back to the start

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my blog!  So, here is my backgound.  I am Alyssa Fraser.  I am 18 years old.  I was born and raised in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.  I am an Island girl with all of my heart.  I am the second child to Kevin and Karen Fraser.  My dad is currently working at Moore Well Drilling doing some odd jobs and my mom works at the Spa Total Fitness Center.  My Older Brother Bryan is soon to be 20 (in March) and he is living at home and working full-time.  My younger sister Kayla is 15 and she is my everything.  She started High School this year and she has a job interview at Tim Hortons on Wednesday that she is really excited about (following after my footsteps-- I worked at Tims from September 2007-May 2010).  I graduated from Colonel Gray High school back in June and I worked at Reebok for the summer and made lots of money!  I had a pretty good senior year filled with laughs (with my amazing church friends and my girls), love ( Haig and I met last fall and things have been going great since), travels ( I traveled to Europe with some of my best friends and I went to New York/Montreal for a band trip) and some great times (Super Saturdays, EFY 2010, Prom, Graduation, late night drives with the gang and many more!). My Plan for this fall has been to come here to Halifax to attend Dalhousie University to study a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, but currently I am here sitting in the Pinsents' kitchen on my laptop Malcolm.  I am here at their house right now when really I am should be at Dal.  So here is the story people, keep your comments to yourself because this is my life, my decision, my move.  Earlier this year while trying to choose a school to attend, I looked into Dalhousie.  I prayed hard about it and hoped that it would be the right choice when really, I was not 100% sure.  But, I did it anyways.  So earlier this month, I made my move over to Dal. It was fun and I have been enoying every minute of being in Halifax, living on my own, attending the Singles Ward and making new friends.  The bad thing was, I was not motivated to do any school work and readings for my courses.  So the other night, I called my mom and she asked me if Dal was the number one reason of moving to Halifax, and it wasn't.  So thats where I am at now.  After much thought, prayer, scripture study and a priesthood blessing, I am going back home to PEI.  I need to figure somethings out, especially before I put close to six grand into schooling that I might not even be ready for.  My plan now is to go home, hopefully get a job and work for the next bit.  I may not ever know what I really want to do, but I know that right now, this is what I need.  I really wish I didn't have to leave Halifax because I love it so much, but University just isn't what I want to do right now.  I think that is all for now my friends.  Like I said, keep the comments to yourself.  If you want to tell me your opinion, tell ME, don't write it all over my facebook wall.  Talk to you later my loves :)
XO, Lyssa