Saturday, April 29, 2017


April is Burger Love month on PEI, where restaurants compete to make the best tasting burger as voted by Islanders. All burgers are made with delicious Island beef. We tried a couple this month. First off we had Red Island Baked Potato. Haig also had Olde Dublin Pub and Broadway 45. We finished off the month with Red Water Grille. There was a total of 84 burgers this year! Absolutely crazy right? Out of these 4, I would say my favorite was Olde Dublin Pub. I am sad that I didn't actually get it and only had a bite of my husband's burger. I will be trying the winning burger this year, wherever it may be! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Kendra had a sweet baby girl and her name is Alice Elizabeth Long. She is simply adorable. Holding her made me forget how little Haig once was, and now he looks like this big chunky brute next to her. I hope they are good friends growing up. Kendra and I work together so I know we will spend lots of time together while she is on her maternity leave and we will have a super fun summer with these two cuties. I know for sure that if I didn't have Haig Arthur right now, holding Alice would have made me sooo baby hungry! But, no more newborns in this house for at least two more years!

I love these pictures of Haig and Alice. Haig doesn't seem interested in her at all and then it looks like he is thinking "mom who is this baby" and then he finally looks at her and must think "wow, shes a cute little baby girl". I love having a boy, I will be honest and I would love for Haig Arthur to have a little brother next, but I would also be so thrilled for him to have a sweet little sister next too. BUT again, no more babies for awhile. Maybe I am a little baby hungry again... urgh.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

APRIL: 4 months

April 23rd 2017
Book of the Month: Guess How Much I Love You
by Sam McBratney
Haig is four months old. 
Talking lots with his mommy and daddy
Went to Nova Scotia for his first Easter
Started a mommy & baby yoga class
Almost sleeping through the night (usually up for one feed)
Had a sleepover at Grandma's
Laughs when daddy plays games his hands and feet
Excited to be in meet more of my extended family next month for 
Auntie Kayla and Uncle Keaton's wedding!
Growing, growing, growing like a champ.

Friday, April 21, 2017

boys playdate

May is going to be a busy month for our family so we had a couple of play dates in April so we could see all of our baby friends. One afternoon, Stacey and Cameron came over and Ashley and Greyson also joined us. Greyson (denim top) is the oldest born at the beginning of November, then Cameron who was born at the end of November and Haig is the youngest born on December 23rd. It was so nice to see these boys and hopefully we will get together more this summer and watch them have lots of fun in the sand and mud. I love them all so much and I am thankful for the friendships I have with their mommas too!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Family's First Easter

Our little family of 3 celebrated our first Easter season together with a trip home to Nova Scotia to see our Pinsent side of the family. We left PEI on Thursday afternoon after the baby and I went to our first yoga class. We met up with dad at home after the class and got on the road. We got there in no time, making on stop to nurse the baby. I never thought I would sit in the back of the car nursing my baby at a big stop Irving, but I did! We stopped at Babies R Us in Dartmouth Crossing before going home for the evening, and we bought a second stage car seat for Haig Arthur that was on sale. Haig settled okay the first night but liked having me close by.

Friday morning we went to our Aunt Sharon's for brunch. Everything was great except for our fussy baby who finally had a big number two. We took him downstairs to change him. He made such a mess that we had to throw out the onesie shirt that he was wearing. There was no saving that onesie shirt, especially since we were at someone else's house. Haig Arthur seemed to have a lot of blow outs of his clothing on this weekend so we will probably go up a size in diapers. Size 3 diapers already, my baby just keeps growing and growing! We took a little drive in the afternoon with the baby and a short walk at Morris Lake. We went to the temple in the evening to go to a sealing session which was really lovely. Two of my good friends were there, Jessica and Brittany and my mother and father in law also came with us. We left the baby at home with Hannah and great-Granny. Haig Arthur did not sleep very well at my in-laws. As soon as bedtime rolled around on Friday night he was cranky and miserable. Haig ended up sleeping on the couch so the baby and I could have the bed upstairs to ourselves. All three of us did not get much sleep all weekend.

On Saturday around lunch time, our friend Maia brought her girls over to visit. We didn't visit for too long however because we were going to attend a sealing at the temple at noon. Friends from our church congregation were being sealed in the temple. This couple has already been married for several years now but since joining our church they were now able to go to the temple and be joined together for time (this life) and for all eternity (after death). It was really wonderful to have been around them as they have made this journey and watch them in the temple on this special day. After this, we went to a lunch with Maia and her family at her mother's new house. It was good to see lots of people we know there too.

Saturday afternoon we also took a trip to the mall to look around. It was busy but not has bad as I thought it would be on Easter weekend. That evening we had our Easter supper with our family. Everything was very delicious. Eli and Victoria were there with us which made me very happy. Our little boy was not very happy around bedtime again. He had another messy diaper situation which resulted in a bath too close to bedtime. I will admit we have a pretty happy baby and I have never heard him scream and cry like he did on this particular night. Once he got his bedtime bottle he was a little happier and then flaked out. We missed spending some time with our family because of this so once he was sleeping, Haig went out with his little sister Hannah and I spent some time with my mother-in-law. 

On Sunday we went to church. Church at 9:00 a.m should not be a thing, but it is in Cole Harbour. Lots of our friends loved meeting and seeing our baby. We were also lucky to see our friend Vanessa and her sweet baby Mia. Her and Haig Arthur are two days apart in age. We will hopefully see them again next month when we visit Calgary! We only stayed for sacrament meeting so that we could go home and get ready to drive back home. Haig drove the first of the way and I fell asleep. When I woke up he was on an exit that I didn't recognize looking for a gas station. I checked on my phone and realized we were almost in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia! Haig had taken the wrong exit by mistake. Once we found some gas, I drove us back to Truro and onto the right highway to get us to New Brunswick and then PEI. It was a tough situation and I wasn't too happy about the detour but we eventually got home safe and that is all that matters!

When we got home we stopped at my parents house for some dinner and then came home to see what the Easter bunny left for our baby. His own little bunny, some cereal to try in another month or so, a book and a shape-sorter toy. I am so glad that Haig was able to get the weekend off work to come home with us and that our baby had a special first Easter with his Nova Scotia family. We are so blessed.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Haig's First visit from the Easter Bunny

Let's just say I have some great connections with the Easter bunny and she was able to make a visit to us last week before we left for Nova Scotia. The Easter bunny at the Charlottetown mall was not very nice. The costume was dirty from a mile away and I wasn't going to let some stranger hold my baby. We are so glad we have friends that love the holidays as much as we do... maybe I should start looking for a friend that might have a Santa costume sooner rather than later?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wedding Preparations

Kayla and Keaton will be home on the East Coast in one month! I am super excited to be helping them get ready for their reception here on PEI the day following their marriage and sealing in the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple. I have been searching for cute decorations and project supplies at Bibles for Missions thrift store, Value Village, Michaels and dollar stores. Here is some inspiration for their wedding pinterest board. Their reception is going to look so good!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eleanor Margaret Fraser

My sweet grandmother passed away on April 1st. She will be missed so much by all of us. The last three months were very hard on her body. She actually was admitted to the hospital just two days before our little Haig Arthur came home and so they never got the chance to meet in person. I also didn't get the chance to see her while she was in the hospital because I had a newborn baby at home and needed to keep him safe from any illness. She was very sick in the end and even the doctors were not really sure what kind of virus she had. My aunt and father were with her when she passed away and I am so proud of both of them for their strength during this time. On Tuesday, my mom and I drove up (& my baby) for the wake in Alberton, PEI. Yesterday there was a nice funeral service and a reception afterwards across the street from her home in Northport. Her spunky sweet spirit will be missed but I am glad she is no longer suffering or in any pain. I will miss her telling me that I look beautiful or voicing her concerns if I looked tired or upset. She lived a wonderful life and I really hope I can live a more full life as a tribute to her. I will love and miss you Grammie and I am glad I have curly hair like my Grammie "Top".