Monday, August 14, 2017

A Trip to New Brunswick

Mom and I made a trip to New Brunswick to visit with Aunt Helen and Aunt Annette who were on vacation. We went over on Wednesday and we stayed for one night. On our first afternoon we walked around the little cottage neighborhood and down to the pointe-de-chene wharf. We had a nice supper and watched some TV before bed. The next day, mom and I left the cottage and went to visit my grand-ma at the nursing home. She didn't talk to us at all on our visit but my little Haig certainly enjoyed meeting her. He was all smiles and wanted to rub her arm and touch her face, so sweet. From there we made a trip to Costco and also visited with a family friend in Moncton. 

Before we left town we made another stop in Shediac so we could take a picture with the giant lobster. When we were leaving earlier that morning, Haig was asleep when we passed by. I am glad we could go on a mini-vacation especially with my mom. She is so helpful with the baby when it comes to traveling. She even bought Haig a souvenir for the trip, a shirt that says Captain Adorable, for him to wear next summer. We are also glad we could see our aunties for a little while and our cousin dogs Keltic and Beckett. 

Casey & Cody bought a HOUSE

We are so thrilled for our good friends Casey and Cody! They bought a house together. Although they live a little further away from us now, their new house has a nice layout and lots of room for them to do the things they enjoy. The mosquitoes around their yard almost carried us away too. We hope they will have lots of fun in the years to come and make lots of memories in this new space.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Fun

Haig Arthur loves the summer! We have been trying to do a lot of fun stuff, but most days we are just spending time at home, trying new foods, visiting grandma, walking around the mall when we pick dad up from work, and our favorite summer experience so far was camping! I told my husband this morning that our little baby (who isn't so little anymore) was the perfect age for summer. He wasn't trying to run away from us all the time but he is showing a lot of interest in new things and is always a very happy baby. He loves to meet new people wherever we are and usually smiles at strangers (which I don't know if that is a good thing or not). We also try and spend a lot of time outside but Haig Arthur doesn't like to be in the heat for too long. Usually in the evenings we will go for a walk or go for a swing at the park. We love that our little community is nice and friendly and that we have a couple of parks close by.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Haig loves Alice

Haig was all about Alice one afternoon at the park. Kendra and I took the babies for a walk at Victoria Park. They both slept for most of the walk and it was an overcast day, we were hoping it wouldn't start to rain. When we got back to the ball fields to watch Kendra's husband finish up a baseball game, the sun came out and the babies were awake and ready to come out of their stroller seats for a few minutes before it was time to go home. At first Alice was a little upset, but she came around. Haig was super interested in stroking her arm and trying to get her to pay attention to him. I love these two little babies so much and I am so happy we have been spending lots of time with Kendra and Alice!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mattie was here


We just love this gal so much. She is so funny and wonderful to be around. She was visiting her grandparents for the weekend with her momma, and luckily she made some time to visit us too. We hung out on Friday morning, the day after she arrived. We took a little walk downtown and looked around Freak Lunchbox, one of our favorite little spots in Charlottetown. We also saw her on Sunday at church and she visited with us again the morning before we went camping. Mattie is such a good friend. I am really bad at keeping in touch and we really haven't talked very much in the last few months, but when we are together it is like no time has passed and I really enjoy that. I wish all the best for Mattie in the next year or so as she is finishing up school and making some life plans. We hope she comes to visit more often, and maybe we will visit her sometime soon too!