Thursday, July 31, 2014

July, that's a wrap

July has been so awesome!  Until next year, which is bound to be pretty awesome too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ceron Family

so one of my favourite families ever is moving.  I am pretty bummed about it.  I am gonna miss them all so much.  I loved seeing them all every week at church.
Julio and Amie always made an effort to talk to me and show interest in my life and I am so thankful for it. 
Best of Luck in Lethbridge!  This ain't goodbye.  

The gospel of Jesus Christ creates never-ending friendships. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

dog days of summer

Well life has been a little crazy with long shifts at work and the business of school.  I have also been able to have some time to have fun.  Last Sunday, I went to the beach with Mom and Kayla and we had a lovely afternoon.  It is so nice to live on Prince Edward Island this time of year.  The week rolled on with some work and a great trip to Halifax.  On Mondays and Wednesday nights I work until 8.  It is nice to be around at the park because not too many people are around.  On Wednesday nights teams come to play baseball, but no kids came this week so I didn't have to do too much, so that was nice.  Class is just going okay, but I am not enjoying it very much.  It is so hard to go during the summer and it is also going to be hard to study for a midterm this week and work on our group project.  It's stuff that has to be done though, and it will be!  Friday night I also worked late because my co-worker and I switch the shifts every week.  After work though, my family, Matthew and I went to The Old Triangle for a very late dinner.  Matthew is moving back to Moncton in a couple weeks and although we didn't hang out as much as we could have, it will be sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best!  He is such a smarty pants and great guy so I know there are some wonderful opportunities in store. Yesterday I worked from 10-4 and not very many people were around.  It is kind of sad because the park is such a wonderful resource in the community, it is just underused.  We are doing what we can though and summer can be a very busy time of the year.  This next week is going to be just as crazy with a fun and fitness camp going on and a midterm.  I hope the weather cooperates for the week and I hope that it can go by quick and we can move on to the next.  I am getting more and more excited, September close to one month away!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Elder Pinsent will be home in early September. This journey has taught me so much about sacrifice, love, and friendship. I am not sorry for posting anything in anticipation of him coming home. I am excited and anxious for this next stage of our lives. I am starting to feel like there are people who honestly don't care any more, and if that person is you then I personally invite you to leave.
This is my wonderful life, and something beautiful is on the horizon.


So Mom and I planned to take a day trip to Halifax within the past two weeks or so.  We had to renew our passports and so we figured the passport office would be the best way to go.  At first, we thought it was same day service, but when we found out that it wasn't we didn't shy away from taking a day off any ways.  We also had tons of confusion with filling out the passport renewal because we were not sure about needed some information again or not.  We got everything figured out just in time.  We got our photos done on the weekend and I was not too impressed with mine, but I will only have this passport for 5 years.  It was a bummer not being able to get a longer 10 year passport for only $40 more, but I know I will have a name change, so I just went with a 5.

So Tuesday morning we got all ready to go and left around 7:00.  We made a stop at Tim Hortons of course as we headed to the bridge.  Mom drove the whole trip, and I feel a little bad about that but I know she would have criticized my driving any ways and I am not really comfortable driving her car.  She was happy to drive though.  It was so nice once we got into down town Halifax and we passed the streets where she once visited her Grandmother and also areas she lived close to when she attended school at Dalhousie.  She was also great to talk to on the way there and it was nice to share things with her that I had no intention of telling her.  We have a great relationship and I am so glad it was a pleasant day for the both of us!

We parked down by the waterfront in the Pay and Park area.  We paid for 3 hours because we heard to expect long wait times at the passport office.  It was almost 11:00 so we were hoping we would be out in time to go have some lunch and then head over to Dartmouth.  We walked up to the Office Building (on the end of Spring Garden Road).  We took an elevator up to the 15th floor, it was pretty cool and we got a ticket at the passport office.  You got a different ticket depending on what service you needed done.  We were the 4th in line for renewal service.  It took didn't take much time and we had a great chat with our receptionist who is an Islander.  We were out of the passport office by 11:35!  How efficient.

So then we took a walk up Spring Garden Road.  I looked in Lululemon, only to realize how poor I was and how overpriced (but amazing) there products are.  It is not the right time for me to spend that much money on something.  We walked around a little more and then settled on Pete's for lunch.  The atmosphere was so lively, just like a Farmers Market.  I went with a sandwich and Mom had a stir-fry.  I happened to find some of my sister's favourite pop from Scotland so we bought her a couple of cans.  After our delicious lunch, we walked back down Spring Garden and also dropped into the Black Market.  There was some clothes that interested me but it was so hot and we had to keep an eye on the time at that point and get over to Dartmouth.  Before going to the Pinsents house, we did plan on stopping at Joe Fresh because there department is a lot bigger than ours and I had my eye on a few things.  I didn't actually get what I had my eye on, but I did find some other great deals on two pairs of shorts and cotton dress.

Once we got to the Pinsents, we just hung out and chatted for a long time.  My Mom met Auntie Sharon and Granny Cliff.  We talked about lots of different things and it was so nice to see my "Moms" interact and learn more about each other.  Victoria and Emma were also near by and it was good to talk to them about what was going on with their summers.  They are heading to Girls Camp and Youth Conference pretty soon.  I hope they have a great time.  I miss those days sometimes.  We ate ice cream around 4:00 and dad came home so I got to see him for a bit.  Mom and I headed out around 5:30 to catch the ferry.  We made it just in time and also caught a gorgeous sunset on the journey home.


Monday, July 21, 2014

sister sister summertime

I love spending some of my summer time with you sister.
you make it wild!

Friday, July 18, 2014

alice in wonderland 'unbirthday party'

We had a YSA activity to plan for the big conference at the end of August! It is creeping up on us so quickly and Charmaine has been such a trooper with most of the planing. She's great! We did have a theme to this planning night, again Charmaine's wonderful idea. We had an 'unbirthday party' like in Alice in Wonderland. It was so neat and as perfectly decorated as it could be in the Relief Society room at the Chapel. It was myself, Kayla, Megan, Steven, Charmaine, Kalen, Kelvin, Tim, Amalia, Dave and the three elders. We had a nice evening with treats, talking and a lot of laughing. The YSA conference is bound to be a big hit! I love these people and I am always happy to spend some time with them.