Haig: business student at the University of Prince Edward Island class of 2019, 
golf enthusiast, likes to cook & write. 

He works so hard for our little family. He is not afraid to speak his mind. He also enjoys snowboarding and swimming.  

Alyssa: works part-time as a seniors' caregiver, full-time mommy to Haig Arthur, lover of all things chocolate, anything Anne of Green Gables and enjoys big hugs. 

She is compassionate and cares about other people. She is confident in herself and she likes to learn new things and strengthen her talents. She likes to sew and bake muffins.

Married on February 21st 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

we now live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. We like to have sleepovers, eat good food, read, go on walks, play games, go camping, sing & dance and celebrate exciting things with our families and friends.

our first baby, Haig Arthur Pinsent was born on December 23rd 2016. 
we love being parents to this sweet little boy.

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