Monday, January 26, 2015

what it's like to be engaged

So lately, the only thing people seem to ask me about is "how are the plans coming along". It's not too annoying, but the funny thing is that we don't have much left to do. Like really, I need a bouquet made with the silk flowers I have purchased and that's about it. The relief society is having a shower for me this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I have always wanted a church shower since I was a little girl. At this point in my life, I only have a few very close friends that I would like to have at another bridal shower, and some of them are not here right now so there's no big point in trying to find time to have two showers. I think people see it as this really blissful time in a woman's life. To be engaged and preparing for the next stage of her life, and sure it is! But at the same time, with going to school and working it's a little challenging. I think out of it all, I am just happy that I am one step closer to being his. Yeah, he liked it so he put a ring on it is the cliche term going around, but it is so much more than that. I know that we are engaged, right now, because he wants to marry me more than anything else. We have been struggling a little bit to get things sorted out over here. Haig was discouraged earlier last week because he started working night shifts and he felt like because our schedules are so off we were spending less time together. Surprisingly, we have not gone one day yet without seeing each other, and that makes me pretty happy considering how busy I feel sometimes. We've been having a good date night at least once a week. He usually cooks at the apartment and we have been eating on the couch, except that now we finally have cute metal chairs from target that he surprised me with last Friday night. Then, we usually watch a movie, or go get doughnuts at Tim Hortons or go to Target. We talk about our plans for our trip to Halifax next month. We discuss our callings at church and my school work. We talk about our hopes for the coming months and even years. We still talk about Haig's mission a lot, and I like learning more about it. We read together and cuddle a lot. We spend time with my family and our friends. This engagement has been lovely, but I never want to be engaged again. I want to be married to him forever instead.

Friday, January 16, 2015

january is lovely part 2.

January, it's going well. My mom and dad bought us a bed. Well, lucky Haig gets to sleep in it until I move in next month. Our family kitten Meeko is growing and she is full of excitement but occasionally she still likes a cuddle. School work is okay so far, but I especially like when I am able to do work at home by a nice warm fire. I got some missionary mail for the first time in awhile from Sister Wang in Australia! I also started work this week, it's only two days a week but it's something. I don't like when I am alone at school, but I make the most of it, sometimes that includes eating goldfish and a peanut butter jelly sandwich in the quiet area in the library, shhh. Oh and I have been loving seeing my boy every day. We have not missed one day since he has moved here and I am starting to think that we won't until we get married ;)










january is lovely

Well, this month has been busy but other times I find myself simply enjoying the moment and this stage of my life that I am in. I started my last semester at UPEI. I am taking 4 courses. Research and Methodology, Introduction to Social Work, Leadership Theory and Practice and an online course called The Meaning of Life. It should be a very interesting and informative semester and I am excited to be on the road to graduation. I am also working twice a week, starting an internship for leadership and also somehow managing to plan a wedding, have date nights with my fiance and spend time at home with my family. Haig and I were also called as Ward Missionaries so we are excited for the opportunity to help the full time missionaries more in their pursuit to share the gospel! I like days like today. I have been doing some school work and then I went to school to meet the sister missionaries as they were having a discussion with some people who were interested in learning some more about the church. Then I picked Haig up from work and we did a couple things and now I am sitting here, I just finished some more more homework, I get to glimpse up and see Haig sitting on the couch with my sister watching "say yes to the dress". He would hate that I just posted that, but it is making me happy and he certainly likes doing that so whatever, he can deal with it. We are going sledding tonight with Casey and Cody and we are excited to spend some more time with them, especially before they go away next month on a cruise! They will be back in time before our wedding in Halifax and we are super happy to have them come with us for that special day. They are the best!

In other news, I have been drinking lots of hot chocolate, listening to blank space all the time, having fun making cute study notes for school, giving my fiancee kisses at his apartment and walking around campus knowing that I am almost done. Life is treating me pretty well. I have had a couple meltdowns the past few weeks, I won't lie. But I think I really forget how blessed I am. During one of these rough times, Haig held me in his arms and suddenly I was more emotional because I still have those moments that I realize, he is here. We are getting married for time and all eternity, and the little stresses of school and life will not hold us back from that. That is such a lovely thought.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


this is our year! This is a year I have been waiting for for a long time, without even knowing it. First of all, I am so happy to say that Haig now lives on Prince Edward Island [as of December 27th 2014]. It has certainly been different but we are enjoying it. We have been setting up his apartment, soon to be our apartment but I am doing my best to give him this time to have some independence and freedom before I become a game changer. I head back to school this week for the last semester of my degree. The questions are starting to roll in about what I am doing after I am finished, It feels like high school again. I am not quite sure what I will be doing once I graduate but I am optimistic that I will find something. I think it will be important for me to find someone I am passionate about right off the bat, because once I am employed full time I will need to stay there for awhile when Haig goes to school in the fall. The most exciting thing that will happen this year will be for us. Haig and I are getting pretty excited to get married and to finally be husband and wife. We both know living together is going to be a new adjustment, but certainly a fun adventure. I am looking forward to spending time with my family this year even though I will move away from home, but the past couple of months I have found a lot of happiness with simply spending time at home with them. Having gone to the Temple last month, I am also looking forward to spending more time there and drawing closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

My life is pretty wonderful, and I know 2015 will be a spectacular year.