Sunday, December 4, 2016

Winnie Loves Baby

Dear Winnie,
I appreciate how much you have calmed down these last few months. You were a very playful puppy all summer but you have really mellowed out. I like when I come home to visit and you no longer feel the need to jump on me. I think you know the little load I am carrying. There have been a couple times now when we have curled up to take a quick nap. You get distracted very easily by car doors or small noises around the house, but I think you know when you rest your head on my belly that there's something in there. I hope you will be nice to baby. Please be nice to baby, or I will be a pretty sad momma. I hope to watch you both grow up together, because Winnie, you are becoming a very good dog.
Love, Alyssa

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