Attend General Conference

See the Hollywood sign

Visit the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York

Swim in the Pacific Ocean

Buy a house

Learn to play the ukulele

Be in Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Ride in a hot air balloon

See the Northern lights

Cook a Christmas Dinner

Ride a tandem bicycle

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Drive all night

Participate in the Polar Dip

Sleep under the stars

Crash a wedding

Become a Mom & Dad

Visit all of the Temples in Canada
{Montreal, Toronto, Manitoba, Regina, Vancouver} 

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Cardston, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

 Calgary, Alberta

Go to Niagara Falls (May 2011)

Break a World Record  (PEI Burger Love, April 2015)

We know you're all wondering about our Guinness World Record attempt. As you may recall, the minimum target set was 5,000...and we are SO EXCITED to announce that in that 24 hour period, 9,037 BURGERS were sold during that day - almost doubling the target!

Graduate post-secondary (Alyssa: May 2015)


Dana Robert Kenny said...

Great list Lyss, don't know if we broke a record but I'm pretty sure we set a world record in May '06
"Shortest & Tallest Clarinet Duet"

Laura Beth said...

I like this list! I've done quite a few of them too, as well plan to do many more!!