Friday, September 30, 2016

happy pregnant moments

I loved reading though this article a couple days ago on Baby
Every moment of pregnancy can be very sweet!

some of my favorite moments so far have been:

Relishing the early weeks when only you and your partner knew your special secret.
Okay, so maybe it was only a couple of days before we told anyone, but what I like more about this one is the time we spent together just before finding out we were pregnant! We went to New Brunswick for the weekend and although not everything went as planned, we had a nice weekend among friends. I was so nervous about sleeping in other people's houses because I thought for sure I was going to get my period with all of the cramps I was having! The day after we got home I took a test and it was positive. I just like knowing that we had some time to spend together before finding out that that baby was on the way!

Maternity rights in Canada are getting better all the time.
This one is really wonderful! I have heard about what maternity leave is like in other countries right now, United States I'm looking at you, and it's horrible! I am so glad I have the option of taking a year off work to get to know my new little person. I am glad I am still able to work now to put in the required hours to be able to make the claim for the maternity leave. Also, I think the whole "I want maternity leave without kids" is 100%, absolutely ridiculous (but it might be okay if they completely understood why we need a year off, read this).

Telling your sister the good news.
A couple days after taking the test, I met up with my sister at Value Village one morning. We were having a good time chatting and looking at dresses. We wandered over to the baby section and I started to look for any baby onesie that had something to do with being an "aunt". I found one, it probably said something like "my aunt is so cool" or "my aunt loves me", I can't remember. I showed it to Kayla and said something like how about this? I looked at her with the biggest smile on my face and she said "oh my gosh are you serious". So yeah I told my sister at Value Village but it was great and she loved it!

Suddenly you'll feel a new appreciate for your own mother and all she went through having you
The other day when I was talking to my mom I mentioned something about how hard it would be to move apartments/houses during a pregnancy. Right after I said it, she exclaimed that she moved from New Brunswick to PEI when she was pregnant with me! My mom and dad have been a great support, especially with helping us get things ready for baby. I am looking forward to having my mom there with me when baby comes, because she knows me so well and I know she will understand what I need when I am having a baby!

Feeling those first flutters and kicks
I started to feel my first flutters and kicks in mid-August. I was driving one day and the song Lost Boy by Ruth B came on the radio. Baby suddenly started fluttering a lot! I sang along to my sweet baby. Since then, the kicks have become a little more aggressive. I have a harder time distinguishing them when I am at work or busy running errands. I finally caught some on video the other day, but I cannot share because I was only wearing underwear haha!

Lying in bed with your partner's arms around you and your bump, knowing that love has created a new life.
Haig thanks me very often for this opportunity to become parents. He also likes to take credit for baby making it to my belly, but I think most men enjoy doing this in silly little ways. I was really upset about my skin one morning and he told me that "this is the most beautiful I have ever been". I am so glad we are married as husband and wife to do this together. I get emotional thinking about all this time that has passed and finally we are having a baby together, this baby is the luckiest kid in the whole wide world (or womb right now...).

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


you guys. I was looking for a new pair of shoes for this season and I debated buying myself a new pair of converse. I have always liked converse but right now I am still unsure of what color to buy. So one day, Haig and I were in Old Navy looking for some work pants for him, and I went around to look at the clearance while he was trying on pants. I was hoping to find a pair of sandals on sale to put away for next summer because most of mine are falling apart. The sandals were still a little too pricey for the end of season. Then, I saw these bad girls here and I fell in love with the sweet color. They are a half size too big but the little orange sticker that said $1.47 was enough for me. I bought some low rise socks a couple days later and I have been trying to be very careful each time I wear them as to not get them dirty. This color pink is my favorite color pink. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

I am still not loving the instagram stories, but the ldschurch account puts out some really good ones with motivational pictures and captions on them. They really help to brighten my day! I liked these ones from a couple of days ago. With General Conference coming up this weekend, it is important for me to think of some questions I would like to have answered and pray to hear those answers in conference. I would invite you all to watch conference this weekend because it is one of my favorite fall events! For me, the fall season starts with listening to words of our prophet and leaders of our church.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

friend time

I have been really bad at this one all summer. I love to get home from work and just relax, eat some food and not have to worry about anything, or anyone (other than husband and baby). Then about two weeks ago, I was feeling really sad about some relationship issues I am having with some people that live far away. I put in a lot of effort and can't seem to have the right relationship with some people, and a big part of that could be the distance between us. Haig said to me one night "you worry so much about your relationships with people that live far away, but when is the last time you saw some of your friends that live here". It really struck me. I could spent a lot of time texting people and catching up that way, but face to face interaction is so much better. The next day I texted one of my close friends and asked her if she wanted to meet up. She came over a couple nights later and we had some tea, treats and a long talk about everything that has been going on in our lives. Last night I went to the movies with another close friend. I know it may seem like a silly goal to make, but I hope to spend time with a friend each week, especially before baby arrives. I need to have a greater focus on my relationships and more importantly with the women in my life that mean so much to me. We all get caught up in our work, our family and even our significant others but I know we need each other to talk, give advice to one another and sometimes just vent about certain things. So, if you are reading this and you want to hang out please let me know because I would love to see you!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the blog life

I couldn't let today slide without writing a short and sweet post to celebrate my blogging birthday!

It's been 6 years since I started the blog, to tell people about a big change in my life. I thought it was pretty big at the time (moving home after living in Halifax for 2 1/2 short weeks). But since then, so many big changes have happened and have shaped me into the person that I am today!

I continue to blog as a fun way to document my little life. Sometimes I am not as diligent with my writing as I would like to be, but I have to be willing to let life happen instead of worrying about what I will blog about and when I will write. I write when I want to write and what I want to write about, easy as pie (I really like pie...).

I hope that as new changes come I will learn and grow lots more, and we will see where I am 6 years from now!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 18th

so much for my whole, I'm going to blog soo much more this month (lol). Seems it happens way more than it should. This month is just about flying by but we are loving every minute over it, the good and the bad ones. Haig went back to school and he is adjusting well. The first couple of weeks can be pretty chill, but I am sure it will be busy for him soon enough. Work is going well for me too and people keep asking when I will be finishing, it still feels like I could work for so long but I also don't want to put myself at risk in my line of work, so we will see what happens I guess.

We had a great Dr.'s appointment early last week and found out that our baby's serum testing came back negative and that baby looked wonderful from both the ultrasounds that we had. Great news to hear for my anxious little soul. I still wake up most mornings and wonder where my belly is, and then it pops right back out again. My belly button is starting to stick out just a little bit more as the day goes on, bring on an outie belly button I guess!

This weekend, our church ward hosted a large youth event so I was able to help out a lot with that. On Friday night there was a 50s theme dance and on Saturday there was some lessons and the youth also went to the beach in the afternoon. I stayed at the church after lunch to help clean up, and I felt really good to be there and help out with getting the chapel ready for our church meetings for today. Our dad, Luke and Emma came back into town to spend a little more time with us before heading home which was a nice treat.

Haig and I made some pizza and salad for supper before enjoying a nice evening. We went to the golf course down the street and Haig played on the practice green for a little while, then we went over to Value Village because I am always looking for more baby things. When we came home we settled into our usual nightly routine of a snack and our current show on Netflix (how I met your mother) while getting two loads of laundry done. When dad came over for the weekend he brought over the stuff we ordered from IKEA, including our crib for baby and a new duvet for us. We found a cover the other night at Homesense and we really liked our first night sleeping with this new comfortable blanket!

Today was a nice Sunday as usual. I am so glad neither of us had to work today. I did however have to speak in church, and although I do not really love getting up in front of everyone to talk, I really did learn a lot from my topic of learning how to nurture and care for others. I know I need to apply it in my life. If I spent less time worrying about myself and my own concerns, and more time being concerned about others and learning about what I could do for them I am sure I could be a lot happier about many things. I sang a beautiful song with the Young Women and my presidency and had great lessons. We are heading to my parents house soon for dinner with them and some old friends that are in town for a visit.

I like these fun weekends that we have, especially the ones when I'm not working. A couple people have told me to take advantage of all this time we have before baby gets here, but I am not really sure what to think of that. I am so looking forward to having baby here even if tending to them takes up the majority of my time. This week is another busy one of work and getting things ready. I am glad I have a happy husband by my side to keep my smiling no matter what comes our way and that I am learning more each day to make me a better wife and mother.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

you know you're pregnant when

husband texted me at work tonight and asked "is the beef (uncooked) in the fridge for tomorrow night". I reply yes. Then he asks, "do we have any tomato paste?" No why, I respond. He replies that he cooked the beef with the sloppy joe seasoning (which I put there by mistake, it was suppose to be taco seasoning). I instantly get very frustrated with him because I was going to cook the beef for supper tomorrow night. He was just trying to help, but really it was no help at all. I was pretty mad at him for a bit. When he picked me up from work a couple hours later, I tell him I'm sorry.

Pregnancy makes me so agitated about the little things..

Sunday, September 11, 2016

working for the weekend

This weekend was kind of sucky. On Friday, I worked from 7am-3pm and Haig worked from 3pm-8pm. On Saturday, Haig worked from 10am-3pm and I worked from 3pm-10pm. Talk about our schedules clashing right? Sunday morning we had a nice morning getting ready for church, we made some pancakes and left the house a few minutes later than usual. We had a nice sabbath morning with our church friends and family. I went to work from 3pm-10pm and Haig stayed home to relax and enjoy his Sunday!

This week is our first full week of school and work this semester. I am hopeful that all things will go well. We have an appointment later this week to have some work done on our car. We hope that everything will go well, even though I'm already thinking it could be expensive to fix some problems the car is having. Great timing with Haig going back to shook and all, but we will get it all sorted out. Sometimes it is challenging to only have one car, but we always seem to work things out. Haig is really good about walking to my work to pick up the car or taking the bus to school or work. 

I have made a goal for this week to find more ways to be grateful. I hope I can find some way to document it this week and maybe even buy a new journal to write down some thoughts on gratitude. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Welcome to September 2016! The first week of this month is already gone but here I am welcoming a new month and soon a new season. Bring out all of the scarves and let's try everything pumpkin spice shall we? I am really hoping to get back to some fun blogging projects this month. With Haig starting school again, I am sure there won't be as many late night walks and hanging out with friends, so I want to find some more energy to put into some fun posts as we get ready for baby and also other fun things we like to do as a family. Anything you would like to read or want me to to try, just let me know!

With our crib and bookshelves on the way from IKEA, I really hope to continue to get the nursery ready this month along with starting to purchase some baby essentials like diapers, wipes and other household items to stock up on when they are on sale. Our landlord said we could paint the room a light color if we wanted to. I am not sure what to do yet. If I could find a rocking chair or glider that I like then maybe I would know. It is really hard to plan for a gender neutral baby, but lots of colors and prints can work for both genders, so it should be lots of fun!

Haig is going back to school tomorrow and we are both pretty happy about it. His co-op opportunity didn't work out earlier in the summer and that was a huge downfall but hopefully a new semester and new course load will get him back on the right track and help him determine some more concrete goals for what he will be doing as a career in the future. He is studying business at this present time, and hopefully going to specialize in accounting, but that may change, time will tell!

I was kind of sad driving by UPEI today after dropping Haig off at work. I miss school sometimes. I miss the routine of my classes and having assignments to do and learning lots. I don't think I will be going back to school anytime soon but I would love to advance my education someday. I would like to learn more about seniors, families and communities and how I can help contribute more to my province and country!

We had our second ultrasound yesterday to say hi to baby! Our technician told us that baby was moving a lot and that it was hard for her to get some more of the required images because they were moving so much! At one point, baby had the hiccups and we all thought that was pretty cute. For the last 10 minutes or so my sister Kayla was able to come into the room to join us and see her little niece or nephew! I am still not positive that I know what it is, and when I got home from the ultrasound I had a good cry, wishing that we would find out the gender, but I am very excited for the surprise on delivery day. Tons of people keep telling me that its better to know so you can be prepared, but my husband reassured me that baby will have a loving mommy & daddy, a roof over their head, a place to sleep, clothes to wear and a car seat to come home from the hospital, so everything else will be okay.

We are excited for a new month to try new things and keep loving our Pinsent Life!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Cabot Beach Provincial Park

We decided to go camping for Labor Day weekend! About a day or so before leaving, our good friend Maia who is now living on the East Coast with her family texted us asking what we would be doing over the long weekend. We told her we would be camping, and she asked if her and her family could join us. Well of course, the more the merrier! Haig was off at 1:00 on Friday afternoon so we drove up to Summerside first to visit the Holman's Ice Cream Parlor. Their homemade ice cream is a must try, so delicious and tastes so real. Then we headed north towards Kensington and then Cabot Beach Provincial Park.

Haig and I set up our campsite and then we took a drive around the local area. We came across a small golf course called Darnley Greens. Haig's clubs were in the trunk and he couldn't pass up the $13.50 nine hole fee. It didn't take us very long to play the round and it was a lot of fun to see him play this course. When we arrived back at the campsite we started to get dinner ready when Maia, Preston, Georgia and Ruby arrived.  They set up camp and we enjoyed a campfire into the evening.

In the morning we made some breakfast and then we took the boys to play golf at Red Sands in Clinton. We watched them for a little bit and then us girls went to play at a park in Kensington. We headed back to the campground in the early afternoon and the boys met us there shortly after. We took a trip down to the beach and also a short trip into Malpeque and back to Kensington to pick up a couple more groceries for the evening. We had a great fire that night after finding some better firewood. My poor husband almost burnt his hand after lighting 10 sparklers at once. We talked with Maia and Preston and shared funny stories about our lives. I wish we could hang out with them all the time.

On Sunday morning we woke up to find out that the Cook family was on their way home after a rough night of sleep with the girls. Haig and I took our time getting ready and made our way back into town for him to work at noon time. I am so glad we were able to go camping this summer, it almost didn't happen. I will make it happen earlier next summer. If anyone has any tips for camping with a baby, let me know!