Tuesday, June 30, 2015

keep moving forward

Just a few pictures from spending time with my husband recently... 

Getting ice cream and looking around at Jewell's Country Market.
Reading and studying scriptures in bed with treats.
Taking a walk downtown and stumbling on this sweet mural.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

date night

Tonight, Haig and I went on the sweetest date. It was very much needed after the week we have had together. We have been working really hard on us. He needs my love and support right now more than anything, and I am ready to give that to him. He is my best friend. To be completely honest right now, we hit rock bottom, we hit it hard. Knowing that he is mine for time and all eternity changes that though. In any marriage, it's for better or for worse right? In this marriage it is for always, better or worse, the good the bad and the ugly, the happy and the sad.  

He will always be my my side.  

Haig took me out to North Rustico, which is a pretty special place to me. It is where Joan and John used to live and I spent a lot of time out there with my family growing up. We ate dinner at the Blue Mussel Cafe. We both enjoyed the fish and chips, however they are not my favorite on the Island. We took a little walk around the area before we went back into town. We were a little too dressed up for a walk on the beach, but we have lots more time this summer for nights like that. I loved spending some nice quality time with him, thanks love!

there she goes!

This morning, on Kayla's 20th birthday I might add, she got in her car and drove off to Newfoundland! 

She's going to chase her dreams that girl. I am so proud of her! Not very many college graduates in her field can get a job that quickly after graduation and she did it! It is too bad that it is so far away, but I have seen the confidence that she has gained over the past two years and so I know that she can do this. Kayla, I have so much faith in you. I know you can do wonderful things. You are such an amazing person and I know the people in Grand Falls-Windsor will be so lucky with the chance to get to know you. 

Now, here are some pictures of you and Amanda so you don't forget what she looks like ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Victoria By The Sea

This afternoon, my sister and I went on a little adventure. We went to Victoria By the Sea! Last year when we were coming back from Moncton together one night, we decided to make a quick stop and check it out. I loved this small town's charm! It has the most gorgeous views. We had some early dinner at a place that was right on the water. We didn't have too much time because we were suppose to pick mom up from work, but before we left we checked out this sweet antique shop that is near PEI's largest tree! I had such a lovely little afternoon with Kayla. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

bakin' doughnuts

Sometimes, with that Bed Bath and Beyond gift card you got as a wedding present, you just have to buy a doughnut baking tin! We were pretty excited about making our own doughnuts. We love love love stops at Tim Hortons every once in a while to grab half a dozen doughnuts, but it is pretty exciting when you can make your own. I made two recipes that I found from pinterest. Both recipes used buttermilk. I liked the chocolate doughnuts more than the vanilla ones, but next time I am going to find a recipe that doesn't use buttermilk, because neither recipe used very much and I ended up having to throw the rest of the buttermilk out because it was going bad. I have seen some cake mix doughnut recipes and I love cake mix anything! A doughnut tutorial post could be in the works soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Haig's Birthday!

For a couple months now, we have known that our ward was planning a temple trip on Haig's birthday. As it got closer and closer, we knew we would end up at the temple for the day with our family and friends. Things got more exciting when Haig decided that he wanted to spend the whole weekend there with his family too! We got home from work on Friday and got ready to go. It was nice to take a couple minutes together to unwind and forget about the week and start our weekend off right! We drove to Nova Scotia! It was so nice to be"home" again. I always love spending time with the Pinsent family. 

On Saturday, Haig's birthday!, we went to Tim Hortons for breakfast before going to a session at the temple. Members from our ward arrived after our session was done. It was so nice to see beautiful, smiling and also anxious faces. I love the temple so much more when I love the people in it. Especially my husband, mother, father and baby sister Kayla. I won't be in the temple with my sister again for quite sometime, so it was nice to be with her there, even if it was just in the bathroom as she was doing her hair! It felt nice. I am so happy for the decision she has made to take a new and exciting opportunity as a journalist in Newfoundland! 

Haig and I took Kayla to the mall for a little bit. It was nice to have a quick break before going back to do some more special things at the temple. I miss doing things with Kayla now that I don't live with her anymore. Sometimes we would just be like "you wanna go shopping?", "yeah let's go". I guess that's sisterhood, and friendship for yah.

Haig and I went back to the temple for the afternoon to spend some more time there with my parents and friends from our church congregation. We got to share in some special experiences. We were both able to have the opportunity to think about the day we got married in the temple. Our marriage there sealed us as husband and wife for time and for all eternity and I will forever be grateful for our eternal marriage. It brings me so much joy, peace and happiness.

The rest of the day was so nice! We didn't make any plans for our weekend other than attending the temple. We went home and took Luke and Hannah out for a little while. We went to Value Village first. I bought some doilies, mason jars and Haig got a pretty cool "Nova Scotia" belt buckle. We went down to Eastern Passage to see Victoria at work. Mom and Dad were picking her up at the same time! We looked around for a couple minutes and we also ran into the Oliver family. It was nice to see them. When we got back home, mom sent us back out to get an Ice Cream cake. She hoped we would think of something clever to write on it for our birthdays, but we didn't. The cake was still delicious! We had BBQ burgers and steak.

Later that evening, we visited with our good friend Maia! She is so hilarious. I loved spending time with her. She was able to come to our wedding reception last month and we didn't get to talk to her a lot so it was nice to be able to catch up in a less formal atmosphere. She is a wonderful mother to two sweet ladies. I am so happy to see her continue to grow and learn as a wife, mother and friend!

We relaxed when we got back home and headed to bed for our early church start the next morning.

I love my husband. In case you didn't already know that. Our first birthdays as a married couple have been wonderful. I am so excited to spend many more birthdays with him.