Saturday, November 29, 2014

November photos from the iphone!

Thanks to the big sister, Laura, I can finally take pictures on my phone and have them look nice! I was rarely taking photos because it mean't having to take them on my slow phone or on my fuzzy iPod. This was a problem because I do love to document my life. Since I activated the iPhone at the beginning on November, I started taking pictures more regularly but it was a busy month with school and exams and even work, so I just never got around to posting too many of them. But it was a very exciting month. Haig and I made some plans to get married, before he even proposed. Surprise Surprise right? Well there was a lot of housekeeping things that needed to be done like booking dates and ordering things, but we got it all sorted out. Next thing is getting him an apartment over here, which is starting to look more probable. I have a list of places I need to see tomorrow, it is just hard to do it without him. I am just happy to *almost be done of school. I have one exam in a week but I am not too worried about it. It does bug me that the professor posted the wrong review online and hasn't put the new one up, I e-mailed him this morning and told him.. so thanks for nothing. I am looking forward to Christmas more and more and I am still trying my best to find opportunities to be creative. I am starting some decorations for our wedding reception next spring. I am hoping to go with a cute rustic and vintage feel. Lots of creams, pinks, greens, golds and maroons. It will be so fun to see what I can create over the next couple months. We have been having lots of fun at home with our new little kitten Meeko. She is a lot of fun. She is wild, but sweet and cuddly and learning so much everyday. I won't be home for much longer but I am enjoying her company.. for the most part. I love getting dressed up for church on Sundays. Most of the time I feel girly and feminine when I go to church but other times I also want to feel comfortable! Oh, and I love Kylie and our end of the semester trip to Target when she bought an Olaf pillow. She's just the best. 

Oh and then I got engaged and that was the best thing that happened in November! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


engaged on November 27th 2014

to be Married  February 2015

Saturday, November 22, 2014

what I have literally been up to

I worked a little this week and I really enjoyed it.  I have a lot of hours on this upcoming pay cheque and I am looking forward to having that money. I got a mighty cold when Haig was last here.  It started off as just a cough and from there it turned into a little throat infection. Luckily I got a prescription for it the other day and with my health plan and my mom's health plan it ended up being free so that's excellent! The only thing that really sucks is having to remember to take a pill three times a day. I am not even that sick anymore and I have already forgotten to at least twice. I should be dandy in no time. School has finally winded down. I did really well on my Research assignment with Kylie and I also did great on the course final. One more assignment for that course and we are done! I printed off my Victorians paper that is due this Tuesday. I finished in early this week and decided I would print it off so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore, and it has been great to not have to worry about it. My online course is practically done, I just have to send in my journal. My introduction to anthropology course has a final exam but it isn't until December 9th, so I think that is loads of time. I probably won't even start studying until a couple days before because I am pretty comfortable with the material. It should be fine. So between now and next Thursday I have some plans to do some knitting and continue to read, catch up on some TV shows and also spend time at home with my family. It is a little bitter sweet that I won't be with them for Christmas Day this year, but I have done it once before and I will manage to do it again. I don't remember hearing much about the year that I wasn't with them, but I know they will be just fine without me. I'll miss my sister a lot mostly because I like shopping for her the most and I like to see her open my gifts. Maybe we will just have to work something out to open our gifts together, even though they will be small this year. Haig and I have even set a $20 limit because we have lots of other things we need to buy this time of year and saving money has been a little bit of a challenge. I think it will be hard to shop for him. I want him to be able to open a couple things from me, but with $20, that's not very much. I am a very organized and prepared person, but I will probably be so undecided on what to get him that I won't find anything until the last minute. That's okay though because I know he will like whatever I give him anyways.

Today I had a really good day. It started off a little strange. Mom and Dad were cleaning most of the house, like a deep clean with our shop vac and everything. We are just finding that there is a lot of dust this time of year and it seems to build up everywhere. Around lunch time, Mom and I finally made our way out to have some fun. We made a stop at a hardware store to have a look at some Christmas things. Then we went for some lunch at thai express *yum and then went to the bank to get some money. After we went to the Colonel Gray Craft Fair of course. It has always put me in the Christmas spirit, even though I really don't feel in full Christmas mode until December. This did the trick for now. We bought some fudge, carrot cake jam and a Christmas tree that we will pick up later in December. We went to Reebok to give Kayla some fudge. I just wanted to have a quick look at Payless Shoes and I found a pair of heels that are just lovely, so Mom bought them for me for a special occasion. We also made a trip up to Sears where I also found some pretty things that I just decided I needed. I have been a little stressed about finding things that I like, because within the next couple of months I need to buy some things and sometimes I just won't have the option to be picky. So finding things I actually do like certainly helps. In all, it was a really good day and I am a pretty happy girl. It has also been a good week, and a decent month and I am starting to really look forward to being in Nova Scotia with my love and his family next weekend!

Monday, November 17, 2014

love birds

I am pretty happy for these two.  They are in love. 

Happy two years together Victoria and Eli.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

no news November

Well, look what we have here, already half way through November!  Isn't that just crazy.  Well this afternoon I did some running around with mom and the stores were already so crazy.  I saw a lot of people buying items for Christmas, even chocolates and candies.  If I did that, they would be gone by the end of this month!  I guess some people just like to be prepared.  Christmas will be pretty low key for me this year, but I am looking forward to spending it with the Pinsent family, and having the Persson family come home. It will be a wonderful and joyous time.

But until then, I have some things to get done.  These past two weeks were pretty busy.  I had an exam for Methodology and Research that I studied really hard for.  It was this past Wednesday night and I left feeling like I had at least accomplished something.  I hope I got a decent mark, it would make me very happy if I did.  I have also been working just a little bit, but way more than I have been all semester.  I had two full day shifts with the infants and I just love being around them.  Babies are just so funny, curious and easy going.  I love getting to know these little friends more and more.  We also got to watch over our friend's dog as they were on vacation.  Nipqu was so sweet and we loved having her around.  Then, the night I came home from my exam there was a kitten in my house.  It was so random.  Dad went to the humane society to get a kitten for our neighbor and met a woman who was about to donate one so she offered it to him instead.  We like having it around so far, but we'll see how it goes.

My blogging has kind of been a little off lately because I don't feel like I have much to talk about.  Mostly because anything I want to talk about, shouldn't be posted on here yet, but I can guarantee I will be writing a lot more, especially by the end of the semester and December rolls around and some pretty great things start to happen.  I just feel like my life is about to get pretty blissful.  Sometimes I forget that too because there are so many other things to worry about, mostly money.  But I know I just need to keep being grateful and excited for the things that are in store.  I almost can't wait to see what happens next.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

our love story

Haig made four female sales associates cry today.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

how Haig saw the weekend

snuggle fun 

 glow bowling fun with Casey and Cody

real men take their women to church

only true Canadians get milkshakes in the snow

Monday, November 3, 2014

weekend thoughts

Haig and I just spent a wonderful weekend together. Something just reminded me that I have probably writing a post very similar to this before, but we are back to reality for now. On this particular weekend I decided not to do any school work. This worked out fine because I have mostly been ahead of schedule with things this semester. While Haig was here we did some apartment searching and looked for stuff to go in said apartment... but of course we had no luck which left me a little disappointed. We had stake conference on Sunday so it was a broadcast from Fredericton. I think this also left me a little sad because I missed having just a regular Sunday. Haig and I had a good chat about some decisions that we have to make that afternoon, or a decision that I have to make. He is so wonderful when it comes to knowing exactly what I need to hear. We had a great Sunday dinner with my family and then we went got a little drive. We sat in the car are had some great conversation. We are excited and anxious for some great things in store. It's not like we are keeping any secrets at this point, but its obvious that things are not "official" yet, but we are working on it! This morning I woke up pretty frazzled knowing that I would have to take him to the shuttle very soon. I also got a little stressed about some school work I had to do in the afternoon. Before taking him to the shuttle though, Haig had an appointment with UPEI to learn some things about the programs he would like to apply to for next fall. It made me happy and a little nervous to have him on campus. It will be weird to graduate before he even begins, but I am very proud of him and his intentions with school. Then he just had to introduce me to Burger King's hand spun strawberry milkshakes. It was 10am on a Monday, we have both gotten a cough and it started snowing but none of that stopped us! We drove to a spit near by and enjoyed our last couple moments together. Then the shuttle was pretty late, so we got to enjoy some more time together, even though we were sitting in my cold car we were happy. I am happy, he is happy. We are happy. I was able to get some school work done in the afternoon and with Kylie in the evening and now I am feeling a lot better and just a little more confident than I was earlier today. I feel that The Lord does have a lot of faith in me right now. He empowers me every single day. The gospel of Jesus Christ empowers me. I feel so blessed, and after this weekend even more blessed to have Haig as a wonderful companion and worthy priesthood holder. We are good and things are moving forward and I like the direction that everything is moving in. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Charmaine moves!

Charmaine moved to Edmonton Alberta!  This picture was taken the last time we saw each other on October 24th at our YSA Halloween party.  I am so proud of this girl for doing what she needed to do and moving on, growing up and becoming a wonderful young lady.  I know some pretty great things are in store for her.  She has taught me a lot, even during some times when I really didn't want to hear any of it from her.  She has helped me to see my full potential as a daughter of God, a sister in Zion and a forever friend.  

Best of luck my beautiful friend, keep moving forward!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

halloween 2014

who needs costumes when you are already this happy?