Sunday, April 27, 2014

May will be CRAZY

photo at the St. Dunstan's Basilica for the BYU-Idaho Sinfonietta performance on April 21st 2014

May is going to be a crazy month but I am already so excited.  I only realized it all this morning.  I will be gone 3 weekends of the month, starting with Halifax this weekend for some Pinsent & Kat+Cecelia loving and City and Colour craziness [still can't believe I will be going to this concert, it is going to be amazing!].

Kayla and I have flights booked to Ottawa for my cousin's wedding the long weekend in May.  We were never really planned on going, but then changed our minds.  I start spring courses the same week, so I am a little nervous and I know I will have to get some work done while I am there, but I am looking forward to seeing my mom's side of the family and celebrating with everyone.  Oh, and I really like Ontario!  It is a wonderful, pretty place.  I am excited to possibly do some exploring in Ottawa.  Maybe my Auntie Helen will take us around on the 18th ;) [I want to go to the tulip festival and take lots of pictures!]

My birthday will be the 4th weekend and I have no plans.  So if anyone wants to throw me a surprise party......

The last weekend of the month I will most likely be in New Brunswick for Stake Conference.  I was asked to speak at the Institute Honours night.  I hope I can see some friends over there too.  On top of all this, I hope I will be working a little bit here and there.  I worked this whole month which I was super fortunate of.  My spring courses will have me in school Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 and 6:00-9:00 and one online from May 12th-23rd....should be fun couple of weeks and month of May.

I can see the grass getting greener every day, literally and figuratively.  I just keep my head up and good things seem to come my way, or things seem to fall into place.  I am a lucky girl most of the time.  I feel blessed for what I do have and I am grateful for the opportunities that I find myself presented with.
I feel like time is just flying by, with Haig coming home so soon and having one year left of my undergrad.  I have been learning so much more about commitment and dedication.  I can say that I know if you put your mind to something, you can be successful.
I am enjoying being happy right now.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him

Because of Him.......
I am a part of an Eternal Family.  My parents have raised me in a righteous home where I can feel the spirit.  He grants us with opportunities that help us go about our daily lives, be successful and be able to provide for one another.  I have amazing Earthly parents and a brother and sister that I love.  Because of Him, families can be together forever.

Because of Him.......
I refuse to sink.  He is the anchor to my soul.  I can pray to receive guidance, revelation, inspiration.  He answers prayers.  He knows me, and he knows my trials.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live.  In return, we need to trust Him and the plan.

Because of Him.......
I can have strength to get me through trials and sacrifices.
I have Elder Pinsent in my life who is amazing, wonderful and self-less.  I have been given the opportunity to support him as He serves the Lord and the church.  I am thankful for everything that I continue to learn from this experience.

"Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day." Alma 3:36

Because of Him.......

I am unique.  I am a daughter of a King.  Jesus Christ died for our sins, but I know that He Lives again.  Someday, I will be wrapped in His loving arms.  I am not perfect.  He is perfect and I can strive to be like him.  I make mistakes, but through the power of the Atonement, I can repent and be forgiven.  I live in a beautiful world and I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life.  

And Because of Him....... We can start again.  
guilt becomes peace
regret becomes relief
despair becomes hope
& we have second chances, clean slates, new beginnings.

there is no such thing as the end, Because of Him.

everyone's home again + Easter weekend

Last week, I worked Monday-Thursday 9:15-5:15.  It was so great to work and I had a really good week and got to know some new, sweet and friendly faces.  Thursday night, my best friend Ellen and I went out for dinner together. We celebrated our 44/50 on our major assignment for our Community Perspectives of Aging course.  We are very happy with the mark.  I loved doing work with her for this course.  I don't know what we would have done without one another in the course.  I am glad that I have 1/2 of my 4th year sociology courses done, and that I did it with her help.  We went for the Burger Love at Sims Corner.  The Gatsby was delicious.  They dimmed the lights as we got our food, making it all romantic for us to indulge in our love for burgers.  After dinner, we made a quick trip to the mall together, and then Ellen went home and I continued to do some shopping before going home to clean my closet [I just love spring cleaning] and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Friday morning, I did something I haven't done in a long time.  I slept in... until 10:30, which is very late for me.  I guess I just really needed that extra sleep.  I think I am still catching up from the east coast music weekend and work also kept me on my feet the past two weeks.  It was nice to just rest and relax for the morning and early afternoon.  Kayla was finished her internship in New Glasgow, so she was going to pick up Mom and Dad at the airport in Moncton.  They got home around 2:30pm and I was so happy when I got to hug my Mommy!  I missed her a lot.  I don't care that I am turning 22 next month.  Once my Mom was in the house and relaxing on the couch, we had a good cuddle.  I needed it too.  I am happy they had such a good vacation, they made wonderful memories with Joanie and John, but I am pretty happy to have them back.  I am even more excited for them as we found out they made an appearance in the Saturday Afternoon Session of General Conference!  It is something that they can remember for many years to come.

Because it was Good Friday, we stayed at home and enjoyed each other's company.  They showed us pictures from their trip.  They got to visit with my cousin in Las Vegas who was there from Germany doing some work.  It was nice to see that they were able to connect.  I made some dinner for us all and Mom and I did lots of talking about work, church and school.  Later that night, I got ready to go over to Casey's to see the girls.  Casey just moved to Stratford with Cody.  They have a cute two bedroom apartment.  Casey, Amanda, Chelsey, Emily and I hung out there until we went to the opening weekend Ladies Night at Peake's Quay.  We had an awesome time dancing, catching up and we laughed a lot!

Saturday I slept in again, and it was glorious.  Once I got up, I got ready for the day.  Kayla and I wanted to have a Burger Love together before I stop [my max is 5 burgers, this was #4].  We went back over to Stratford and had Phinley's Apple Jack.  It was okay.  At this point, Mavors was my favourite.  After lunch, we spent some more time together.  It feels so good to be reunited with my sister and best friend.  We did some shopping.  We bought some Easter candy to share with our brother and Kayla bought a shirt at the mall.

When we got home later, Kayla left to hang out with a friend, so I went out with Mom to buy some things at Wal-Mart.  It was nice to spend some time with momma again too.  When we got home, Mom and Dad were both a little hungry so we went to East Side Marios' to get some dinner.  We had cheese ravioli bites to start off and Mom and I split a penne and Caesar salad.  Dad had all-you-can eat Italian wedding soup and a burchetta pizza [which was fresh and delicious].  After, we went to Sobeys to grab a couple more things for Easter and the weekend.

Today, Easter Sunday has also been a lovely day.  It is just so nice to have everyone home again.  Mom, Dad, Kayla and I went to church and we have spent the afternoon relaxing.  We will have dinner later tonight as a family and then watch a movie.

I love my family, I love spring, I love Jesus Christ and I love chocolate.
Happy Life. Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

general conference



General Conference was last weekend, but with all the ecmw fun that I was involved with, I only got to watch Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  I am doing some catching up now with my handy hdmi cable.  It was so cool to have Jeffrey R. Holland in my living room a couple of nights ago ;)  I can now understand why some people watch it at home, but, I LOVE WATCHING CONFERENCE AT THE CHAPEL.  I can feel the spirit so much stronger in the place that I worship at each week. I also feel close to the people that go and watch, and it is so nice to be in their company.  

Something that I have really taken from conference so far, is the power of empathy.  Many spoke about having love for others, but more importantly, interest and concern for other's well being and ultimately concern for their salvation.  When we are concerned for other's burdens, we show our love for them.  Our Prophet said it himself, "LOVE is the essence of the gospel".  We need to show our love for others in our day to day interactions and recognize the needs of those around us.  It is okay to be a little "too kind".  We need to find opportunities to give acts of loving kindness.  When opportunities to show love come unexpectedly, we are exemplifying Charity, the pure love of Christ.  Be passionate, be encouraging.  

Begin now, to express love to all of God's children, and trust me, you fill find happiness in it. 

week april 7-12

This week treated me pretty well.  Waking up Monday morning to go to work was not easy, especially after the amazing night I had at the East Coast Music Awards Gala.  I couldn't sleep for a little bit because I was still a little star struck from meeting David Myles.  Nala and I have also been having a bit of a problem this week.  She usually has to go out to do her business anywhere from 2:30-3:30am.  It has totally messed up my sleeping, but I love her so it's worth it.  I worked with the babies this week for my momma's vacation.  I had so much fun, but at the end of most days I just came home to relax!  Monday night I caught up on some shows and read a wonderful e-mail from my Elder Pinsent.  I also called his momma a little later and we had to talk about some things.  I am just so grateful for his family's never-ending, constant support.  I love his parents, and mostly in part because they know what we are going through.  When I talked to her, I found out some exciting news.  I won't share it yet, but it is only a couple weeks away, and the first photo was basically my reaction.  I am super, super happy about it!  I also got this cute picture from Elder Pinsent and two of his missionary friends before he left Duluth, MN.  He is in Hastings now, and still doing as great as ever.  We are starting to talk more and more about school and we are trying to get some of those logistics worked out.
Tuesday night I went to see Divergent with Amanda Neill.  It was so good!  I borrowed the next book in the series from Paige Biggley today!  Wednesday night I did some more relaxing at home, but then I wanted to go out, so I went and bought a couple of things at Wal-Mart.  I figured if I was really going to love David Myles, I needed to buy his CD.  First of all, I am happy it was in stock, and second, I feel like I am sitting on a cloud when I listen to him sing!  He is so talented.  Thursday night after work I came home and did some stuff around the messy house.  Being with Bryan hasn't been too bad, but I decided to be a good sister and do his laundry, but I made him wash the dishes.  I also made chicken curry that night for dinner and it was delicious.  I posted a little 'throwback thursday' because I came across this cute picture of Haig and I in Ontario a couple of years ago.  Oh, how I miss these sweet, precious moments and I am anxious and excited to have them in my life again.  September is just getting so much closer and closer!  I put my newly purchased hdmi cable to use to end the night.  I watched the Veronica Mars Movie on our flat screen TV, which is so much better than having only watched it on my laptop!

Friday night I went to Burger Love with Scott, his roommate Sarah and her boyfriend Sam.  We went to Mavors for the M-2.  It was really, really delicious!  I was so stuffed after, but I went to the Delta for the ecmw volunteer recognition.  It wasn't too exciting, but Sam was there so it was so nice to get to know her a little better!  I made my way home earlier, and started watching the episode of Grey's Anatomy that I missed the night before.  Then, my Mom called!  She told me so much about her trip and I am so happy they are having so much fun.  We talked for awhile until I realized I wanted her to have stuff to tell me when she gets home, so we said good-bye for the night.  Saturday, I was a little lazy in the morning, but I deserved it!  Then, I went grocery shopping for some extra stuff for our meals this coming week.  On my drive home I realized how beautiful the day was.  So when I got home, I decided I would go for a run.  I am not a runner, but I am more determined this time.  THE COLOR RUN is coming here in July, and it's only 5 km but I am going to be ready for it!

It was a great, busy but relaxing week.  I work Monday-Thursday this week at a new location but I plan on having another chill week, and I am looking forward to having my momma, daddy and sister back on FRIDAY, just in time for the Easter weekend <3

Saturday, April 12, 2014

ecmw pt. 2

On Saturday afternoon when I was volunteering as an ambassador, Nikki Roberts, the volunteer coordinator asked me if I wanted to work the following night at the East Coast Music Awards GALA!  I said I would LOVE to!  I didn't get to dress up, but I felt very professional in a white shirt and black pants and I put on some bling, and of course wore my volunteer badge, it kind of made me feel important.

I quickly made friends with a couple other girls that I would be seating artists with.  Taylor, Janna, Sam and I just clicked.  Sam actually had to work at the door but we caught up later in the night.  So, our tasks was to work with greeters and then seat the artists, sponsors, buyers and investors.  It was really crazy to begin with, because there was A LOT of misdirection.  To be completely honest, one of the girls that was telling us what to do was a little bit of a train wreck in my opinion.  One of my favourite parts of the beginning of the evening however, was once the artists started to come in on the 'red carpet' at the far end of the convention centre.  I know that this Gala is nothing compared to larger music awards, but I just kept asking myself "is this my real life?".  IT JUST ALL FELT SO COOL TO BE THERE.  The confusion made for a bit of a frustrating commencement of the night, but as 8pm got closer and closer, we were able to get guests seated.  I also got to do some other tasks, like hand out programs to artists.  I gave one to Lennie Gallant, who is one of my favourite Island artists.  

I was lucky and walked Two Hours Traffic to their seats.  They are so cool and I am happy that they were in attendance, and I was really sad that they didn't win their nomination for 'group of the year'.  It would have been a great way for the band to say good-bye.  Nikki also told me that we would be seat fillers for the night.  I didn't really know how that would work.  When the show started (and I literally mean show, because it was being filmed the entire time by Eastlink TV, and I made a television appearance at the beginning trying to get to my seat), one of the greeters told us to fill seats up anywhere in the artists section....

OKAY, so you mean to tell me, I got into this gala for free, I am already asking myself if this is all really happening, and now you tell me I can sit anywhere I want, amongst East Coast Music Artists???? So Taylor, Janna and I went to find some seats, and I think we were about 8 or 9 rows back from the front.  It was pretty much one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.  The whole gala was so much fun.  The music was incredible!  There was performances by Amelia Curran, Ashley Condon, Dave Gunning, Jimmy Rankin, Kayo!, Megahan Blanchard, Mo Kenney (who is AMAZING), Paper Lions, The Town Heroes, Tim Chaisson and of course my new love DAVID MYLES :)

My auntie Karen, Paul and Matthew were there, and I went to say hi on a 'commercial break'.  Once the show was over, the girls and I figured some things out, and we went to get some food at Wendy's.  Then, Taylor wanted to change her shirt so we went out to one of her friend's house, and then also stopped at my place on the way back into town.  I liked hanging out with these girls, they were so sweet, funny and it was just great that we all got along so quickly.  Janna said something funny later, about how girls can be rude and caddy, so it was great that we could click so quickly!  We got back to the Delta PEI Convention Centre around 11:45 and the 'after party' was just getting started with the crazy French band.  We walked around a bit, and finally DJ Skratch Bastid made his way to the stage and I danced my little heart out until I left around 2:15am.

I had to work at 8am on Monday.  I was getting a little nervous as the girls and I walked through the lobby to leave.  THEN, something crazy happened.  Janna is super outgoing and is not afraid to step out.  She has met David Myles a couple of times, and I raved about him all night and she told me that if we did see him, she would ask if I could get a picture with him.  SO, just as we were leaving, we saw him standing by the doors and I pretty much freaked out, and I was also happy that Janna was with me because if I had have been by myself, I probably wouldn't have done anything about it.  She asked if I could get a picture with him, and he said "sure, of course".  We didn't say much, but he kept squeezing my shoulder, it was the best!  It was the perfect way to end an amazing night, and incredible weekend.

Monday, April 7, 2014

ecmw pt.1

Sometime back in January, once I figured out I didn't have any exams, so my semester would be finished at the beginning of April, I decided I would sign up to volunteer for the East Coast Music Awards that would be coming to Charlottetown.  At the time, I thought it would just be fun to see more of the acts that I see around here every so often like Paper Lions, English Words and Andy Brown.  Little did I know, but I did expect that through this experience, I would be introduced to so many more amazing, and talented artists from around the East Coast.  We really do make the best music.

When I heard back from the volunteer co-ordinator, I found out I was going to be an ambassador.  This was an exciting title but for the most part, we just directed people around the Delta Hotel and PEI Convention Centre.  I went to an orientation a couple weeks ago, and I met some of the other volunteer ambassadors, but it was also great to work with them over my couple shifts of the weekend.

My first shift was on Thursday, April 3rd.  I arrived around 4:30 and went down to the ambassador table.  Like I mentioned, most people just asked where certain rooms were, or what acts were performing on the radio stage that was near-by or how to get to the box office/registration desks ("the box office is through these doors to the left"..."registration is straight through those doors").  Around 5pm, three other ambassadors showed up to work.  There had been some confusion with my shifts early on, so there was four of us there at this point, way more than we needed.  I got sent over to the merchandise table, but it continued to be a slow night.  The Delta hosted "CBC Musical Heroes" this night with performances by Amelia Curran (NL), David Myles (NS), Rose Cousins (NS) and The Barra MacNeills (CB).  I don't know when it exactly started, but I have a new found love in David Myles.  His music is so energetic, romantic & sexy at the same time.  I took a little break to see him perform and watching him made my knees wobble.  I tweeted him after and he favorited my tweet, so I basically felt like I was in heaven.

I left that shift around 10pm and made my way home.  Friday was my first day back to work for my mom's vacation.  I knew I needed sleep, but I took a shower so I wouldn't have to in the morning and made some soup, cause I was really hungry!

Jump to Saturday.  Kayla was home so we hung out in the morning and then she took me to my ambassador shift at 1pm.  The place was pretty busy and there was also lots going on at the other venues all weekend, which I never ended up getting to.  There was just so much to take in!

Jocelyn had texted me the night before to let me know that a guest at the hotel she works at gave her a ticket to the UPS Rock Stage at the Delta PEI Convention Centre.  It looked like a great show, so once I knew my sister had some plans for the evening (I didn't wanna leave her all by herself before she headed back to Nova Scotia!), I bought myself a ticket half-way through my volunteer shift.  Kayla picked me up around 5pm and we went to watch a session of General Conference together.  We made a quick trip to the mall on the way home because I needed to buy a white shirt.  Downtown was crazy for parking, so Amanda offered to drive me down and Kayla would pick me up later.

Jocelyn and I made it there in time to see The Meds (PE), The Town Heroes (NS), Rain Over St. Ambrose (NS), The Tom Fun Orchestra (CB), The Motorleague (NB) and Slowcoaster (CB).  Jocelyn and I share some of the same interests in music, and we realized the other night that we can usually count on each other to go to shows with.  There was complimentary red bull and middle aged men wearing jean on jean combos and dancing to their heart's content.  It made for a fun, rocking night for East Coast Music Week.





thanks for the wonderful night you beautiful lady! 

Loving east coast music week 2014!

what's up april?

So far, so good.  April is a great month in my books.  I always like the spring air and walking in wet grass and puddles in rubber boots.  Today, I think it reached 10 degrees and the sunshine certainly helped melt some of this nasty snow away.  I am ready for it all to be gone and for spring to really start to bloom.  It makes me think of this picture we have hanging up on our wall.

I can't remember when my sister took the picture of the Halifax temple, and I am sure I have put it on my blog before, but it just screams SPRING to me.  This is how spring should look, and maybe I will get lucky enough to see the Temple looking like this in early May.

As I mentioned, Kayla left on an internship to New Glasgow.  She has been having a blast!  She came home on the weekend though to drive the corolla over while Mom and Dad are not here using it.  It was good to have her home, even though it was for a short time.  After I ran some errands Friday night, I came home and took her out to Ice Cream.  The Coldstone Creamery is closing, which is sad because I do really like their unique creamy ice creams.  They didn't have too many topings to choose from, but I went with cake batter ice cream, chocolate drizzle and sprinkles.  It was like eating an ice cream birthday cake.  We obnoxiously laughed as we ate our ice cream and caught up on stories and happenings of our lives.

April also means PEI burger love and the end of second semester.  I feel like I did very well in all my courses, but I sure am happy to be done.  I also always seem to treat myself at the end of the semester, and for this month it will be some burger love and feeding my addiction of easter candy [lindor dark chocolate eggs are so yummy].  I had the Burger Love at East Side Marios with my Dad the day before they left on vacation and it was delicious.  Last year I sent Elder Pinsent the burger love flyer, and I will be doing the same tomorrow.  He loves it, but I feel a little guilty for doing it, I know it will make his mouth water for a good PEI burger.  Mom and Dad are missing out on a lot of it this year too, but they are off having fun on vacation, so all is well.  They are just so cute and they have been so excited for this trip for so long.  I miss them though... I am making my first slow cooker meal, like ever... tomorrow.  So here's hoping it goes well.

April, keep treating me good.