Monday, January 27, 2014

oh my gosh

The past 24 hours have basically been the craziest/weirdest/suckiest ever.  So let's start off from last night shall we?  Well, I took an awesome hot bath to do some recovering from snowboarding.  I added in some Epsom salts, peppermint oil (my bath smelled like candy canes, yeah be jealous) and some coconut bubble bath.  It was heavenly but I find I am only tolerant of a hot bath for a short period of time.  I was in it for about 20 minutes before I felt like I would pass out.  So I got out and put on comfy clothes to watch TV for the rest of the night.  The Bachelor Wedding was on and the Grammys.  So, I really only watched the Wedding because I love Weddings.  I didn't know too much about the couple, so I watched some of the 'Sean and Catherine' moments from their season in the afternoon.  They are cute and happy I suppose.  It was on at the same time of the Grammys though.  This past year has been amazing for music, and if you know me well you know that listening to music is a huge part of who I am.  I could not live without it.  So any ways, I went back and forth watching those with my Mom.  The Wedding was sweet and it did make me really happy.  Their vows were cute, or as Casey said "slightly obsessive/weird" which I found even more hilarious.  Catherine also termed her wedding numerous times as "grown sexy" which is honestly the dumbest thing I have ever heard but so funny at the same time.  The mean girls quote came to mind "Stop trying to make grown sexy happy, it isn't going to happen"... And of course the host of the Bachelor Chris Harrison stating, Sean still has no idea what "grown sexy" is.  Not very many of us probably do...

The Grammys of course were also great, the parts I saw at least.  I was sad that I missed Hunter Hayes first performance of his new song "Invisible", but watching it after still made me super happy and knowing I will listen to him singing it live makes things better too.  T-Swift of course sang amazingly and Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and MADONNA singing Same Love/Open Your Heart with the couples getting married was just amazing.  Oh and one last thing, Beyonce and JayZ are the biggest music power couple of all history.  Just an outstanding night of musical performances.  I love love love love music!

SO today in a nutshell.  I got stuck in a snow bank in my drive way this morning leaving for work.  My brother tried to help me get our but we had no luck.  On the bright side, just before I called my roadside assistance, one of my handy neighbours came home and I knew he would be able to help.  He roped his car to mine and got me out.  I made it to work a little late and it kind of ended up being bad karma for the day.  The kids were pretty wild from the weekend, and none of them really had their listening ears on for me.  It was a little hard and frustrating, but once I left I let the shift there go.  I had to get gas before I went to school so I stopped at a gas station, but my gas door wouldn't open.  I tried the lever in the car a couple times but still nothing.  So I went to school and planned to go the mechanic after to see what could be done.  I got to school and froze walking to the building.  Campus is always so much colder and my eyes were getting stuck together from watering/freezing.  I was happy to get inside the building and I made my way up to the 4th floor.  I was an hour and a half early and I was planning on getting some work done but first I had to use the washroom that was right across from the room my classroom would be in...and there was a sign on the door that said my class was cancelled for today.

So you can tell, at this point I was pretty sad and frustrated.  I know these things are minor inconveniences in most peoples lives but it was just no my day!  So I went into a bathroom stall, and yeah I cried it out.  When I was done I made my way to a lounge and just had a quick bite to eat and checked my e-mail.  I had one from Elder Pinsent, and I quickly e-mailed back right away saying how terrible my day was but that it was good to hear from him, and I heard back from him that he would be praying for me [i love him!].  Then I left the building and walked back to my car, went to the mechanic and the spring came off the gas door so they just bent it up a little so I can still get access to the  gas nozzle.  I went and pumped some gas into my car and bought 4 cow tails (gas stations have the best candy ever).  Then I came home, and yeah I cried a little more after talking to my dad about my day, because I feel bad that he can't really do anything about it and that I miss him.  On the brighter side again, I also heard from another missionary friend in an e-mail.  I was happy to see Mom and Kayla get home, but we didn't have any plans for dinner so I was stuck making Lipton soup and almost made a glass baking pan explode in the process (turned on the wrong burner, cried again)... Now, almost 9pm and I am ready to watch the Bachelor, snuggle with my sister and call it a night.

It has been a long, hard day
and it's only Monday...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

snowboarding take 2

Yesterday I went snowboarding with one of my closest friends Amanda!  We had sooo soo much fun.  To tell the truth though, neither of us really knew what we were doing.  I am sure it was pretty obvious when we didn't even know how to get the rentals all figured out and what size boots were were and such.  I am almost surprised they didn't ask us if it was our first time and suggested the lessons.  Thank goodness because I don't have the money for that.  It also wasn't my first time but it was Amanda's.  I also underestimated how much I would remember from going once two years ago with my friend Philippe.  Just a couple small things like stopping, or turning to fall on my knees.  However for the most part, we mostly stayed on the bunny hill just trying to make our way down straight without falling.  I can do a little work from side to side but still not very well, and I still have some difficulty stopping downhill.  We made our way to the hill just once, but again I am sure we looked like we had no idea what we were doing.  Especially poor Amanda who's bindings got messed up coming down and her foot came out or something like that.  I got a little dizzy after that run too so we went back to the bunny hill and worked on that a couple more time before leaving.  At this point, there was no one else really around so we didn't have to worry about running into people at the bottom of the hill... because it almost happened a couple times earlier in the day...but we won't go there!  Let's just say no one got hurt, NOT even Amanda who is very prone to accidents in various sports.  We should go a couple more times this winter, and part of me that is a little scared that she will get hurt [my accident prone bestie], but we had so much fun.  After our last run down the hill, with neither of us falling, I was out of breath and we called it a day, congratulating ourselves on the great last run and Amanda said "finish while you're ahead".  That's what we did, and hopefully we will do it again some more!  

Saturday, January 25, 2014

the week

Another week, come and gone.  Oh and this one was pretty decent.  The best part of the week was the snow day on Wednesday.  I did a little bit of school work for my other courses but the best thing was finishing my on-line religious studies course.  It was somewhat of a tedious bore, but I was happy that I got all 10 lectures and 10 quizzes done in just two weeks.  The funny part is that 100 people out of the 300 in the course (on-line) have not even bought the e-textbook yet, and I finished it!  Ha, suckers.  I am happy to have it out of the way and now I can focus on my other and more important courses.  I finished a scarf on the snow day too.  A big chunky dark grey one that I knit on a round.  My Momma helped me out with this one because I am still not too good at pearling.  The rows alternated most of the time so I would knit and she would pearl.  I was not 100% happy with the pattern that we followed but I love my scarf.  I also had to use a razor blade on it because it got super fuzzy in the knitting process.  I think I'll have to find a pattern to make a headband to match because I still have some of the yarn.  I also started a pretty burgundy garter stitch scarf.  I just love the colour.  I told Mom I would only make these two, but then the other day when I was at Michaels I saw this pretty mint coloured yarn that I just had to have!  I am going to make it with a pattern that will make it more of a spring-like scarf.  I am excited.  I just love knitting!

I have been pretty good otherwise with not spending too much money.  I have been patting myself on the back for it.  Last night I was suppose to go out to a music show, but then plans fell through.  I was really in the mood to go out though so I dragged Kayla to Target with me so we can poke around and see if there was anything new and exciting.  I figured I would have spent $20 on my night out any ways, so I budgeted myself to only spend that amount or less if there was anything I really liked or wanted.  I picked up a small metal Valentines Day mailbox for a buck, a winter head band [black with white polka dots] for $2.50, a bottle of ginger-ale, a collar for Nala's Birthday this week and some chocolate covered acai and blueberries and it came to just over 16 dollaas!  We came home and watched Monsters' University, because I had only seen it once on Christmas Day.  It is pretty funny and cute, I am glad we own it but I honestly can't see myself watching it too much.  I plan on getting some school work done this morning but then taking the rest of the day off to hang out with friends.  I love the weekend, but I also just love how fast these weeks are going.  Next Saturday will be February!  The sooner this semester is over with, the sooner I can have my summer and then my boy back [because yeah, I am always thinking about that, you know me ;)]

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"who let the dogs out?"

I spend three hours at church every Sunday, and I love it!  Well...most of the time.  Sometimes, I don't always really know what is going on, or it is hard to follow things or I just get plain old bored.  Especially in Sunday School.  We have always had really great instructors but sometimes the topic just gets off the tracks or people ask questions that are unnecessary.  Like today for example, people started to discuss something and putting what "they thought" into it.  I decided in my mind, that what we don't know about the Lord's plan doesn't really hurt us all that much.  As long as we know the fundamentals of the gospel, then I think it is safe to say we are going to be okay.  If we know that Jesus is the Christ, the Book of Mormon is true and that we have a living Prophet on the Earth.  That Families are Forever, the church is restored and we can be with our Heavenly Father again are some of the things that are all I need to know. 

In the midst of some of this question asking, I just exclaimed to my sister quietly "this is why I don't like coming to Sunday School sometimes".  Our friend, Brother Ceron heard me say this and responded in a whisper to all of the questions that were being thrown around "but...who let the dogs out?".  It made me burst out laughing.  We just need to know a number of things, because I do know for sure some things are far beyond our comprehension for this Earth, but someday when all things are revealed unto us, we will understand.  



school & crafts.  that's about all I have been doing the past couple of days.  I only have two more lecture videos and tests for an online course, so I am looking forward to wrapping that up this week.  My weeks will get busier and busier as the semester really starts up, but I am glad I have other things to do like crafting, knitting or just hanging out at home.  I love that Valentines Day is around the corner.  I am happy that it will be my last year as a 'single' lady.  Next year will be great ;)

Our water was off yesterday so that sucked a little bit.  I was stuck in a greasy and sweaty, nasty state for most of the day until a plumber came and fixed everything up around dinner time.  I waited for the hot water to be running again and I took a shower and it was glorious.  Yesterday was also kind of a weird day because of it, I just stayed home all day and did some school work.  Mom and I made a little trip to the dollar-store in the evening to pick up some crafts and other stuff.  She bought some cute new things to take into work and it was nice to see her get so excited about buying just a couple new things for the babies to play with.  She will make a wonderful Grandmama someday!  Oh, and she is still an awesome momma for now, she bought me some new shades.  There will most definitely be a photo shoot with them soon [hey kayla ;)]


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I hope I can go to the Temple soon

“You are NEVER LOST when you can see the temple. The temple will provide direction for you & your family in a world filled with chaos. It is an eternal guidepost which will help you from getting lost in the “mist of darkness.” It is the House of the Lord. It is a place where covenants are made & eternal ordinances are performed… Understanding the eternal nature of the TEMPLE will draw you to your FAMILY; understanding the eternal nature of the FAMILY will draw you to the TEMPLE.” 

[Elder Gary E. Stevenson; “Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples”; April 2009 LDS General Conference] 


Monday, January 13, 2014

jan 13th 2014

TODAY was gorgeous.  I wore my spring jacket and traded in my winter leggings for a pair of my favourite jeans and boots for sneakers.  They even said on the news tonight that we could be seeing a winter thaw over the next few weeks.  I would just love it.  I think spring is my favourite, but then again it is only January 13th tomorrow so I might be getting my hopes up about dressing more like this... but you never know right??? #globalwarming ?


January has not been treating me so well, just with some stress that comes with the beginning of a school semester, but I am still happy and I try my best to find positive things throughout my days.  More than that, I hope YOU are all having a wonderful month, better than mine.  And look at that, it's almost half way through anyways!  Time flies even when you are not having fun I guess....

So what have I done this month then, well I have been buying too many clothes still.  I just can't stop especially when the deals have been sooo good.  I am really looking forward to dressing up for school more this semester as I have a couple of presentations and I should just always look cute as a third year arts student all the time!  I have been on a couple errand outings with Mom & Kayla lately and I just have to stop and take cute pictures of sweet things.  I love that Valentines Day is right around the corner and that I have lots of close friends around me this time of year to celebrate with.  I love loving!  I am also continuing to knit and trying out some baking here and there when I have the time.  I made carrot muffins one night and they didn't turn out so great... so those got thrown out to the birds, but Mom also made some berry muffins that night too and they were delicious!  We also did some grocery shopping together the other night and if felt very womanly.  Us girls, just doing our thing at Superstore.  Sometimes I just think in the back of my mind, people either think I must look really young grocery shopping with my Mom at my age, or they just might think I am a loser.  Either way, doesn't bug me!  I like helping my Momma out, especially if it comes to food.  And like the best Moms, she helps me out as much as she can most of the time.  Like now for instance I should start making some biscuits for a Relief Society Enrichment tomorrow night, and I might need a hand ;)

love my Momma, love my life, love YOU [whoever you are, feel free to say hello]

Thursday, January 9, 2014


sept 2010

4 days in

Can this semester be over already?  Looking like it may be a little more work than I had anticipated.  I am already stressed, but there is nothing I can even do yet.  I'm stressed, but I am also positive.  I've been here before, I've done this before and I can do it again.  I have some great resources to help me out and great blessings in my life to have as constant companions.  I also know I will reap the rewards if I just keep moving forward and get another semester under my belt.

wish me luck, and pray for me

Monday, January 6, 2014

gelato in January

2014 has been good to me so far, but we are only one week in and today I start school again wah, wah wah.   BUT, I have hopes that this semester will go smoothly even though my courses are giving me mixed signals.  I can't really tell if it is going to be a hard semester or not, I suppose I will really just have to wait and see.  It was hard to wake up this morning with my Mom, sister and brother gone to school and work.  I felt pretty lonely in my house.  My sister reminded me that Nala was there too, but she feels so far away when I am laying in bed, trying to decide when to get up and ready for the day.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, my class doesn't start until 3:00 and until the semester really picks up, or work calls me, I will most likely be at home by myself.  It is nice though.  I can take my time getting ready, and eat what I want [sorry Bryan, I ate a piece of your pizza] and just enjoy the quiet.  I should be heading off to school soon though so I can get some money for old textbooks and look into buying my new ones.  I'm happy today isn't as freezing cold as the past week has been.  I have to put air in my tires though and it is somewhat rainy and windy out there so we will see how that goes over [probably won't happen...].  I mean, I hope we will see a couple more snow days this semester and I hope they come at exactly the right time, say like the day something is due... that could be great.  I was also happy to take a little trip to Moncton yesterday with Mom and Kayla.  We visited my Grandma and she was having a pretty good day.  Kayla and I took down her Christmas ornaments, and luckily I didn't break anything [I broke two of ours the day before].  We made a quick stop at the mall to have some afternoon lunch and Kayla and I shopped at H&M [Charlottetown needs one asap!!].  On our way out, I had to try the new Gelato place.  I just loved the cheesecake gelato and blackberry sorbet.  And no big deal that it is the middle of the winter, I just had to have it.  It wasn't toooo cold yesterday so that was a bonus too.  I even ate it on the walk to the car.  

Now, 2nd semester of third year.  Get at me.  Oh and no one in my class better be wearing a chambray shirt today or I might burn all three of mine.  Don't wanna be matchy matchy with anyone today.  Not in the mood for awkward stares.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

this is the new year


I love you 2014, and it has only been two days.  I just have good feelings and good vibes about this year.  It's gonna be a good one for sure.

Yesterday I went to see 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' with Kayla and Megan.  It was pretty good and cute, a little corny at times but good none the less.  We had some movie money for Christmas [thanks Jason & Sandi] so it's not like I really had to pay for it.  It was also pretty random to have popcorn for lunch, but it was delicious.  There was one part that I really liked in the movie though, a photographer stops and decides not to take a photo of something really great because he would have rather been in the moment himself.  I liked it, and it reminded me that I don't need to take pictures of everything, all the time [not that I do, but I just need to be careful].  I hope if I am really in the moment, I won't ruin it by trying to document it, because hopefully, if it is a good enough moment, I'll remember it forever anyways.

Yesterday was really cold.  So was today.  But after coming home from the movies yesterday, it was all laziness up until this point.  I have been productive though.  I finished knitting this headband.  I am super happy and excited about it.  Mom has also knitted me two and I knit a scarf.  I plan on knitting one or two more scarves and maybe another headband, and I am hoping to knit my Elder a tie.  So we'll see how it goes.  I've also been watching lots of movies at home.  Some more are on TV tonight too, so I already see myself snuggled up on the couch between Mom and Kayla, starting some more knitting and watching a good movie.  

I am getting a little nervous about going back to school.  I think my course load may end up being a little busier than I had anticipated, but maybe not.  It's all up in the air right now and I think that is what is worrying me most.  So I will just have to be patient, get all my course outlines and see how the semester is going to be.  I pray it will be smooth sailing.  I know I have such a great group of friends and support, so even if there are hard times ahead, I know where I will be able to find peace, comfort and fun!  Oh, and I have this fantastic boy, and even though he is far away his sweet words and letters of encouragement are always a joy.  I got a letter a couple days ago, and didn't open it until tonight and he told me;;; 
"I miss the way your hair smells after you shower.  I miss you falling asleep on my chest during movies" 

It was perfection.  It was the simplest things that I have needed to hear from him for awhile now.  The countdown is surely on, but we are trying are best to continue making the days count.