Friday, February 28, 2014

peace out February

Wow, so February is almost over.  I like that it went by so fast but now that means I only have just over a month left of school and so much work left to be done!  I am optimistic that it will all get done in due time, but I am more than ready to finish up this semester.  It has been such a great learning experience!  I have also been working at least once a week as casual which has helped out a lot.  I hope I can work a lot more once I am done classes too.  I need to save save save money.  My trip to Halifax was great, but it was not really as budgeted as it should have been.  I should save a little bit extra once I start working more for some long-term goals and commitments that are ahead.

February was a great month though.  I think the most exciting thing was the birth of little Cecelia Kate.  The whole Pinsent/Persson family is super excited to have her.  I am happy that I will get to watch her grow over the years.  February was also great for school and snow.  We got a lot of snow... Like I said, school is great and I could not be happier with my courses and even my assignments.  I got a 94% on my sociological midterm paper.  Just one more to write and then I am done of Sociological Theory Forever!  I am pretty excited about it.  It has been a challenging, but insightful course.  I spent a lot of time at home this month which has been nice.  I did go out for a pubcrawl earlier in the month, and I saw a movie with Casey over the winter break called 'Endless Love'.  Kayla and I make some stops here and there during the week and we always manage to have fun wherever we are.  There was a night during my winter break when we were home and we were just laughing so much, and I can't even remember what we were laughing at.  I just love spending time with her and I will miss her a lot when she leaves on her Intership in New Glasgow later in March!

I got to go some volunteer work in the month of February which was great and I look forward to doing some more whenever I can.  I really enjoy helping out in various ways.  I have also been able to attend Institute each week and I have continued to knit.  I finished a scarf and I started another one, but it didn't work out very well the first time so I have started it again and maybe I'll be done sooner rather than later.  I hope it starts to get warmer in the month of March.  I love spring, when everything starts to feel fresh and new.  The cold is starting to make me very sad.  I don't mind the snow so much any more but I will be happy when it is gone.  I hope I can get out snowboarding one more time.  It was a lot of fun in January with Amanda, so if we could get out one more time maybe I will be good enough to go with Haig sometime when he gets home!

So on a last note, I miss that boy a lot.  My heart just races at the fact that he will be home in about 6 months.  It is such a bittersweet concept at this point because he loves his mission so much, but we are ready to have him home.  He is doing really well though and he just loves doing the Lord's work.  He loves Duluth, Minnesota and all that he has been able to do there.  I don't get to see him or hear from him every day, but I know that every day he grows and that he accomplishes great things.   I just miss him, and I am ready to have him home but I will love the fact that he will complete a two year mission and Return with Honour in September.  He is so wonderful like that.  

What a sweet month-

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday in Cole Harbour

My last full day in Cole Harbour was Sunday.  We got up and ready for church which luckily didn't start until 11:30 so we got to watch most of the Gold Medal Hockey Game.  I just love that Canada takes over in Hockey.  I am proud to be Canadian and watched both Men's and Women's' teams take home gold.  We went to church,  During sacrament meeting I read some scriptures as I was somewhat dazing off during the talks.  After that meeting, I just spent some time in the halls during Sunday School and then I went to Relief Society with Granny.  After church, the kids and I went home and we all snacked on pretzels with cream cheese and hot dogs.  After that and an unfortunate series of events, the girls and I made our way to Rainbow Haven for a walk.  It was a lovely afternoon.  I was in Nova Scotia the end of last March and now this year, just a month before the weather was no different!  It was a little colder by the water, but I was happy none-the-less.  We did bundle up so we wouldn't get too cold, and I felt just right in what I had worn.  I wish the sneakers I had tucked away in my trunk were not wet [not sure how that happened], because it was not easy to walk on the rocks in ugg boots.  It was a lovely little walk and the perfect way to spend the afternoon and the last bit of my time there.  We went home and made breakfast for dinner.  I made cinnamon French toast for the first time and it was pretty yummy!  In the evening, we mostly did our own thing.  I spent some time texting some friends while Emma and Hannah watched a movie, Victoria was on the phone and Luke was playing a game on his iPod.  Over the weekend, I missed the rest of the family a lot.  As a group of them were celebrating the birth of baby Cecelia out West, we were home and didn't hear too much from them.  I also missed Haig a lot as mentioned.  I remember one moment in particular when I just sat on the bathroom floor for a couple minutes just thinking about everything that has happened over the past 18 months. In those moments however, I was so grateful for this wonderful family in my life that I have come to know even better and love even more without Haig here.  I only saw Mom and Dad for a little bit when we were up and getting ready for school on Monday morning.  I had to leave early too because it was suppose to start to snow on my drive home [it never did].  I know they had a lovely trip and I could just see how much they love being Grandparents!  I had a nice drive home even though I couldn't do any singing because Nova Scotia made me sick for the like 3rd time.  Nova Scotia air/weather don't hate me so much because I love you a lot!

until next time,
XO, Lyssa      

Monday, February 24, 2014

saturday! saturday, saturday!

Saturday the 22nd was a wonderful day!  We spent the morning being a little lazy and taking our time to get ready.  The girls really needed it though it had been a long week and everyone was really missing Mom and Dad at this point.  We had planned on going Prom dress shopping in the afternoon.  I can't believe Victoria is graduating this year!  It has been so fun to watch my lovely ladies [Rachel, Kayla, Victoria] grow up and go to Prom and all that jazz.  They are all so beautiful too!  I was happy to be a part of this first time trying on dresses.  By the end of the afternoon I knew Victoria was feeling super pretty and happy that she got to play "dress up" for part of the day.  She also found some strong contenders for her Prom in June.  Her boyfriend Eli will help her out with the final decision, and I know he will pick a great one!  I love these girls and I had a blast driving around the Halifax Regional Municipality with them.  Yeah, that's right.  We were just about all over.  We started at a store in Dartmouth, 'Always and Forever', and then got lost on the way looking for one in Downtown Dartmouth.  So while we were 'lost' [well, we were not really lost, but we were heading towards Sackville at this point] and I remembered a store I had seen listed that was in Lower Sackville.  After a stop and some google maps, we found 'Alyssa's Formals' [oh, hey what a great name again!].  From there, we planned on finding our way home and getting lost again somewhat on the way.  However, this time we ended up right where we wanted to be!  We found the spot in Downtown Dartmouth, Karma Design, that we had been looking for!  We spotted it and decided to take some photos by the bridge and then go back (I will admit, I almost didn't want to go back but I am glad we did).  Victoria had the most luck there so hopefully they can go back soon and make the final decision!

When we got home, Jared came over to hang out with us.  It is so nice to have him back.  He is like a big brother to me and it was great to have him around.  Hannah was just over the moon with him around and they had a lot of fun.  We made some dinner and ate before going to the mall.  Originally, it was not the plan for all of us to go to the mall, but Jared decided to tag along and keep Hannah company!  It was so sweet of him.  We did a little bit of looking around.  Forever 21 opened in the Mic Mac Mall, and it was nice to look but there was so much stuff I didn't bother looking into shopping all the much.  I did spend some more time in the accessories and bought a chunky gold chained necklace.  We snacked on some Timbits and Orange Julius smoothies before heading home.  Jared, Hannah, Luke and I watched Hunger Games and then I drove Jared home.  He's such a great guy and it sure is wonderful to have him home.  He was such a great missionary and although I know he is missing it a lot, there are some great opportunities in store for him!

cole harbour, temple, friends & family

I left home Thursday the 20th around 1pm.  It had been snowy in the morning and I was pretty hesitant about being on the roads, but according to all of the highway webcams that I checked, I was in for a safe trip.  I did have a little scare driving into the toll section in Nova Scotia.  I was passing a truck close to the toll booths and I could not see the lane very well when I had decided to pass the truck.  When I was mid-way past the truck, there was a large patch of snow that I had to drive through which was a little scary.  I don't think Ella the Echo liked it too much but we made it into Cole Harbour around 4:30 safe and sound.  I was so happy to drive into down!  I get to drive right up the hill that the Temple is on.  I was also happy seeing the temple knowing I would go inside the next day!

All of the Pinsent kids were happy to see me and we relaxed for most of the night.  Some of the kids had been out, but later in the evening Victoria, Hannah and I went to get some doughnuts from Tim Hortons.  It may be a little new tradition that we have, getting doughnuts when I'm around.  When I am home I just never think of going to Tim Hortons for one.  We also got some Hot Chocolate, because it is Roll up the Rim!  [as a side note, we had 4/8 wins all weekend!].  I won a game of cheat!  We read scriptures before we went to bed so that the kids could be up for school early.  I was kind of a little Mom for the weekend.  It was fun and I just love these kiddies!

Friday was kind of a funny day because I didn't know what to do!  I got up and helped the kids get a little ready for school.  By the time Victoria and Emma were getting ready though I had fell back asleep.  When I did wake up, I decided to just lounge around and I read some talks in some ensign magazines.  I decided that I would go out and do something in the afternoon I just wasn't sure as to what, and then Granny [Nichla's mom] called to take me to lunch!  It was so sweet of her.  She said she was looking to get out of the house too.  She came and picked me up and drove us down to Eastern Passage.  I had fish and chips and she had fish cakes and beans.  It was so nice to talk with her and get to know her better.  She is the sweetest lady!  We also saw a big moose and Granny said cheese for a selfie.  She's cute!

After lunch we took a longer drive home and again, it was just so nice to talk to her and hear stories about some wonderful things she has experienced.  She is an amazing lady.  She dropped me off at home, and again I just puttered around getting a couple things cleaned around the house.  Before the kids got home, I decided to be lazy again and just watch some of the Olympics in bed.  When the kids got home from school we started some dinner and then I got ready to go to Institute and the Temple.  From there, it was a lovely evening.  Institute was good, Brother Cartier teachers and he is so much fun! I really enjoyed when he was in Charlottetown to teach us a couple of weeks ago.  After Institute, a group of us went over to the Temple to do baptisms/confirmations.  I loved being in the Temple and I felt the spirit so strongly when I was there!  I can feel that there are changes ahead in my life, so it was nice to feel the peace and comfort that I did when I was in the Lord's house.  By the end of the night, there was just myself and two other girls getting ready to leave the Temple.  I knew both of them from previous times I have been in Halifax.  It was nice to spend some time with them getting to know them a little better.  The best thing about them, is that they have pretty great names!  They are so sweet.  Alissa is getting married really soon and I am super happy for her!  I also admire Alyssa's pink streak, I have wanted to do it for so long but I have been too scared to!  She has inspired me a little bit but I still don't think I am bold enough to do it.  I am glad she is though!

Alyssa Tegge, Alyssa Fraser and Alissa Harker!  [three 'al(y)(i)ssa amigos!]


Thursday, February 20, 2014

HOME in Nova Scotia

Here I am, in Nova Scotia for the weekend with the Pinsent kids.  I was so excited driving over here.  I have been away from them for too long. Once I got here I suddenly felt like I was home. It was the greatest feeling. Of course, what comes along with it is the absence of my best friend, their older brother.  Regardless, my love grows more and more for these kids every minute I spend with them.  
It was funny leaving today too, with the weather acting all funny and a stressful feeling coming over me about school.  I said a prayer in my driveway and I felt more calm and I felt like someone was thinking about me.  When I got on the roads, which ended up being pretty decent and cleared up, all of the anxieties I had drifted away.  
Now, I get to spend the weekend with Four Wonderful, Beautiful Kids.  It is going to be so much fun! 
XO, Lyss

Monday, February 17, 2014

"I'm Letting My Wife Go"

I’m Letting My Wife Go

I’m sure it may come as a shock to some people, but I let my wife go. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but it was the right thing for the both of us.

No, we’re not getting a divorce and no, we’re not separating. Truth be told, the practice of “letting go” has actually brought us closer together. But in order to understand what I mean by “letting go,” you must first understand that Kim and I are two very different people.
In fact, the differences between us were Kim’s primary concern with us getting married. “Seth, a fish may love a bird,” she said. “But where would they live?”
I smiled at the comparison because it’s fairly accurate.
Kim and I are incredibly different people. She’s the oldest in her family; I’m the youngest in mine. She’s very responsible; I’m…very much not. She loves the city; I prefer the country. She loves healthy food; I love junk food. She enjoys school; I despise school. She wants to watch British dramas; I’d rather watch comedies. She loves to sing and dance; I’d rather not. She prefers flying; I prefer driving. She loves to be with people, and I’d prefer to be alone. Kim is a driven, career-minded, goal-oriented woman, while I, on the other hand, am a laid-back fellow who prefers gardening and writing over anything else.
To put it simply, Kim is an extrovert while I am an introvert. Frankly, it sometimes amazes me that Kim and I even metlet alone got married!
But after knowing Kim for ten years, I knew that I simply couldn’t live without her.
Despite their many differences, the fish loved the bird and the bird loved the fish.
So we put our faith in that love and did the only thing a fish and a bird could do: we got married and built a bird bath.
The bird bath is a symbol for our middle ground—the place where we come together—but it’s also the place from which we feel comfortable to let each other go. To “let go” of someone is to love them enough to let them fly or swim away (or to be themselves) and yet trust that they will always come back.
For if we truly love each other, we have to be willing to “let each other go” to become the best versions of ourselves. Kim encourages me to keep swimming (develop my talents), and I encourage her to fly higher (chase her dreams).
Abusive, one-sided relationships are heartbreaking to me. How can we claim to love someone and then try to limit that person’s identity? Marriage is a union, to be sure, but it’s a union that should liberate, not incarcerate. Real love shouldn’t limit a person’s potential, it should expand it.
Real love tells me to let Kim fly and trust that she’ll always come back. I have to let her go so she can chase her dreams, pursue her education, and develop her talents. Additionally, I have to let go of my fears that she might fly away and never come back. If the fish were to clip the bird’s wings, he would risk trimming her dreams and smothering her altogether.
That being said, I wish I could say that I’m perfect at letting my wife fly. But I’m not. In the end, we’re still two very different people. I have some deeply rooted insecurities, and we’ve had to learn to navigate each other’s personalities.
But while I certainly can’t tell you that I’m perfect, I can tell you that every time I’ve encouraged Kim to fly she loves me all the more for supporting her and having the faith to let her go.
So, if you truly love someone, have the faith to “let them go.” Encourage them to be the fullest measure of themselves, and you will be overwhelmed by the love that your spouse returns to you.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

introducing: Cecelia Kate Persson

photo from Katherine, February 9th 2014, "Hi friends and family. Look what we did yesterday."

Cecelia Kate Persson 
born: February 8th 2014

basically my newest, cutest little friend.  
Good job Katherine and Eric, you two make a cute baby.
She is just so so so so so so cute.
It probably won't be for awhile, but I am looking forward to meeting her!

I have been so happy to celebrate this joyous event with the Pinsent/Persson families.  This is Haig and Nichla's first grandbaby.  My Haig, Rachel, Victoria, Emma, Luke and Hannah have all become uncles and aunties to this sweet little lady.  Elder Pinsent was so happy.  He was beyond words, literally.  He said in his e-mail to me on the 10th... 

"Dear Alyssa,
Katherine has a baby.......................
Don't know what to do with myself right now.....................
So, so happy.......................
*sigh* life has been so good to us these days. 

Ahh, he is just so sweet.  I know all the kids are super happy.  Katherine tells me Cecelia is a happy and mellow baby.  Laura called me after she met her for the first time and told me she is just darling.  I am happy she is healthy and that she is finally here in the world with us.  I am looking forward to heading over to Nova Scotia to watch and spend some time with Victoria, Emma, Luke and Hannah this weekend as Dad Pinsent heads out west to meet her.

Did I mention she is pretty darn cute?  I think I did, but I will just throw it out there again.

A couple of things I want to remember

In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:
  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’

When all is said and done, people will remember you, and call you, for what they've heard or seen you do in your life, but ultimately, you're the only one who truly knows the intent behind your actions and the purpose of your life. Be at peace with yourself.

fab 5

5 fabulous things about the past week or so!
I bought bright pink stockings at Joe Fresh, they were only like a buck after Christmas.  I like them a lot but they were a little hard to match up with something to wear to church.  I went with my black floral dress that I love.  The pinks were not quite the same, but it did the trick.  It made the lighter pinks in the dress stand out a little more.  I also regret not taking a picture of my entire outfit, after I got over 20 likes on a picture of my legs! hehehe

I finished another scarf!  This time a smaller cowl in burgundy.  I bought two balls of it but I only used 100g so I took the other one back and exchanged it for a rose coral.  I'll make another one soon!  It was a super easy pattern at that.  Only 26 stitches and work it garter stitch until it measures 110cm and sew the ends together.

On Valentines Day night, I ate an Oreo Ice Cream sandwich in less than 2 minutes. It was sooo good and rich at the time, but then I felt like garbage after.  Oh, and real oreo cookies are milk are a trillion times better!  

I got my 2013 blog book as well as a letter from Elder Pinsent in the mail on Wednesday.  I love great mail days.  I am happy with the over-all results of my blog book.  Sadly, but funny enough my sister found some misspelled words.  Guess I should do a better job proof reading next year.  Some of my pictures were also a little blurry, although they had not given me any resolution warnings on them.  I was surprised especially since some had been taking with my sisters Rebel.  Nonetheless, I am happy with my [giant] 2013 blog book and that I have it as my memory of 2013.

Last but not least, one of my favourite artists Andy Brown posted this picture and caption on Valentines Day.  He is a sweetheart and I look forward to hearing his new music and seeing him live in a couple months!  He's great to look at too :) :) :)