Monday, July 3, 2017

happy CANADA day

Happy Birthday Canada! You don't look a day over 150.

Canada Day was so fun this year! Our good friend Maia and her two little girls Georgia and Ruby came over for the weekend. They arrived on Friday afternoon and we hung out at my apartment and then I took them to my parents place where they would be sleeping. Poor Haig had to work most of the weekend and missed out on some fun. On Saturday, I took the girls to the butterfly house in the morning and it was so fun! It was also free admission because a lot of the butterflies had not come out of their cocoons yet. On our way back into town we stopped at Milton Hall for a BBQ lunch. The girls had lots of fun listening to music and playing on the bouncy castle. They had so much fun that in the afternoon we had to stay home to hang out because everyone needed some rest! Later in the evening, we ordered some pizza and hung out with as families. Haig, Maia and I went for a drive and it was nice to catch up and chat. 

On Sunday afternoon we went to the tall ships downtown Charlottetown. They were really cool to see! I am so glad we went down to look. We almost didn't go. We decided not to go on any ships because we didn't have a lot of time. It was fun to look and take some good pictures. Thanks for playing photographer Maia. We hope to see her and her girls again very soon!

Friday, June 30, 2017

"Goodnight Alberta"

We found the book "Goodnight Canada" just a few days ago, and just in time for Canada Day. We already own "Good morning Canada", thanks to Grandma. They are sweet books and I hope our little boy will learn lots about this wonderful country in years to come. I got a little sad reading this to him on the night we bought it when we came to the page "Goodnight Alberta". We miss our family in Alberta so much, especially Auntie Kayla. We love her so much and think about her all the time. She is working so hard for her little family and we are so proud of everything that she does to support herself and her husband! Alberta is being pretty good to her and that makes us happy but we do sure miss her.  

Monday, June 26, 2017

summer 2017 with my baby

My heart has so much love for this little boy. He fills my soul with joy. We are both learning so much every single day. This summer is going to be one for the books. I get to spend so much time with my little Haig, making him happy and watching him grow. I can hardly believe he is already six months old. I can remember those first few days of his life so well. We were so worried about how long we were in the hospital, and concerned with his growth and development. Look at him now! He is a beautiful and healthy little boy. I just love when he meets new people and he always smiles at them. He is a social baby and has become very talkative. I have to apologize that my blog as become centered around the life of this little boy, but honestly I just don't know what else to talk about! He is my all day everyday, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

thanks for the amazing photos daddy Haig ;)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flying Haig

okay where did my baby go? He looks HUGE in this picture. Obviously he didn't care about having his picture taken after church. 
He just wanted to go inside and have some booby for lunch. Nursing has been going so well. I love this new nursing dress from pinkblush !

Family selfies are hard these days. Maybe they will get easier when the little guy can sit up on his own. 
Or maybe that will make things harder once he is on the move. He looks so unimpressed! 
Get this camera out of my face you guys! 

Okay, now there is a happy boy, and a happy dad too. Haig Arthur loves being thrown up in the air. His new hashtag is #flyinghaig 

One of Haig's cousin's said this reminded her of her Uncle Haig throwing babies up in the air. Just keeping up with tradition.

Oh he just loves his daddy so much and looking relieved to be all finished with pictures for another day! 

Friday, June 23, 2017

JUNE: 6 months

June 23rd 2017
Book of the Month: Papa Please Get the Moon for Me
by Eric Carle
Haig is six months old. 
A very happy, sweet and chatty little boy
Celebrated Fathers' Day and Dad's 25th Birthday
Rolling from back to belly
Went to the swimming pool two times in June
Waking up for just one feeding during the night
Grandma is his favorite baby-sitter
Wearing size 9 and 12 month clothing
Love going on walks with our friends, especially little Alice.
Excited for Auntie Victoria and Uncle Eli to get married next month 
(and for my new cousin to play with in November!) 

Monday, June 19, 2017

special present

Haig was gifted the most beautiful quilt from a family we love who now live in Utah, the Howards. They moved back to Utah last fall when I was pregnant. Before they left, they gave us the book "goodnight moon", which has become one of our favorites. They were back visiting for the month of June and they gave us this beautiful quilt. I am pretty sure Katie's mother made it and I just love it so much. It is so beautiful and looks so wonderful in Haig's monochrome nursery. It is the perfect pop of colour! I love that this family was still thinking about this sweet little boy months after his birth. We are grateful for their friendship in our lives, even from far distances!