Saturday, January 29, 2011


               When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me   fatter... shoes always fit. 
                                                               -Rose Feller, 'In her shoes'

Come on girls, isn't this statement just a little too true?  Not that I was feeling bad today, life has been pretty good lately.  Yesterday I worked and then ran some errands with mom.  While at Wal-mart, I saw 'She's the Man' for $5, so that is what I did last night.  Today, I slept in and it was glorious.  After lunch, mom and I went to the mall, and that is when I bought these puppies...

except mine are grey...
On Sale at Aldo?  How could I say no?  Then to top it off, new jeans from Garage for $10?  Have I mentioned that I love my weekend?
I do not own a lot of shoes.  My mother, Kayla and probably Haig won't agree with this... But I really do not own as much as some other girls probably would.  I have my basics; Reebok sneakers for work, black wedges for church, black flats, American Eagle Clogs and Green Converse.  But I also have a couple of extras; gold flats, yellow Reebok high tops, short ugg boots and gladiator sandals.  I have a couple more extras that are summer shoes and other dress up shoes.  Some people think because I work in a shoe store, I must have a lot of shoes as well.  Well no, I do wear sneakers everyday and even if I did, I would not wear just Reebok sneaks.  And rockport... please... since I have started working there, there has only been a couple pairs of shoes that I would actually consider buying.  But I must say, shoes are the bomb. So next time you arnt feeling so great and just feel like spending a little money... Shoes are always a good investment and they make your feet happy!
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scratch that...

Reebok is closing for the day! Which means I don't have to go to work... this should happen more often :)

A night with Casey

On Tuesday night, I went to a Holland College Awards Banquet with my best friend Casey.  Herself and other students at the college were being awarded bursaries and scholarships, and she had a couple of extra invitations.  So I joined her for the evening.  It reminded me a lot of Graduation; people getting up to get their awards, clapping... ect.  But it was a nice time and I was glad I got to hang out with Casey.  After the awards ceremony and some finger foods, we proceeded to hang out around the school and take foolish pictures.  I'm glad for this gal in my life, she most definitely rocks my socks.

Today is stormy, but I will most likely still have to go to work.  Lame.
But, this week is almost over, so its all good!
XO, Lyssa

Monday, January 24, 2011

a little moment in my life...

This is one of those moments in life that I will never forget.  It is one of those moments that I will always be happy that I took a chance and I loved it.  While in Paris last March, we had some free time before we going up the Eiffel Tower.  I don't remember what triggered it exactly, but we saw a Merry-Go Round.  It looked abandoned and no one was on it.  We walked over and realized it was open and it was only 2 Euros to ride.  We were in Paris, across the street from the Eiffel Tower, Why the heck not go for a ride?

I am so thankful for little moments like this in life and I am thankful whenever I look back on these little moments they put a big smile across my face :)
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bunny Love

Other than having work off this Saturday, this weekend has been Lame.  But, my highlight of the weekend has been a purchase of $13.86.

I have secretly always wanted one of these animal hats.  On Saturday Mom, Kayla and I went downtown for the day.  We had a lovely breakfast at Cora's followed by Kayla and I ditching mom (she had to go to a work function) and going to the mall.  Kayla found a cute jacket at Eclipse for 20 bucks and I found this hat at Island Beach Co.   It was on for 40%, how could I say no?  The rest of the weekend has been pretty chill otherwise and now that it is over, I am back to a week full of work.  I am hopeful that this week will go by quick.  This weekend my friend Emily Mallett is coming home for the weekend so I am excited about that!  And with each week down, I get closer to seeing my man which I am also very excited about!
Here is hoping for a good week!
XO, Lyssa

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stormy night

Another week down!  This week has been good for the most part.  Except for right now... I am not a big fan of winter.  I love Christmas, and sledding and the snow sometimes, but the storms? No thank you!  I am just hoping the power doesn't go out tonight.  I worked from 1-6 today and then came home and had pizza that my Mom had brought home from Little Christo's.  It was delicious.  After I ate, I cleaned up and had a little bit of a work out session.  Now when I work out, it is pretty sad, which is why it does not happen too often.  It usually just ends up being a dance party with some sit-ups, push-ups and other work out moves.  But, I do feel happy now.  I would love to just take a really long run, but as mentioned, I am not a big winter lover so running outside this time of year is not gonna happen for me.
This weekend I have nothing planned.  Tomorrow is my first Saturday off in awhile so I think it will be spent relaxing.  We will see!

Last night while I was at Micheals buying some craft stuff, I came across this bling bling and thought it would look super cute on a headband.  And it does!

I am now off to watch 'Eat, Pray, Love'. 
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mellow Yellow+99 Red Balloons

Today has been pretty Meh.  Yes Meh with a capital 'M'.  I worked from 1-6, it was painful.  Basically I got payed to sit down and text.  How awesome/slack/boring is that?  Oh well, I have a job so I guess I shouldn't complain.  I came home to a wonderful dinner of chicken, rice and cooked broccoli.  Can you say Yummay in my Tummay? It was delicious.  My parents had gone out so after I was finished eating my dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen with Kayla.  I simply adore my little sister.  She is my best friend.  She makes me feel foolish and she is always there when I need a hug.  I then got changed out of my work clothes and put on a new awesome shirt that I bought last night at Garage for 8 bucks... It is bright yellow and I love it.  It is just a plain tee so it will look great with everything!

While I texted my friend Jessica Ford today at work, she told me that herself and her cousin are going to do a photoshoot soon.  She told me that they are going to wear Red Converse, then I had a brillant idea, they should use Red Balloons in their photoshoot.  When I got home this evening I started to think about the idea of 99 red balloons.  So, Haig Pinsent... I want 99 Red Balloons for Valentines Day.

It is time for a skype date with my love, Hope ya'lls are having a wonderful week!
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunshine in my soul

Megan slept over last night. It was awesome.  We watched Letters to Juliet and we chatted away and had some major girl talk.

Church was good today as usual, but today I came home happier than usual.

I hung out with my new friend Jude in nursery today.

 We had lasanga for dinner.

YSA Family Home evening was a blast... If you have never played Apples to Apples, you may not have a life...

My boyfriend is awaiting a phone call from me :)

There is sunshine in my soul today.

Friday, January 14, 2011

At the close of the week

Friday, finally.  Wait what am I talking about?  Fridays do not really apply to me in the whole TGIF way.  Because I am not in school and all I do is work, everyday is usually the same.  Fridays are still nice though because I know that I have made it through another week, and it gives me hope that I will make it through the weeks to come.  This week has been alright regardless.  Wednesday night my sign language class got cancelled because of the weather so that was a downer.  Yesterday was my day off, and I did hardly anything all day, which was nice.  I did however make dinner all by myself.  I am not a cook, but I am trying because I want to be able to have good cooking skills for my future home.  Last night for dinner i made a Tater Tots Casserole.  It was really easy and it was delish.

*does not look as appetizing as it me, its good!

Last night Mom and I did our visiting teaching for this month.  So happy that we got it done early this month and now I dont have to worry about it!  Now I can worry about other things... like money and school... woo!
Today- Work from 1-6 and then home to spend the night in with Kayla.

XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happiness is...

+ getting my lulu lemon pants in the mail
+ buying cupcake scented bubble bath from lasenza for $3.13 each!
+ buying a vanilla cupcake scented candle to go with it :)
+getting magazines!
+ being very excited for my sign language class tomorrow
+Just having a darn good week

XO, Lyssa

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 12 Ties of Christmas Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to give her pre-mission boyfriend a really nice Christmas gift. 

So the girl ordered a nice mini hymn book and a missionary quote book off of the church website.  She knew that she also wanted to get him some ties, because on his mission he would be wearing a tie everyday.  So the girl started to think about the ties.  She finally got the idea to give him 12 ties, representing the 12 ties of Christmas. 

One night in early November, she went to Value Village and only found a few that she liked.  Another night, she found a nice Christmas tie at Walmart.  

To get nine more ties was going to get pretty expensive, but then the girl found out that one of the women that she visit taught had a garbage bag full of ties that she did not want anymore!

There was so many ties and she had some elves (aka her sister and church girls) to help her pick out the rest of the ties.  She bought one more tie, A green one, because Green is the boyfriend's favorite colour!

She wrapped her boyfriend's other Christmas presents, but instead of using ribbon for decor, she used the ties.  She unfortunately did not take pictures of the cutely wrapped gifts.

She gave the boy nine ties on Christmas day.  She gave the boy the other three ties when he came over to her house for New Years and to Celebrate their One year Anniversary.  

And the boyfriend loved the ties, and they lived Happily Ever After.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love at Home

Lately I have been feeling disappointed.  Disappointment because I am only working and not going to school, disappointment because I usually have nothing to do outside of going to work, disappointment because I am not with Haig and most of all, I feel like I am not moving, not getting anywhere with my life.  But, like my post the other day... I have decided that why be disappointed with these things when I can look at the positive instead.  So, I am happy that I am not in school if it is not where I am suppose to be right now.  I am happy that when I come home from work, I have my family to come home too.  My house has been a more fun place these days.  For the past few nights, everyone has actually been at the dinner table while we were eating dinner.  It felt so nice and relaxing to just be with my family.  I cannot say that I am happy that I am not with Haig, because that would be one big fat lie, but I am happy we are working on being patient. If we are going to have to be patient for two years, we had better get use to it now.  Again, I cannot say that I am happy that I am not moving, but I am happy that I am relaxed and just trying to figure things out.   
And again, on to more postive things!

Haig's Parents gave a a gift card for Old Navy for Christmas, and so when Mom and I went there to do some shopping the other night, I saw this bathing suit and I had to have it.  I just adore it and I think it adores me too because I think it looks great on me! ( Well, in my opinion ).  
Casey gave me this ribbon board for Christmas.  I had a little pink one above my pillows, but it was getting pretty full so I got to redesign this one with some new stuff!
Also, today Coleen let me go home early from work so I got to chill in my bed all afternoon :).  Oh and have I mentioned lately that I am loving all this SNOW! ( I just spelt snow in sign language )
That's all for now....
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stoked for Sign

So I really should have posted last night, because at the time I was so much more excited about the subject than I am now.  I am still very excited though.  Today is my day off and it has been spent by showering, watching One Tree Hill and making amazing Poutine for lunch.  So you might ask, what is this thing that I am so excited about right now?  Awhile back, I started to have an interest in learning sign language.  I found the ABC's and numbers online but I didn't get much further than that.  Earlier this month we got a flyer in the mail with the listings for the classes being offered at Community Schools across the Island.  And guess what... The High School that I live closest to was offering Introductory Sign Language!  So after work yesterday I went over to the Rural to register for the class.  We also had our first class last night and it was just the basics, ABC's, numbers and how to introduce yourself.  My Instructor Denise is totally cool and she is a Certified Translator!  I think that is so totally awesome.  I also know how to say Mother, Father, Girl, Boy, Sister, Brother, Bachelor, Great, Fine, Stop, Not bad, Coffee, Milk and Tim Hortons!  I also learned some really cool things about the Deaf Culture here on PEI.  So fancinating!  As for tonight, I am excited to be joining back up with the Grey's Anatomy nights with Nora and Casey.  Just a quick post for now :)


Lyssa :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do I want to become a Pillar of Salt? No thank-you.

This video has just been a total epiphany to me. I watched it more than once so I could really get its full proclamation.

Moral of the Story is, "Don't look back"

My future will be better than my past, I can't go back so I need to live forward in the best way that I can.

People have Power to Change.

I can choose to leave the past behind and move forward.  I have a Saviour that loves me, and that is something that I am excited about.

Move on.
Forgive and Forget.
Live for the Future.

Look Not Behind thee.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Earth to Alyssa

I feel like I don't exist sometimes.  Last night as Haig and I cuddled I told him that after this amazing Christmas break that we have spent together, I feel as though I am the carriage in Cinderella turning into back into a Pumpkin.  My life is going back to work work and more work.  But all this work does mean money money money!  I am very happy to be finally getting out of debt and on my way to saving money.  I am starting to look into some schools for the fall as well.  Today will be the same as most days for the next couple of months... Working and then coming home to my family, to relaxation and One Tree Hill.  Oh and also my amazing boyfriend calling me soon!
Although life has been down in the dumps some days, I have too many wonderful things in my life to be happy about.  So, even though today will be the same for most of the days to come in these next couple of weeks, Today is the start of me trying to stay positive.  Without positivity, nothing changes.

"Affirm the positive, visualize the positive and expect the positive, and your life will change accordingly."

Earth to Alyssa ; Be more Positive!
Happy Tuesday
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

This past weekend had been a strange bliss but I am very happy that it is a new year, a fresh start and a new decade for that matter.  A lot of things have happened in the past year, a lot of good things and a lot of not so good things.  I loved 2010, but now it is time to move to bigger and better things.  I am happy to be starting over, turning over a new leaf.  As for resolutions this year, I dont think I will make any quite yet... simply because I dont know what to resolve first.  We had a wonderful lesson in Relief Society that I have mentioned before on my blog.  It was President Uchtdorf's talk in the last General Conference on focusing our life on the things that matter most.  We need not complicate our life with little things that dont matter and focus on the things that really do.  Today in Relief Society we also got a little jar with papers in it.  Each month we are to pick out a slip of paper and do what is says on it.  This month I am to... *picking out of jar.... Study and Apply The Family, A Proclamation to the World.  I know that as I do this, I can strenghten my family and make my home a better place for everyone in it.
As for the rest of my life right now, it is honestly a mess.  I would love to just leave and start new somewhere because other than a few things here, I dont have a whole lot holding me back.  But I know this is where I need to be right now.  I have a family that loves me, I have a couple of good friends who care about me very much, I have good employment and I now have another calling in church that I need to focus on.  I will be starting to apply to Universities again... Yes! Plural!  As much as I would love to be here with my family, I want to start over somewhere new.  But we will see how things play out.
So, back to the good things of 2010, here you have it.  Happy New Year Blog Readers :)


* That's all for the pictures (Jan-September).. because the rest of them are mostly on here!
XO, Lyssa