Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome Thursday

Right now, I am content.  I am content because the last 24 hours has been pretty decent and the weekend is almost here!  Yesterday I worked a full day, it was alright but I sure was happy to go home at the end of the day.  I was so excited that Laura received the early birthday gift that I sent her and that she was raving all about it.  I felt so honored.  I love doing nice things for my friends, it is just who I am.  Then last night my parents gave me the car to go to the church for Institute and to take Kayla to Young Womens.  I sat with the YWs for a bit while they watched the General Young Womens Broadcast.  Like I mentioned, I watched it on Sunday night.  I sat in the back row, and all of the young women were sitting in the front.  Julianna, Kali, Megan, Stephanie and Kayla.  And then... I felt old.  I have been out of the Young Womens program for about a year now, and as much as I miss it, last night I realized that this is their time.  These girls are so precious and sweet and I am glad that I am friends with all of them, regardless of age differences.  After Institute, Kayla and I made our way home.  Having driven with most of my friends by now, Kayla is by far one of my favorite people to drive with.   From 10pm-11:30, I talked with my favorite boy in the world.  Our telephone conversations sometimes get boring, but last night was great.  I love that boy.
This morning I got up and I did some chores around the house.  I stepped outside to let Nala out and I realized how nice it was.  So i decided to go for a run.  It was nice and I am glad I did.  My legs not like me later for it, but that's too bad.  When I got home, I showered, got myself ready for work and I have just made myself an awesome bagel sandwich.  I am off to eat it before work. 
Today is an Awesome Thursday.  What is making your day awesome?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Boring Day Off

Today was my day off.  I woke up early because I knew a had a lot of cleaning to do.  I started in the kids bathroom, and it surprisingly went really well.  Unlike most people, I don't mind cleaning, but I clean on my own schedule.  I do not particularly liked to be asked to clean something, I would rather just decide myself that it needs to get done and that I do it.  After I was finished cleaning the bathroom, I did some quick cleaning in my room and then I had a phonecall from my visiting teachers.  For those of you who don't know, in my church we have an organization of women called the Relief Society.  As sisters, we meet every sunday during the third hour of our sunday meetings and we have a gospel lesson together.  In the Relief Society, we also have what is called visiting teaching.  Two sisters are set up as companions and they are to visit 2-3 sisters each month to share a message with them and to see how each sister is doing.  Unfortunately, my visiting teachers could not come to my house, but with the awesomeness of today's technology, we had a three-way call instead.  They shared a message with me about how the Relief Society was organized and we also just had some great conversation with one another.  Kate and Amie (the sisters that are currently my visiting teachers) are so sweet and they teach me so much.  I did some more chores at home throughout the day, did some reading, painted my nails (faded violet) and baked a cake.

The cake did not turn out exactly how it was suppose to, but it was still pretty yummy.  It is just a brown sugar cake with a crumbly topping.  I am trying to get better at cooking/baking.  I am not the best at it, but I know that practice will get me somewhere better than where I am at now.  The rest of the week I am a working girl.  Its not a blast, but I am use to it by now.  What I dislike about right now, is the boringness.  So please people, if you know of anything I can do to make my life a little less boring, please let me know.
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Great Sabbath Day

This morning when I walked into the nursery room at church and realized that it was a mess, I did not think that later in the day I would be feeling like this.  I cleaned up the mess of the nursery room and made my way into the chapel for sacrament meeting.  That's when everything changed.  

I have had one of the best days in awhile by far.  Testimony meeting was great as always and I got some great quotes out of a couple people today.  You see, when I go to church, I keep this little book in hand.

I started using this little book in September for Personal Scripture Study, church talks and lessons.  I also have a larger version of the book that I use when I watch General Conferences and other Broadcasts.  But this book over the past couple months had become a constant companion in my gospel life.  I have quotes from many people in my branch and the wonderful things that they come up with ( "Our Church just makes sense" -Cory Grinton).  I have notes written down from when I have attended the singles ward and have felt the spirit with those amazing people.  I have drawings from Pinsent Kids, lessons in Institute and many song lyrics.  I carried on throughout my sabbath day, going to nursery with Jude for the first hour.  He is a lot of fun and I love hanging out with him.  
In Relief Society we had a great lesson on temples.  "I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday".  I just went to the temple recently but I long to go back.  I love the spirit that I feel there and am very excited to participate in other work of the temple when I am able to.
This afternoon, we went out to my cousin's cottage.  Him and his fiance are away, so my Auntie Karen is there looking after the place.  We spent the afternoon with her, chatting, eating and staying warm by the fire.  I'm glad I got to spend the afternoon in good company.
When I got home this evening, I debated what I should do.  I decided that it would be best to watch the General Young Womens Broadcast that was on last night.  I am no longer in the Young Womens Organization, but I have a strong love for it and all it has got me through.  I enjoyed it very much and I am glad I watched it.
So, all of these things may not seem so exciting to you, but I have had a great spiritual sunday.
Now, off to get ready for my week of work, love and sleeep!
XO, Lyssa

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning

Last night we said good-bye to this friend...

The Van.
The Van has been a major part of my family for the past 11 years.  It has been on our roadtrips, trips to Super Saturdays, other Youth activities, trips to the beach... you name it, its probably been there.  We have had some good times in the van, and it was sad to see it go yesterday.  But we've got our new car GiGi, so life is good.
Nothing too exciting planned for this weekend.  Life has not been too exciting lately, but thats okay because I know it should get exciting sooner than later.  You just gotta keep hope that something exciting in your life will happen.  If you don't, there is never anything to look forward to.  So, my advice to you this weekend, is to go buy yourself a Jones Soda and see if you get a fortune that you can maybe look forward to.  Maybe that will do your 'not-so-exciting' life the trick.
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Loser like Me

I have done various things today that make me feel like a loser.

1.  I listened to the song above... a lot, which made me realize how much of a loser I am, but how I really don't care.  Also, I realized how much I love Glee, but again, I don't care what all you Glee haters think, you are missing out.
2. In the afternoon, I painted my nails.  It is seriously one of my new obsessions.  When we were in Moncton on Monday, I bought five new nail polish.  It is getting to be a little much.  I could not decide on one colour for my toe nails... so this is what happened....
3.  I went and got a sandwhich at Tim Hortons at 9:30 pm.  I was sooo hungry!
4.  I was so excited to put my boyfriend's t-shirt on as my pj's tonight.  Okay, maybe this doesnt make me a loser, maybe it just makes me in love :)
5. The most awesome thing about today...getting new Pajama Pants from Joe Fresh for nine bucks.
6.  Spent a very long time on facebook.  Facebook is for losers, but we all seem to be pretty addicted to it.. like me!
7. I spent a very long time preparing a gift I am sending to Laura as an early birthday gift.  Her birthday is May 2nd, but I saw something at the mall the other night and I just knew Laura needed to have it.  I got really artsy with a card and the envelope I am sending it in.  It will be sent off tomorrow.  Enjoy Laura Beth :)
8. Ha, Loser like Me just came on my Itunes. Life is so good!

XO, Lyssa ;)

Happy 100th

Today is my blog's 100th post.  This is exciting okay?  So, because it is my blog's birthday, I did a bit of a redesigning.  I tried to focus a lot on my uniqueness.   I found lots of cute quotes about being unique, and I have come to the conclusion, that this world would be SOO boring if everyone was even a little alike.  I love who I am and I love that I am different.  I love that I can change, I love that I can try new things and make choices.  Today is a good day to just Be you, Be yourself, Be Unique.

XO, Lyssa

Reality Check

I have been slammed in the face with reality, once again.  Whenever Haig comes around, or I am over there, it feels like we are living some sort of fairytale.  Our relationship has always been long-distance, so when we get to spend longer periods of time together, it is a nice get-away from our usual everyday lives.  Our past 5 days together have been so great, but today we had to say good-bye for the next little while.  Hopefully the time we spent together on this 'get-away', will be enough to get us through til our next one.

The weekend played out nicely.  Saturday, we made a delicious breakfast/brunch (considering it was at 11am) together consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, tater tots, a smoothie and m&m pancakes.  In the afternoon, we went out with mom because she was going to a couple stores that we had not gone to the night before while we were out shopping.  The evening was spent in, watching Dear John.  Oh how I love that my boyfriend will watch a chick flick with me!

On Sunday, we went to church as usual.  Haig wore his new suit again, and he made me fall in love with it once more, as he probably will everytime I see him wearing it.  After church, we came home and got a bite to eat and then we headed off for an adventure (see previous post).  We went to a beach, but sadly the beach was closed, so we walked some of the near-by trails.  Sunday night we went to YSA Family Home Evening.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a great lesson on keeping journals (Oh hai blog) and we played some fun games that Haig and I prepared.  We took a drive down to Victoria Park after we finished up at the Church.  This was the night after the Super Moon, so the Moon still looked AMAZING.  So we sat in the car at the Park and just looked at it for awhile.  It was simple and cute and I loved every second of it.

Monday, we had plans to go to Moncton for the day.  So we got up early, got in the car and made the trip over.  First stop was to see my Grandma in her Seniors' Home in Sackville. I have really missed my Grandma, she is one sweet lady.  She's not the fastest, but she comes up with some of the funniest stuff.  Next, we took a fun little walk in the waterfowl park.  It is kind of one of Kayla and my traditions to go on a walk on this trail when we go see grandma.

When we left Sackville, we headed to Moncton.  We did a bit of shopping and then went over to my Grandpa's house.  Unfortunately, the tests he was doing at the hospital were still underway, so we ate dinner at his house and then visited with him at the Hospital before heading home.  Haig and I watched 500 days of Summer when we got back to my house, but I fell asleep for the most part of the movie. 

Haig and I don't know when we will see each other next, which made this good-bye harder to say.  Being in this relationship has taught us to be patient, so I know our day will come.  He is the cheese to my macoroni, the sunshine to my summer.  Yes, I know people I am super lame, but what more can I say? I am in Love with this boy, and I don't care who knows it!

This week will be good, just keep your head up high, good things come to those that wait :)

XO, Lyssa

Sunday, March 20, 2011


* Saturday AM - Pancakes with m&ms in them, seriously one of the best things ever
* The best breakfast I have ever eaten.  Well, it was more of a brunch.  
*Looking and Feeling very pretty going to church today
*Going for a Sunday afternoon walk with my lover.  Made a stop at the look-out poing
*First day of Spring Love :)

Happy Spring! 
XO, Lyssa

Friday, March 18, 2011

Phantom Ballet

Last night we went to the Phantom of the Opera, The Ballet, preformed by the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada.  It was quite the show.  To have seen The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and have seen the movie, this was a different experience and it was cool to see it from a dancing point of view other than music.  Speaking of music, I figured the music would maybe be the same, but it wasn't, which was a little disappointing, but like I said, it was a great show none the less.

 I am super happy that I got to go with some of my favorite people on the entire planet!  We had such a good time.  We made a little trip to Dairy Queen after the show too.  I am also happy that we got all dressed up and pretty! Not very many people did and I am pretty sure Haig was the only guy there in a suit, but he looked so good (like usual :).  Casey gets the photo credit for all the pictures, as my camera's batteries decided to die.  She enjoyed the show, and I think she probably liked it more than most of us, being a dancer herself.  Megan and Kayla just liked it because it was Phantom of the Opera.  And Megan liked it even more because of the good looking Male ballet dancers (fun fact; check this out).  Like this one for instance...

This is the guy that played Raoul.  His real name is Leigh Alderson.  We goo and gawhed over him for a little awhile, at least I did, I am sure Megan still is.  He was excited that we wanted a picture with him and he said bye to us as we were leaving.  Such a nice danseur.
Today, I worked from 10-3.  Haig and I are planning on going out tonight for a bit and we are hoping to watch "How to train your Dragon".  I have only heard good things about this movie so I am excited to watch it.

Hope you all have a swell weekend :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Surprise Surprise

Yesterday went a little like this.  I woke up, got myself ready, packed a lunch and made my way over to work.  When I was on my break, Haig texted me making sure I was alright with everything that had happened the night before.  In the afternoon at work, I was quite giddy knowing that tomorrow(which in fact is today...), Haig would be coming to PEI!  When six o' clock rolled around and we were all finished closing up, I realized my dad wasnt there to pick me up yet.  A little frustrated, I waited in the store with Coleen.  Dad drove in to the parking lot at 6:15.  That was when I noticed he had a male passenger in the car...

Instead of coming today, Haig got a free ride over yesterday and surprised me when I got off work.  When he walked out the car door and realized it was him, I screamed and gave him a hug.  I was a little shook up, but all in all, it was the greatest thing to happen in awhile. 

We dropped Haig off at my house as I had a previous commitment to attend my Community School Banquet.  We had a light meal and watched some other class preform their work and then we preformed a song done in sign language.  It has been a great experience going to community school.  I wish I could have learned more sign language than we did, but there is always next year!

 The sign language girls :)

All these ladies are super sweet and awesome and it was so much fun to learn sign with them the past couple of weeks.

So.... The Phantom of the Opera is here... (I just sang that in head).  That's right, tonight is The Phantom of the Opera Ballet.  We are all very excited to go, but I do think Megan is most excited, she's so funny.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures to document our awesomness as I am not sure if we can take pictures of the ballet itself. 
Have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day, I wish I was Irish... but I will be sporting my bright green converse for most of the day!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bucket List

I found this the other day on Jessica's tumblr, and I really liked it.  After an incident that happened last night, I really started thinking about things that are important and things I want to do before I die.  These are some good sugesstions of some little things we can do.  My new goal for the next couple of weeks, is to make a bucket list of some major things I want to do before I die.  Bucket lists kind of seem like a cliche thing to do, but I don't care.  Another thing I will do when I make goals for my bucket list is I will not put stuff down that I have already done and check it off, I will do them again. Life is too short to go without goals, without fun, without love.

What is something that is on your bucket list?
XO, Lyssa

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Fantastic Day

Today has been an amazing day.  Mostly because of this guy :)

 *blackberry picture for the win.

Mom and I decided earlier this week that it was time to take a trip to the temple.  So we asked some other ladies in our branch if they would be interested in taking a trip over.  This was an excellent time of year to go because of one reason, Joyce.  Joyce Cambell was one amazing woman in the Charlottetown Branch.  Sadly, she passed away around this time two years ago.  So when we decided to take this trip, we decided to take it in memory of Joyce.  If she was still here, she would have been on the trip with us today for sure, but we all know she was with us in spirit. 

The temple experience was great as usual.  While I was waiting for my turn in, I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants Section 45.  If you are looking for a good scripture read, go and sit down tomorrow afternoon and read this through.  Share your thoughts with a family member or friend, I know I will be.  After Haig and I were done in the temple we walked to the his Family's new house!  It is only a three minute walk from the temple and it is such a sweet little home.  We mostly just relaxed for the afternoon and talked.  My mom and the other sisters that we came up with were done around 3:30, so Haig walked me back to the temple and the ladies and I made our way home.

So, I have come to conclusion of three things I have been very grateful for today.
1.The temple
We are so blessed to have a temple in close proximity to us.  To take a day trip is something that some members would love to do but it just not always possible.  I know for myself, when I get married and have kids, I want to live close to the temple so that they can grow up understanding the importance of it.
2. Relief Society
Today I traveled to the temple with 5 other woman of different ages, backgrounds and personalities.  But these great women have so much more in common.  They are all beautiful daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, Mothers and great examples to me.  It was such a pleasure to be able to travel with them today.
3. Haig
I love this guy.  Enough said.  Ha, no I will say more.  He is amazing and I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I don't think he realizes how great he really is.  I love going to the temple with him, it is such a great blessing to go to the temple with people you love, it makes it all the worth wild.  He is coming over to PEI on Thursday, which made saying good-bye today not as hard as it usually is.  We will spend the weekend going to the Ballet, watching movies, walking and probably kissing.. A lot.

And there you have it people.  How was your Saturday March 12th 2011?

Friday, March 11, 2011


This was the beginning of an amazing adventure,
To this amazing place.
In March 2010, exactly this time last year, I had the oppertunity to travel to Europe for ten days for an Educational Tour for school.  In grade 10, I took a class called "Canada dans la monde".  The class was mostly about Canada's roles in the Great World Wars. In first semster of Grade 11, the teacher of this class, Nora Cummins, decided that she wanted to take students on a trip to visit some of the places where the wars were fought.  By Christmas of Grade 11, I was saving everything I made to go on this trip of a lifetime.
There was about 24 students on the trip and we had four adult chaperones.  We had students from Grade 12 and Grade 11.  I got to become friends with some pretty awesome people and rekindled friendships with some people.
 I got to see some pretty amazing things and vist very cool places.  The tour started in Paris and from there we went to Normandy, Rouen, Arras Region, Belguim,Holland, Delft and Amsterdam. I went on a Merry-go-round across the street from the Eiffel Tower, went on the top floor of the tower, a boat tour of Paris, stood on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, visited Juno Beach Center, various War Cemeteries, a canal tour of Amsterdam, a cheese/clog factory and many many other awesome things.  

 I am very glad that I can say that not only have I been to Europe, but I have been to Europe with some of my best friends.  This was probably the highlight of my senior year(well, other than graduation) or maybe even the highlight of my education.  I would go back to Europe in a heartbeat, and if I had the funds to.
Let's just end it by saying,
I Love Europe :)

 XO, Lyssa

No Title

Today has been a pretty good day if I must say so myself.  I slept in which was great!  After lunch my dad drove me downtown so I could pick the car up from my mom's work.  I went down to fabricville to look at some dress patterns and I also did some thrift shopping at Value Village.  I came out with a pair of black high heels, some satin hangers and a little surprise for my man!  I picked Kayla up from school and then went to pick up my mom.  We had breakfast for dinner which in fact is one of my favorite things ever!  After dinner, I did a few chores around the house.  Around seven, I went to pick up Jess and we hung out.  We had a cupcake date upstairs at Superstore.  I love chatting with Jess, she is so easy going and great to talk to.  The rest of my night was spent here at home watching movies and painting my nails.  So, yes, it has been a pretty good day.  The thing I enjoyed most about today was the fact that I drove around, by myself!  It has been so much fun and I am loving this new found freedom.  The rest of the week brings an awesome blog post (later today, after I am rested!), work from 1-6, Megan coming over to watch Phantom of the Opera (only one more week until the Opera!) and a trip to the temple on Saturday!  My life is awesome, what can I say?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

G(ood) Luck

Do you believe in luck?  I do, but I also believe in confidence, prayer and effort. 

Last week, I went to do my driving test.  I had been practicing a lot since we got our new car.  But last week, I just couldn't do it.  I did not feel ready.  I knew that even if I failed it, I would get it the next time.  My dad who has been instructing me was not very pleased with this theory and convinced me that I could get my licence the first time if I waited and practiced more.  So that is what I did.

This past week I have been practicing lots with my dad and I have gotten a lot better and I have become a more confident driver.  Today, I woke up and I put on my favorite jeans and cardigan.  I started to think about luck.  Was I putting on these clothes to bring me luck?  In a way yes, I have no shame to say I believe an item can be a good luck charm.  So I also put on the necklace Haig gave me for Christmas (like I usually do everyday) and I put on a pair of earrings that my Grandmother gave to me for graduation.  Because I was very worried, my dad gave me a priesthood blessing of comfort and assurance that everything was going to be okay.  Gosh I love the priesthood.  I did a little more practice and then I went to the test.  I handed them the car's registration and insurance.  In those minutes that I waited for the tester to come meet me, I was on the edge of my seat.  The tester was a very nice middle aged woman.  I drove around, she told me where to go.  Ten minutes later, I became a licenced driver. 

Ask any of my close friends and they will tell you how scared I was.  Ask Emily, who I called last week, crying because I did not go to do the first scheduled test.  Ask Casey how jealous I was of her when she got her licence the day after I was suppose to do my first test.  Ask Haig how last night he had to listen to me in the weirdest mood ever because I did not know what to think about this test today.  And now, it is all over and I passed.  So, let me just tell you again.. I do believe in luck, and I also believe in confidence, prayer, priesthood and the time and effort I put in to finally get my licence.  Now, be careful on the roads people, cause I'm out there :)

Stay tuned this week for a blog feature about what I did one year ago! 

I am off to be happy and make cupcakes.  What a perfect combination!
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, March 6, 2011

There's no place like home

This weekend has not been too eventful.  Saturday I worked all day but it was excellent! I love the gals who work on Saturday.  They had me laughing all day and work was not too busy and not too slow, just right!  Saturday night, Casey wasn't working so we decided to go over to the mall for a little shopping trip!  I love shopping with Casey, but we have both realized that it is bad when we shop together because we both end up spending more money than we should!  I bought a new pair of leggings (I have been living in mine lately), and I found a cute army green jacket at Bluenotes for 25 bucks.  I debated getting it because I would still like to get a nice spring jacket (I would have one by now if Bench and North Face were not so expensive!) and I would also like to get a nice black dress blazer.  But, I gave in and bought it.  Jackets will be my new favorite thing this spring I guess :)  Casey and I also ran into some trouble... we tried on engagement rings!  We were just walking by People's, and then we decided to go in a take a look.  Obviously I walked in the direction of rings and soon enough a sales associate was there asking us if we wanted to try them on.  We said no, but she insisted so we did. 

Today was a lovely Sabbath day.  I got up feeling well rested (the feeling didn't last too long), got dressed and ready for church and we made our way over early for once.  Today was Testimony Sunday and there was so many great testimonies that I just had to get up, only to express my gratitude for the amazing people in my branch and how much they strengthen me.  I am so happy to be here at home.  Not a day goes by that I think of what it would be like if I were still at Dalhousie, but I know that Home is where I need to be.  I just love that tonight I relaxed, skyped with my favorite guy around, made brownies and now I'm out in the kitchen soaking up warmth from the fire.  Life is so good at home :)

And I am now cuddled up, watching the CES Broadcast.  My week ahead is not too exciting, but I am still looking forward to it.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Yes, that is right.  Thank GOODNESS it's FRIDAY!  I don't have much to say about today yet, but this morning I slept in til about 10:15, took a nice long hot shower, got dressed, walked out to the kitchen to find a huge box (that was still pretty much full) of lucky charms, and my Jones soda fortune just revealed that "You will have a pleasant surprise soon".  How am I not suppose to be happy with the start of a day like this?
Lots and Lots of Friday love
ps, went to see this movie last night! It was pretty decent :) I won't review it because I tried to tell Haig what it was about last night and he told me that I should write movie reviews.  Thanks for telling me love, seeing as I really wanted to become one... just kiddingg.

pps, Diana Agron is my new favorite actress!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day trip

Yesterday was swell.  I was so tired last night that I didn't bother to get on here and blog about my day.  It was nothing too exciting but it was great to get Em and we had a short but good shopping trip as well.  I came out with two new pairs of sunglasses from Aldo and earings from H&M.

Laura raved about these a couple weeks ago on her blog so I just had to have them too.  I am such a fan of cute earings, and at such a cheap price I could not have said no.  We made our way back to PEI around 6:30 and we were home around 8:30.  I chilled at Em's house for a bit with her and her brother Sam.  When Em drove me home, I took a shower and went to bed.  It was a nice day.

Today will be spent at work.  If you love me you will leave me nice comments on this post or will send me a nice message or something today telling me to keep smiling, that you love me or something like that, cause I'm needing them!  Life has been a bit of a bore somedays, and today is going to be one of those days.
Have a great Thursday everyone! :)
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Don't you just dislike when your day doesn't go how you planned?  Don't you just hate when you want something so bad, but you cant have it because you arn't prepared?  Well, that's how I have felt today.  I have had a big love/hate relationship with today.  I am not going into details because I feel very pathetic about the second thing I said (want something but cant have it)... let's just say it is something that I should have done a long time ago, but I just didn't, and now I am frustrated with myself for not doing it.  This morning I did lots of driving with my dad, I came home in the afternoon, did some laundry, dishes and took a shower.  It was nice to be at home for the afternoon and do somethings to help to maintain my house.  As I mentioned in the previous post, today is my brother's 20th birthday.  To celebrate, we ate a late dinner at Boston Pizza.  It was really good, but I have come to terms with the craziness of my family.  My dad always finds someone to talk to while we are in a public setting.  He is kind of known for it.  Like if he goes out to the store and he isn't home around the time he said he would be, we assume that he 'found someone to talk to'.  Trust me, it is usually the case too.  
I was a woman of pictures today... here are a few that were some of my favorite things today (regardless of my crappy morning...)

 So, this morning when I checked my facebook, I saw this lovely photo.  This was taken yesterday, my grandma's birthday.  My grandma is in a Seniors home and my grandpa and uncle went up to visit her (Seniors home is in Sackville, grandpa and Uncle Doug live in Moncton).  Despite all health issues, look how great my grandparents look! I just love them and I miss them a lot :( Sad that they are not very far away, but I have not seen them in such a long time.  I am hoping to go up next weekend.

 Okay, so you know what you gotta do when life gets you down?  Eat Chocolate... and lots of it!


I just love when I find a shirt in my closet and put it on and I am reminded of how good it looks on me.  Oh and I love super cute hair accessories :)

And to end my night, a lovely bottle of Cream Soda Jones Soda (saving the good one for later, eh Laura? ;)
"Solutions will come to you while you are walking"
thanks jones :)

All my Tuesday Love/Hate
XO, Lyssa
PS, I still cannot believe it is MARCH! Happy first day :)