Friday, April 29, 2011

Weddings & Awesome

I watched the Royal Wedding.  I am not a huge follower of the Royals, but my mother and her sisters have always had an interest in the Royal Family.  In Moncton this past weekend, Kayla and I watched a lot of TV programs about the Royal Family, to lead up to the wedding today.  We watched Dianna and Charles Wedding, and it just got me really excited for this one.  So I am really happy that I got up to watch it, so I can say to my kids in years to come that I watched the wedding of William and Catherine.  But... then again, there is another wedding in the air... Katherine and Eric get married tomorrow!  I am so excited for them and even more excited to celebrate with them next week!

Tonight I ran a couple of errands.  I had a book in mind that I wanted to buy for a trip read, but I couldnt find it.  So instead, I got this;

If you have not heard about this book before, you had better go get a life, because this book is AWESOME.
Anyways, one more day of 'Friends and Family'!  I think I can do it...
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anything can happen Thursday.

I actually quite enjoyed tuesday night's episode of Glee.  Each of their t-shirts had to do with something they were born with, something that they cannot change about themselves.  They preformed 'Born this Way' by Lady Gaga.  I thought it was cute and I think we all need to realize that there are somethings that we can't change.  So a few things I could have on my t-shirt could be;
~ Short
~Loser (with arrow pointing to my face) .....and
~ like Lauren's... 'Bad Attitude'
Anyways, I thought it was cute!  What would go on your shirt?

Today was the first day of the sale.  It was a Gong Show as Amanda mentioned in her facebook status.  Only two more days left though!  And for the next two days, my friend Jess will be joining me at work.  Two more days to go of the sale, and then a couple more days of work and then I am off to Ontario!  One week from today :)
I did have a better day than yesterday!  Just goes to show, anything can happen on Thursdays!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So... today kind of sucked. Watch out, its about to get worse.

I admire Amanda's confidence around customers.  She is so at ease and she loves helping people out even after they are there for such a long time asking her many questions about the shoes they are trying on.  I am not like this with most customers.  I guess it all depends on my mood though, and today I was not in the mood to deal with them.  Starting tomorrow we have a 'Friends and Family Sale' going on.  Everything in the store is 40% off.  Today, a lot of people who came in, were mostly just coming in to find stuff they wanted to buy when the sale starts tomorrow.  It was an annoying day to say the least, and the next couple days will be even more annoying and crazy.  To make matters worse, I went out tonight with my mom and sister to look for a couple more things for my trip next week and I could not find anything.  I have looked everywhere for the 'perfect bag'.  I am pretty picky when it comes to bags, because bags are really a woman's most needed accessory.  Being petite, I don't like having a bag that is too big, because then it looks like the bag is bigger than me.  I also don't really like purses, I like satchels and bags.  Anything like these two bags would be perfect! But I cannot find anything like them.  It is so very frustrating.  I fought with my mom on the way home, I am stressed about my trip next week, not pleased with working for the next week (especially because of the sale) and I have a lot to do before I go. Oh, and my boyfriend is in a different time zone then I am right now, it is a little sad...

To be optimistic for a bit, I will have a nice paycheck next week for working so much, I know that everything is going to work out, and I get to see my boyfriend and the rest of his family in one week tomorrow!  As much as I want to see Haig right now, I could really use a hug from his little brother Luke.  He always gives me the best hugs and he is always so happy to see me.
I love Luke!

One more thing to be happy about, since I should probably try to be a little happier before bed so I don't go start crying again (Laura Beth's wise wisdom of crying before bed is always the worst), Last night I got to hear a General Authority of my church, in person!  Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy.  He is an amazing speaker and I am so glad that there were many in attendance, it made it all the worth wild.

Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow, and I hope you do too!
XO, Lyssa

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

So, my dad did end up coming.  Just thought I would let you all know.  He has been fixing up the truck for the past couple of weeks, and he wasnt sure if he was going to get it finished in time.  But he did, and he joined us for our weekend in Moncton.
We went to my Grandpa's house first, to say Hi and drop off our stuff, then we went to my Grandma's Seniors home.  She has moved to a new home in Riverview (she was in Sackville, NB before).  Kayla and I were a little sad because there would be no adventure on the Sackville Waterfowl park, but we lived!

Friday night we just hung out at my Grandpa's, watched TV and I read some of my current read (Water for Elephants).  Saturday, Kayla and I spent the day together doing some shopping.  We started at a strip mall right by my my Grandpa's house where we went to Value Village, Old Navy, Lasenza and Payless.  Not too much luck, except for at Lasenza where they had some amazing deals.  Next, we went to the Champlain mall, where again, I had no luck in finding what I was really looking for (which is a bag and shoes), but I ended up with new earrings, a sunglasses pouch and frozen hot chocolate mix from Second Cup Coffee.

Easter Sunday.  Let me start off by giving a little testimony to you all.  Easter is a time to remember what Christ did for us.  He died so that all of us could live and be here right now.  Sometimes things are amazing, but sometimes things are pretty hard too.  Just know that whatever you are going through, the good or the bad, He went through all of it, and he did it for us.  So, we got up and all ready for church in Moncton.  When we got to the chapel, no one was there.  I texted Rachel Pinsent (because her boyfriend lives in Saint John) and surely enough, there was New Brunswick Stake Conference in Fredericton.  So we took a little drive... and we ended up at the Magnetic Hill Zoo.


Kayla and I had quite the time.  Our Sunday afternoon was spent visiting with Grandma.

Today, we woke up and got ready to head home.  Kayla and I went to Frenchys to do some thrifting in the morning and I found two skirts that I have just fallen head over heels for.  The drive home was nice, except for when drove off the side of the road, less than two minutes from our house, got home and realized it gave us a flat tire.  Poor Gigi, her first flat tire.  All in all though, it has been a pretty decent long weekend.  Now, on to my week full of work, preparations for my trip, and maybe a couple more adventures here, there and everywhere :)
XO, Lyssa

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I was so happy to wake up this morning and see the sun shining outside my window.  It just makes today a lot better.  Today, I am headed to Monctown with Mom, Dad(just found out he's not coming, has some work to do) and Kayla for the long weekend.  We still be spending it with my Grandparents and my Aunt who has come down from Ontario.  Hmm.. Ontario :)... less than two weeks until I go!  Hopefully it will be a good weekend and hopefully the sunshine will decide to stay awhile.  Just a reminder, dont forget why we celebrate this weekend!
Have a wonderful weekend :)
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Retail Therapy

So, life has kind of been upsetting lately, but I guess that is life.  I am still pretty frustrated and angry about an issue that is going on with my friends, but I have been calming myself with some retail therapy.  Well, technically it is not all that much retail therapy.  So i bought a new bra and some underwear, that isn't a big deal.. but I am going to Moncton this weekend (note to self; you still need to pay for your plane ticket and find the Bride and Groom a lovely present :).  I have been doing some retail therapy online, that way, I know I cannot get the things unless I pull out my visa (which isn't going to happen).  I am just loving the brackets lately, havn't you noticed.  So anyways... here is a few things I have found!

swimsuit-anthropologie, shades-rayban, bag-urban outfitters, dress-shabby apple

 I want it all...too bad money doesn't grow on trees.
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey, How are you doing?

I don't know how I am doing.  How are 'You' doing?  I hope 'You' are happy.  I hope 'You' are okay with the fact that you lied and I hope 'You' do feel bad about all of this.   I know that whats done is done, and I cannot change this situation, but I am not just going to get over it like that (snaps fingers).  I can't deny that we have not gotten to spend that much time together, but 'You' can't deny that whenever we do, 'You' pressure me to try and break the standards I am upholding for myself and my future.  I think 'You' need a reality change.  I would rather live in the past, than do something that could possibly mess up my future, which is why I am upholding my church standards because I know they will protect me and help me have a happy future.  'You' will probably think this is all really dumb, but I think it is smart.  I might be in for a shock someday, but 'You' might be in for one too.  Just you watch, because I will be able to get through whatever comes my way... just you wait.  I do apologize for crossing the line, but you crossed one too.  'You' know nothing about My love, because he will love me for quite a long time.. Forever in fact.  I know I can do this alone.  I wouldnt like to, because 'You' have been my friend for a very long time.  But I am at a fork in the road of our friendship and I don't know which way I want to go.  So, let's take some time to figure it out and then we can be adults and talk about it all in person and not over a text.
XO, Lyssa

Don't worry about it, I'll be fine

Funny how, most of the time, those words are just one big lie.  I lied last night.  But you know, 'You' lied too.  I said I would be fine, and yet two minutes later I walked out the door, got in my car and drove home.  I stopped at the school to sit and ponder what had just happened.  I felt anger, frustration and sadness, and I still do.  It is not going to change for awhile, because it is not something I will just wake up and be happy about.  I know its not fair for 'You' to feel sorry and to feel bad, but none of this is really fair to me either.  So 'You' know, I will try my best, but I can't see that coming anytime soon.  Let's just say that I cannot wait to go to Ontario, anything to get me away from here.

XO, Lyssa

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Hours Traffic and the Mailbox

Last night was fun :) Lots of fun.  Casey, Chelsey and I went out to dinner at East Sides, then we met up with Amanda Neill at the Two Hours Traffic Cafe.  A lot of my other friends from High School were there too, so it was really great to see so many friendly faces.   If you don't know who I am talking about when I say Two Hours Traffic, you are missing out for sure.  The play great music and they are Island musicians which makes it even better.  Listen up;go on youtube & itunes and you will find them, or go on the link below.
Casey and I ended up getting right to the front.  We stayed at the front the whole time they played and danced all of our cares away.  For their encore, they did 'Stuck for the Summer'.  I really hope this is gonna be a good summer, I need it.  We rocket out to that last song for sure.  I loved going with the girls, especially Casey for coming all the way to the front to jam out with me, we had a great time.
Oh and one more thing, being up front, like literally right in front of the stage (which is not very high at all), I managed to grab the lead singer's set list that was on the floor.  Can you add things to a bucket list after you have already done them?  If so, that is defiantly going on there, "Get a set list from a concert".

The other thing I wanted to tell you all about today is my mailbox.  Lately I have been getting some goodies, but feel free to send some more.  I am starting to really love mail.  I love hearing from people in snail mail, it shows me more of their personality.  On Wednesday, I got an Announcement for Katherine and Eric's Wedding.  When I saw that it had arrived, I was so happy.  When I opened it, I found the announcement itself (which is cute and simple) and a great picture of Kat and Eric.  Too cute of a picture not to share with all of you.  Eric looks like a little kid, I thought it was so adorable.
 I am so excited that I am attending the reception in Ontario next month and I am so happy for these two amazing people!
Yesterday, I received a post card from my good friend Dana who is doing a rotary exchange in Spain.  Technically, he is in the Canary Islands. Dana and I have been friends since grade one, the tallest and shortest though out most of our education together and also clarinet buddies throughout middle and senior high school.  I am a tad jealous, not going to lie.  I wish I had have been smarter and went for a program like that to travel for a year after High School.  He has had a great time but I am excited to see him in a couple of months.  He will also be attending first year UPEI with me in the fall, that is a great thing too! 

Today, I work.  It is kinda weird, I have not worked on Saturday in awhile, but we will see how it goes.  Have a great weekend :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today I would like to share my thoughts on thrifting.  
I have not always been a big fan of it, but lately.. it seems to be one of my new favorite things.. other than nail polish and Haig Pinsent.  

I was not a fan of it because I never really saw the point.  Why go to a thrift store and buy something that someone has already used and worn, when you can go and find something new?  Well, here is why...
-Vintage is making a come back people.  Not even a come back, Vintage will always be in.  Regardless if it is vintage or just not current.  I don't dress vintage now, but I would like to.  I feel like my body isn't right for it though.  I think my shortness makes me feel like I can't.  Or maybe just because I have not had a vintage inspiration yet.. so I guess we will just have to wait and see!
-It is so much cheaper. Today has been the first day that I succeeded in buying an outfit.  Usually I can just find pieces, but this top matches perfectly with the shorts.  I love these shorts because they are dressier than wearing a pair of demin cut-offs, but still pretty relaxed.

 shirt- 3.99, shorts- 3.99

-Sometimes you find things you did not ever think of buying before.  On my last thrift store hunt, I found a pack of three silk hangers.  I had never had them before and they were brand new (still in the package), and for 99 cents! Can't get better than that.
-You can find so many cute gems.  I found these babies today, they were way too cute not to get.  Don't really know when I will ever where them and what I will wear them with, but I just adore them.  I love me my earings.

Today has been a great day and I encourage you all to go on a thrift store hunt.. you never know what you might find :)
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LB's giveaway

My lovely friend Laura Beth is doing a Giveaway, enter in it people!
I am so glad she is finally doing a giveaway, her blog is way too cute to be unnoticed!  I am a daily reader for sure.  I love me my Laura Beth.

  She is pretty much pure awesomeness

Work was not so bad today.. I was a wuss this morning, but I am feeling a bit better now.  Still not 100% but I am going to take what I can get!  My house is quiet tonight.  I just finished my bowl of chilli for dinner with nachos, it was so so yummy.  For the rest of the evening, I believe I am going to write my grandmother a letter, do some things on the computer and take a bubble bath!
XO(still sick though..), Lyssa


My feelings right now

-I strongly dislike being sick
-I do not want to go to work all day and make plenty of other people sick
-I do not want to go to work all day and scare customers with my unattractiveness today.
-I want my tooth to stop bugging me, my nose to stop running/getting stuffed up, my underarm to stop being painful and my throat to stop being sore.
-I would love to just go lay on a beach somewhere, soak up the sun and hope that this sickness and pain will go away.
-I just want a hug... perferably from Haig.. but anyone else would help.

Basically, my body is hating on me right now.. but I guess it could be worse (like Busy Bee Lauren having pink eye at the moment).  I started to get this cold bug on Sunday and I thought nothing would come of it, but Hello Cold.  Why did you not come maybe in like February when everyone else was getting sick?  Now I have to put up with you when it is starting to get nice out and I want to be working hard and taking runs when I get home from work? On top of the cold, I am really sore from playing sandman the other night with people from church.  I know it seems ridiculous, but sandman is a pretty intense game if you ask me.  At one point, Cory and I were on the end of a double slide and Amanda was the sandman.  She slid down the side Cory was on while I shimmied up the other side of the slide.  She didnt catch me at all!  It was a good time but I am feeling the consequences of it now.  My tooth is als driving me nuts, it must be either a cavity or my wisdom teeth.  No idea..
Regardless of all this sick/blah/grossness... I am pretty good emotionally.  I just wish I could say that I am actually happy, because I am happy, it is just hard to be fully happy with this cold.
No XO (don't want to get anyone sick), Lyssa

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Daffodil Principle

Sometimes my sister takes pictures of me... really good pictures.  She is getting so talented at photography, I am really proud of her and her work.

The point of the daffodils you might ask...  Recently in Relief Society they sort of became our new thing.  They gave a hand-out of this Story to everyone one sunday.  It talks about how little things we do in life, can turn into something beautiful over time.  It can be any little thing we do, but they really focused it towards service and being charitable.  If everyone does one little thing a day to give service, imagine all the daffodils we can plant. 
Start today.
XO, Lyssa

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goodness on Saturday

Saturdays usually are not my favorite days.  I am more of a fan of Fridays, and yesterday was a pretty good Friday.  I got off work at six and spent the rest of my evening with Casey out shopping, chatting and eating at DQ.  This morning, I got up pretty early and went out around lunch time with mom and Kayla.  We went downtown and ran a few errands and did some shopping at the mall.  Kayla and I also went into Indigo.  I am not a big reader, but I do like a good book every once in awhile.  I actually just finished 'The Birth House' by Ami McKay.  It was pretty interesting I suppose, a little weird too though.  But today I bought 'Beastly' by  Alex Flinn.  I am super excited to read this book!  I did not get to see the movie when it was out in theatres, but I guess it is a good thing now because I did want to read the book before I saw the movie.  Shopping at the mall was unsuccessful, even with all the tempting cute spring clothes, flats and dresses.  Clothes and styles these days just don't seem to like me.  Every time I see something that looks adorable on the hanger, I try it on and it says 'Yeah, I was cute without you'.  It sucks a little.  I am also trying to maintain a focus on things that I really need over things I just want.  Like I want new cute shirts, flats and jeans, but I really need high heels, a dressy cardigan, kick around sneaks and a hoodie.  Hopefully I can have some luck finding some of those things in the next couple of weeks.  I spent the afternoon at home, reading scriptures, relaxing and preparing for my nursery lesson tomorrow.  My lesson is 'My family can be together forever'.  We are going to sing 'I Love to see the Temple' and 'Families can be together Forever'.  I hope to explain to them that through the temple, Heavenly Father lets our families be Eternal.  I want them to understand how much we need to love our families because we are sealed to them forever.

Tonight has been great!  I took a drive to Wal-mart to pick up some pictures that I had sent to be printed.  I got the pictures and them roamed around for a bit, picking up a new toothbrush and shampoo.  Having a new toothbrush is by far one of the best things ever, and new pretty smelling shampoo is always great too!  I decided to take a look in the furniture section.  I have been in need of a new chair, that I can use at my desk and my make up table.  And there it was!  A small black chair, wheels on the bottom, for $24 bucks!  So, I got some help and got it up to the cash.  Because it had been the chair on display, I got it at even a cheaper price, total came to $23.10!  I felt so grown up buying this chair.  Obviously I am still living at home and will be for the next couple of years, but it felt good to buy this on my own!

So it has been a pretty decent day, to finish it off, I am about to paint my nails, drink some lime water and call my boyfriend in a bit.  Hope you all have a decent day as well :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Because this was my night..

love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love

~ watched Julian and Brooke's Wedding.  I cannot believe I am almost done of One Tree Hill!
~ was spoiled by mother, with a lovely chocolately/marshmallow snack and caramel apple cider from Starbucks!
~ painted my nails 'Butter'
~ did lots of texting with two of my loves, Haig & Casey.

How was your Thursday night?
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


After a long day at work, Kayla and I decided to go to our new Coldstone!  It was Kayla's first coldstone experience.  I have only been once myself, but I loved it.  I am so happy we have one in Charlottetown now.  I have vowed to myself that I will only go there when I am in desperate need of some Coldstone lovin'.  Kayla got 'Birthday Party Remix' and I got 'All lovin, no Oven'.  It was so so divine.

Love Coldstone, Love Kayla, Love my life.

ps, I am rocking white nail polish.  It is rad.
XO, Lyssa

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference Weekend

I love great things.  I have especially loved my great weekend.  I know I did not really mention that I was going to Halifax for the weekend.  It was sort of a spur of the moment/last minute decision, but it was so worth it.  I traveled over to Halifax with Tim Hirtle, Cory Grinton and Jared & Daniel Aitken.  The drive over was pretty fun. I was squished in the backseat and at one point in the drive, I was sitting in a car with four guys who are in their twenties, that all started to sing 'Friday' by Rebecca Black.  It was hilarious, I wish I had have caught it on tape.  Institute was just letting out when we got to the Halifax Chapel for the YSA dance.  The dance was retro themed but because of the short notice, I did not dress up.  My boyfriend did a pretty good job of that though, he looked awesome in his Brown cords and paisley shirt.  We had some retro fever.  I was happy to see some of the other YSA including Miss Selene Galley.  This girl is so awesome.  She has just entered the blog world recently which I am happy about because now I can creep you Selene! Mouhaha.

 I stayed at Haig's house for the weekend.  It was my first time staying at the Pinsents' new house.  I love it, it is such a cute house and it in a nice community.  So, on Saturday we went to sessions of General Conference.  General Conference is for our church and it is held twice every year (April and October).  During Conference, we listen to our church leaders speak and give us guidance and counsel.  So, pretty much to give the jist of it, I spend 16 hours in one year watching General Conference and I love every minute of it.  I am so thankful for amazing church leaders.  I know how much they love us and I am thankful to God for a Prophet on the Earth today!  We had sessions from 1-3 and 5-7 on Saturday and Sunday.  In between sessions and after we would just relax at Haig's house, eat, cuddle and nap.

On Sunday night when conference was all said and done, Haig and I sat down and went through some of our notes that we took at conference together.  Every conference usually seems to follow a theme.  It is interesting that each speaker is not assigned a topic, yet they always seem to go well together.  One of the major themes that I identified this conference was Eternal Families and Temples.  I know how important it is to have an Eternal Family, because 1) I am a member of one, and 2) I am striving to have my own someday.  I also have such a great love for the temple and all of the blessings that is had to offer.  Our beloved Prophet Thomas. S Monson stated has stated that;

“Each of our temples is an expression of our testimony that life beyond the grave is as real and as certain as is our life here.”

 Halifax Nova Scotia Temple

I am so glad for the opportunities that I receive.  Opportunities to get over to Nova Scotia for a weekend, to spend time with my love and his family and to listen to the words of Prophets.  The boys and I made our way home this afternoon and although I was squished again, the trip was so worth it and I have had a fantastic weekend.  
The rest of my week; work 10-6, Tuesday-Friday.  Wish me luck people.
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just so you know...

SO, I have been absent for the past couple of days.  That is because Thursday I found out I would be attending a YSA dance in Halifax the following night and spending General Conference Weekend in Nova Scotia with Haig and his family! Conference has been amazing as usual and like I have said before, my time with Haig has been like a fairytale.   It has been such a great weekend and I have so much to tell you all about, but for now, my boyfriend is taking a nap on the couch and I am going to join him.  I hope you have all had a awesome weekend.
XO, Lyssa