Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work Days

Work Yesterday--- Let's not even go there.  It sucked hardcore.  I went home angry and frustrated with a co-worker for they way they acted towards me and how they treated me and one customer in perticular.  I was not too impressed.  But I decided to not let their decision to be rude effect my mood.

Work Today---Much better.  Not by a whole lot, but I did get to spend most of the day with these lovely ladies.
Love them.
A lot.
& Ellen, but she had today off.  Lucky butt.

But yeah, these girls for the most part will be keeping me going most of the summer seeing as I will be spending my days with them.  I look forward to it :)

They keep me happy and goofy, even when we arnt suppose to be at work ;) tsk tsk.

I also went to a wedding reception tonight for my friend James MacEachern.  Him and his wife got married last week in Cardston, Alberta.  It was a lovely reception.  Working all this week, it was lovely to get a little dressed up!  I also enjoyed the Cake Pops that Julie Boulie made.  Love that lady.

And that's what the last couple of days have been for me..
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Mister Sun

Dear Mister Sun,

Why do you dislike me?  Today you are shining, and I abosolutely LOVE it.  Except, I have to go to work at One O' Clock.  I know you cannot help that, but can you please do me a little favour.  Come out on days that I don't have to work!!!  Like on Monday, where were you?  I was not happy.  My only day off work this week and it was cloudy and rainy.  Can you please shine when I can enjoy it?  Can you please give me a little glow for Youth Conference next week?  Please meet me at the beach at 2pm, this coming Sunday afternoon.  If not, we are so over.

Yours sincerly,


Monday, June 27, 2011

16 :)

Today my little sister Kayla, isnt so little anymore.  Today is her 16th Birthday! Woo Woo :)

Kayla is so rad, 'Hot and Dangerous', and she's my best friend.  My life would not be the same without her!
XO, Lyssa

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Uniform, Take 2

When I am not at work (which seems like never...), I will be wearing clothing like this!  I have always been a pretty casual person, but I like to add some flare here and there.  
Today has not been a great day.  Work was not the greatest today.  We got a really big order in and it was really stressful to deal with.  But Ellen, Kayla and I got it done!  We are so awesome.  Then Mom picked me up and I was not a happy camper, but I got over it.  I splurged on a magic wand... that does this to my hair..

Yeah, magic right?  Its pretty much zee bomb.
Now, to write my talk for sunday, eat some cheesecake and read some Harry Potter 5 :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Uniform, Take 1

So, this is what I will be wearing for most of my Summer

Reebok Staff tee's, Black Yoga Pants and Reebok Sneakers...

Stay tuned for what I will be wearing when I am not at work!

I am not too upset about working for most of the summer.  I got my job at Reebok last May, so I have already experienced a Reebok Summer.  I remember I went to EFY the first week of July and when I got back, I was pretty much working everyday except for Sundays and one weekday.  It will be the same this summer.  We have just hired a bunch of new people because we have had people leave for various reasons this past month or so.  The only 4 employees that were left were myself, Kayla, Ellen and Amanda.  I am glad these girls are not gone because they are my Faves :).  Tonight I worked with Amanda and two of the new boys, it was pretty slow.  Other than Youth Conference, I don't have much else to look forward to so I think its a good thing I will just have my mind on work for most of the summer.  I do really love my job :) (most days..)
Last night I went to dinner with my friend Chelsey.  We havnt hung out in awhile so it was nice to catch up with her.  After dinner we picked up Casey from work and met up with Amanda at DQ.  We chilled there for abit and then went back to my house to watch a movie.  I love me a good girls night!  I hope to have a couple more of those this summer for sure.
Last thing for tonight-  I cannot believe Youth Conference is only two weeks away!  I am so ready for some co-counsellor loveage with Haig Aaron Pinsent!
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Talk Time

I am preparing a talk for church on Sunday.  A talk you might ask?  Well yeah, I do give talks in church.  Some people think that's weird, but honestly, I am glad I don't have to go to church and listen to the same person for like an hour and a half.  It is always great to hear from different people because everyone has a different way of seeing things.  So my talk is on Responsibility.  Let's just say, I was not that responsible in my planning of it.  I had had the topic for a few weeks now, but I have just kept procrastinating the writing of the talk itself.  But tonight, I sat down and I started.  I am hoping to focus my talk on three things that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are Responsible for.  That is all I will say for now, but I will definitely share some of my talk with you all, after I have actually given it!
I am working everyday for the rest of the week.  Welcome to Summer Alyssa..
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the weekend

The weekend actually started on Thursday for me.  I worked and then Jess and I went to our High school's prom walk in.  I didn't know too many kids graduating, other than some of the kids that I went to France with last year.  It was jam packed as the prom walk ins usually are.  But that was not what surprised me the most.  I was surprised by the fact of how fast the year has gone by.  Like last year this was us;

Have I mentioned that I love Jess?  Well I do, she is pretty much the best.  So that was a pretty good night.  After the walk in (well after we were frozen), we went to get some dessert at Sims.  Jessica's cousin works there and she treated us to some brownies in a jar!  Such a neat idea, I want to try making my own sometime.

Friday was pretty slow.  I traded shifts with darling Kayla so that she could go to her high school's walk in and see her friends that were going to Prom.  So I worked 1-9 with Ellen and a new guy.  It was a pretty dead night to say the least.  I think our last customer was in around 7:30.  When I got home, I got ready for Saaattturday :) <3

Saturday went like this;
4:35- Woke up
4:40 to 5:10- Got dressed, made myself decently pretty and drove to the church with Mom, Dad and Kayla
5:30- Hopped on a tour bus that lots of people from church were on.
5:45 to 9:30- Drove to Halifax! Sat with my frandd Charmaine :)

9:45- Hi Haig and Temple :)
10 to 12- Did lots of SUPER AWESOMENESS in the House of the Lord.

Now you know why I said I was going to the best place on earth with my favorite man ever !

12 to 1:30- Chilled at Haig's house and then went to get some Fish n' Chips with Hannah and Jon (Rachel's boyfriend!)
1:45 to 3ish- Relaxed with Haig at the House, cuddled and well, gave each other lots of kisses!
3:30 to 7:30-Got back on the tour bus, drove back to Prince Edward Island.

So, it was a really amazing day to say the least.  It was such an opportunity to take a bus to the Temple with faithful Latter-Day Saints from PEI.  They have never had a group come to the Temple by taking a bus.  But I guess there is always a first for everything and I am glad that we did it and that the Charlottetown Branch is.. well, AWESOME!

Today was a pretty good day too because...
Well I went to church, that's one reason why, but I also ran/walked in my first charitable run in honor for my Grandfather.  It rained a bit, but the sun came out shortly after I started.  I am really glad that I did it, as much as my body hated me for it afterwards.  Also, it was a bucket list goal for me, so it makes me pretty happy that I get to cross it off now.  

I love and miss my Grandfather very much and I think he would have been very proud of me to run in his honor and help support the first cancer that he had. 

Haig texted me before the run- "Good luck. I love my cancer fighting woman."
iiii likkeeee him a lot :)

Last but not least; Today was a day for fathers.  Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles and Fathers to be everywhere around the world.  I love my daddy very much and I love what he does for my family and for myself.  He is the greatest.  It will be hard to see him go out west at the end of this week but I am really happy that he is so willing to make sacrifices to provide for my family.  He is the best :)
Also a little shout out to my man.  Because he is going to be a great dad someday!

My weekend was swell.  How was yours?
XO, Lyssa

Friday, June 17, 2011



I am going to the best place on earth.

 With my favorite man ever!

Have a good day. :)
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fish n' Chips Take 2

So, if you didn't know, I am on the hunt for the best fish n' chips around.  Tonight was my second time going out to try them somewhere.  First- Pilot House on Amanda's Birthday.  I was not impressed.  I was a little nervous to continue with the Hunt, but I did.  So tonight, I got home from work and I was texting my friend Scott.  He asked if I wanted to do something so I figured it would be the perfect oppertunity to find some fish n' chips.  He picked me up and we went to The Gahan House.  I have never been before.  The atmosphere was pretty lively and they played decent music (though it was a little loud).  I ordered the Brown Bag Fish n' Chips.  They came in a small brown bag and everything it was so cute... and SOO GOOD.  Like, if this was the last place I had them, it would win for sure.  But I still have all summer to try lots of places all over the Island.  It was really nice to go and hang out with Scott too.  We've been through a lot together, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am glad things have worked out though and they are back to being good.  We had a chat about old friends tonight.  It kind of surprised me when I started to think about some of the people that I use to be good friends with and now we don't talk anymore.   Not that we don't talk because we don't like each other, but life really does move forward and things do change.  I am happy with the other friendships I have made and I have learned who my real friends are and that they will be the ones to always be there for me.
Work has been pretty slow the last two days, but all is good.  I have the day off tomorrow and I am not sure what I am planning on doing yet.  I will most likely sleep in, take a walk and then go downtown.  But who knows, because life is always full of unexpected things :) ... and that is what makes it so much fun!

One more thing.  Yesterday my man turned 19 :)

We are crazy, and We love it, and We love each other :)
Happy (belated) Birthday Baby

XO, Lyssa

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am sooooo sooo hungry.

I could actually eat enything right now.

Here are some foods that are on my hungry mind state;
Fish n' Chips
A Good Burger and Fries
Donair Eggrolls
Chinese Food
Beef Stew
Tuna Casserole
Anything with Cheese.  Cheese is pretty much the best
Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs.  It would have to be all together, one without the other is just plain wrong
Chicken Cesar Salad.

Someone bring me one of these things and I will love you forever.
That's all for now.
XO, Lyssa

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fantastic Friday

It was nice to come to the close of a week.  Weird to think at the beginning of this week, I was saying goodbye to my Grandfather.  It seems to have gone by so fast but it really was a such a slow week.  Is that weird?  Yesterday was a fantastic day!  I worked from 10-6, but I worked with my favorite girls ever- Amanda, Jess, Ellen and Kayla.  Unfortunately, it was Jess's last shift.  Her shifts with her other job were clashing and it just wasn't working out.  It will be okay though, because I will see her lots this summer.  But yesterday at work was just really good.  I love just hanging out with the girls at work, talking, catching up and working (of course...).

Miss Kayla and myself Yesterday 
Kayla is hilarious, I love her to death.  She always knows how to brighten your day and she always has the funniest stories.  I am glad for working with her!

After work, I went home for a few minutes to get ready for my night.  Casey and I had plans to do somethings, we just wernt sure yet.  Casey's mom is still in Montreal so she had the car.  I also had my car, so I went downtown and met up with her.  We were craving pizza.  So, we went to Little Christo's and ordered some Pizza, Garlic Fingers and drinks.  Then we went and got some treats, a little gift for my boyfriend's birthday, and we rented a movie.  We went back to Casey's and ate pizza, treats and chatted about lots of stuff, and then we started the movie.  What movie you may ask?

Let's just say, we have caught the Beiber fever.  I know I know, I told myself I wouldn't.  But five minutes into the movie I was already caught.  We had such a fun girls night!  I love Miss Casey Ford.  We have decided we want to one of JBs Concerts.  We don't know when and if funds will let us, but we really would love to.  Maybe Toronto or Boston.  It would certainly be a blast.  I should start a lil JB fund or something..

My parents are gone to Halifax this weekend, so I get the car.  That makes me stoked.  Also, my family got one of the TVs that were in Moncton, and it order for it to work nicely, we got cable.  I just turned 19 last month, and my family has just got cable for the first time.  No, I did not have a sucky childhood without it,  I preferred it much more.  I am not a big fan of television, I just watch the shows I want to watch (Glee,Gossip Girl, Greys, So you think you can dance...).  But I guess it will be nice for a change to have more options of what to watch in my spare time.

Why does it have to be so nice and sunny, my parents are in Halifax and will most likely see my boyfriend today, and I have to go to work soon to work all day?  Oh well.... maybe next time.
Have a splendid Saturday!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Randomness of Lately

So, I have been keeping a few things from you lately blog.  With the passing of my Grandfather, I went off to moncton quickly and left you all out of the loop and randomness in my life.  So here are some things in my life lately that you might not know about!

Last Thursday morning, my best friend Casey's Grandfather passed away.  That is three deaths in one week, three grandfathers at that.  I was so glad when I had Casey to make sure I was doing okay when my Grandfather passed away just two days before, so I knew it was my turn to do the same for her.  She is in Montreal now, where his services took place today.  I miss and love this girlie so much, and she is so strong, especially in this time of loss.  When she gets home, we are having a major girls night.  We will watch chick flicks and eat lots of junk food.  We are very excited!

Last Thursday night, some friends and I celebrated Amanda's birthday.  We went to eat at the Pilot House.  I ordered the Fish n' chips.  And that is when I decided what one of my summer adventures is going to be.  I am going to find the best Fish n' chips on PEI.  It was too bad that I started off at the Pilot House, because they were not good at all.  But I am determined to find the best this summer, so if you know of any good places on the island, let me know!

I went to the Lasenza Outlet in Moncton on the weekend.  Never buying bras anywhere but there.  They are only $5.99 for cotton bras and $9.99 for silky or itec bras.  Hello good deals.  I got two! :)

I am reading all the of the Harry Potter books.  Haig said that if I finish them by the time the last movie comes out,  He will come and take me to the last movie.  I am currently reading book three.  I am surprised at how much stuff didn't make it to the movies or the stuff they changed.  I am really enjoying them though.  When I started the first one, I was sad that I have not read them before, but oh well!

I am very excited for summer.  It seems like it is taking forever for summer to actually start.  Maybe it is because my sister isn't out of school yet and she is one of the only people that I hang out with a whole lot.  She only has a week or so left though, so summer, here comes the Fraser sisters :)

I have added two more things to my bucket list which I will tell you about.  One is to make a Pinata (insert little hat on first 'a').  Kayla and I were watching How its made on the weekend and they showed how to make one with paper mache.  The other thing is to make a clock.  You can buy the hands and the motor at craft stores and then design your own.  It would be a lot of fun.  Maybe I will try and do both of those things this summer, along with my Fish n' Chips hunt!

I have been chatting with Brittany for the past hour.  I miss and love her mucly.

I made a cheesecake tonight;

My friend Maia got engaged! I am so super excited for her... I wish she would give me details but I havnt been able to get a hold of her!  I will know soon enough I am sure.

I think that is all for now...
Much love
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard, I just know that this past weekend, when I said goodbye to my Grandpa, I knew that it isnt really goodbye.  The weekend did go well though.  The wake was on Sunday and the Funeral Services were on Monday.  Both events went very well and my aunts, uncles and parents did an amazing job with planning most of it.  It was really nice to be surrounded by family and close friends, but it was sad that we had to be gathered for this circumstance.  Regardless, it was nice to see everyone and it made me realize how much I have missed them all.  I was very happy to see my Grandma.  She was very strong through out the whole weekend, I am so proud of her.  When it comes down to it, I miss my Grandpa, but I know he is okay and that I will see him again.

Thats all for now.
XO, Lyssa

Friday, June 3, 2011


A quick post.

I am such a tired girl today.  I hung out with a bunch of friends last night for Amanda's 19th Birthday.   We went out to eat at the Pilot House, went for a walk at Peakes and then got a Treatzapizza from Dairy Queen and have a jam session in David's car.  It was a pretty fun night to say the least.  I am about to go to work all day and then I am either heading to moncton or coming home, its all up in the air.

Wish me luck on this weekend...
XO, Lyssa