Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today does not exist...

Okay so it does,
but I think it is really weird!
Two People I know got married today, and it is a good thing they will be married for Time and all Eternity because they won't actually have a lot of anniversaries!  Ha, its funny.
Also, I was born in the leap year, so that is cool.
If I had have been born on February 29th, it would have been difficult to pick another day to be my birthday because my Grandma's was yesterday and my brother's 21st is tomorrow!
Anyways, that is that for today.
Happy leap day!
And ladies, tell a man that you love him and he will tell you he loves you back!  Atleast that is what they said on the news tonight in regards to leap day.
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My favorite two kids on the Planet

Okay, so if you have not been watching Ellen lately and have not gotten
the chance to be entertained by these two lovely girls, GO and Youtube it
all right now on the Ellen channel. Every time I watch them I find myself
laughing hysterically. They are amazingly talented as well. I will surely
go to one of their concerts if they ever make it big, fingers are crossed for
them. I always love their tutus too. I think I wanna be Sophia Grace for
Halloween this year, who wants to be my Rosie?

XO, Lyssa

Snow Day Update

Thank you for this snow day.
It did allow me to get some studying done for a quiz next week.
But for this next little while... this is happening

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never2011 G 105 minutes
In this high-energy musical documentary, teen singing sensation Justin Bieber provides personal snapshots from throughout his career, starting with his first set of drums and culminating with scenes from his triumphant 2010 concert tour.
DocumentariesMovies for ages 8 to 10Movies for ages 11 to 12,Biographical Documentaries
This movie is:

Happy Snow Day ;)
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday, Hurry up Spring!

The thing about winter is that I have been trying to be a decent young lady and keep my legs covered.  I feel like when I go to church in cold weather I am gonna make other people cold.  But today, that didn't matter.  The sun was shining and although it was not warm at all, my legs got revealed, and it made me wish for spring.  Only about another month until it is officially spring, which is okay because I have not even been sledding this year!  What is with that huh?  I should get on that soon I suppose or all of the snow will be gone.

Church was fantastic today.  I love my branch so much.  They are all like family.  It was nice to see lovelies like Megan and Julie today because they always make my day and I love chatting with them about everything.  It is great.  However, today I missed a couple people too.  Haig being one, because he is all things awesomeness.  I also missed my dad a lot because Mom and Kayla and I have lots of fun when we go to church, he missed out today.  Last but not least, I miss my lovely Amanda face and all her goodness.  But all is well with her out in Lethybridge so I am content.
Back to school tomorrow.  Only about one month left!  Woo :)
XO, Lyssa

Friday, February 24, 2012

Where did my week go?

It has been a week since I have bloooooggeeeed.

I have been on hiatus.
Not really, but I wish.

My break has been fairly decent.  I went to visit my Grandma in Moncton on Sunday and Monday.  I did some shopping while I was there and while I have been home.  I worked on a project at school with a friend and I also went to the gym yesterday.  I went to Hot Yoga today and it was glorious.  People who think sweating is gross--- Don't try Hot Yoga.  You would hate it for sure.  I however love it.  According to my lululemon waterbottle;

"Sweat once a day to regenerate your skin"

Thanks lulu.
And now it is Friday and I go back to school in a couple of days.  This week has been good enough I suppose.  I only really have one more month left of intense school, then I'll write 3 exams in April and be done until May 14th when I go back for two spring courses. I am such a school chic now and it is an awesome life that I live.

I think I will buy a bookshelf tonight.  I need a new one.
That's all for now.
XO, Lyssa

Friday, February 17, 2012

the sick days

Not really in the mood the write a whole lot today.  I am still fighting off a cold.  I've got everything right now---runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, stuffed up face, you name it.  At one point today I seriously thought I was going to punch something if I had to blow my nose one more time.  However, the good news is, that I am finished school for a week!  I do have a couple school assignments to work on, but I have all next week.  For now, I just wanna feel better.  A couple things have made me feel better in the past day or so;

my tea bag, Joy is such a nice word.

my new CTR (choose the right) ring

The contents of my afternoon

my valentines flowers from Haigalicious.

sweet sweet mail from my Laura Beth and a 
get well card my sister made for me while she was bored in school

And there yah have it folks, I am as happy as I can be on this cold but I still wish it would go away!  Have a lovely weekend :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, February 16, 2012


That moment.
yes, no?
Is it gone?
I don't think so...
I wish it was gone.
It would be fantastic if it was,
I think it might be gone!
nope. its not gone.
I am still sick and it is no fun.

If anyone has suggestions of that I can do for the next couple of days as I stay in please let me know.
XO, Lyssa

Monday, February 13, 2012


We got treated to a nice snow storm this weekend, resulting in Megan getting storm stayed at my house yesterday.  We had a photoshoot, ate yummy french toast and watched Disney movies.  Sadly, I was not in my own branch last week because I was at Haig's, so I am missing my Charlottetown family a little.  This week brings good things.  Well, not exactly good but good to get over with.  I have two midterms and a project due before Friday.  Wish me lots of luck.  Tomorrow also brings that one day of the year where I can do corny things and people won't nag on me for it...(well that is not true, but still and excuse to do corny things).  I don't have much, but I am looking forward to doing a couple of things..
Here is a sneak peek from our lil' photoshoot

And my gosh is it cold today!  Something like -33 with the windshield.  Bundle up and stay warm!
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday and Goodbye

Yesterday was my Momma's birthday!  She turned the big 5-0.  She probably hates that I am announcing that, but I don't care.  She looks great, she is feeling good and she is my favorite Momma in the whole entire world!  Happy birthday MOM! :)

Yesterday I also had to say a goodbye to my friend Philippe.  Philippe moved here when he got back from serving his mission.  He has made the decision to move to Ottawa to pursue his education and find a himself a lady-friend!  It has been great getting to know him and I wish him the best of luck, on both en devours!  
Bye French Boy!

At the Kitchen Table

When I have a lot of school work to do and no one is home, I am here.  I have a desk in my room, but it is not large enough to spread all my work out.  The floor is not very comfortable either in my house.  We don't have any carpet in my house at all so my poor bottom would not love me if I did all my work on the floor.  And my bed...  If I do school work there I am more likely to end up on facebook, asleep or getting up more often to stretch. None of you care, but here is my school to do list as of February 6th

1. French review (midterm on 15th)
2. Business review (midterm on 16th)
3. Business case (due on 28th, want to have done for the 17th)
4. Sociology presentation (March 5th)

It may seem like I have a lot of time for these things but I really don't!  They are coming at me so fast.  Ah! Only 7 more classes until Spring Break!  I cannot wait :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

My heart's a stereo

I have so many people to turn it up when I feel low.

I had a great weekend in Halifax with my Pinsent family, my good friend Jared and some other fellow YSA friends.  I got to go to the temple on Thursday night, played some intense dodgeball on Friday night, relaxed with Haig and his family on Saturday and spent the evening at the mall with Haig and went to church on Sunday.  Yeah, that is my weekend in a nutshell.  It was bliss and fun and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, except now it is back to school.  Although having sociology on Monday nights kind of sucks, going tonight made me so excited that I am still moving forward with school and that I am hopefully on the right track!

Alyssa, Jared and Haig

One good weekend down, so many more to go!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sometimes I wear leggings as pants

Leggings as pants? Anyone wanna fight me on this one?  They are comfortable.  And I am tiny enough to wear them so it is all good...

Three more classes and one midterm before I am off to HALIFAX for the weekend.  I am so excited to spend time with the Pinsents, at the Temple, with the YSA and last but not least, my good friend Jared who is leaving on his mission next week!  Life is. SO GOOD.
XO, Lyssa
ps, I finally have my pinterest boards looking nice, take a look !