Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home and Native Land

I matched a lighthouse today (color-wise) to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow.

This picture makes me so proud to be Canadian, and especially an Islander, the home of the confederation. 

I am thankful that I live in a free country.  To have education, a home, a job and especially freedom of beliefs.  

I will be spending Canada Day tomorrow with family friends that we have always spent Canada Day with over the years, except for the past couple where they have been living in the States.  They are back to visit so we will be spending the whole day with the...just like old times.

Hope you all enjoy it as well,
can't believe it is July!

XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My baby sister is not so much of a baby anymore.  I cannot remember what it was like when she was born.  I was only 3 years old and 5 days.  But she has changed my life for the better.  We have shared a room together our whole lives which some people say must suck, but I would not have it any other way.  When she is not at home sleeping above me in the top bunk, I feel lonely and I miss her presence.  My baby sister is smart, kind and wonderful.  She can have her crazy moments and get pretty angry, but I know where she gets it from, she follows after her big sister every now and then...Kayla is so much fun.  We can laugh about something and bring it up hours later and laugh at it again.  She knows when I am hurting, and unlike some of my other friends, she lets me be.  I am grateful for this because as much as I love her, sometimes just her knowing that I am hurt is enough to help me feel better (that made sense in my head but it doesn't sound right typed out).  My sister is unique.  There is no one else like her and I am so glad that she is My sister and in My Life.  cliche, I don't know what I would do with out her.

Happy 17th Birthday Little Sister, Many wishes to you on this wonderful day.


Into the swing of things!
I am finally done.  My exam was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.  Maybe I did somehow become all powerful of things related to foods and nutrition.  I guess we will have to wait and see how I did!

And now that it is officially summer for me, I want to do a few things and one of those things is related to Pinterest.

Here's the thing, everybody 'pins' stuff to boards on Pinterest, especially stuff to do with crafts and DIY things.  But out of those people who actually does anything?

Well, I am about to shake things up a little and actually do some of the things that I have found on Pinterest;

Here are a couple of the projects that I am  hoping to get started on.  I'll let yah know how they turn out, so stick around why don't yah?
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


we are young!

no, tonight I am done!  I have to write a massive exam for food and nutrition and then I am done my first year at the University of Prince Edward Island.  I am beyond happy and I still have two months left of summer!  However right now I should be studying but I feel like I am not retaining any of the information!  At this point, as bad as it sounds, I am hoping to some how wing it, or have some awesome power overcome me with foods and nutrition knowledge.  I just like to eat, don't really care about the rest.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

disposable cameras are awesome

Here are some disposables that Haig and I took when he was here for his birthday week;
I kind of like them.  And him, like a lot :)

summer lovin'

XO, Lyssa

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bed Bath and Beyond

We had a little fun in one of the sections at Bed, Bath and Beyond the other night.  I am still frustrated that Haig does not like taking a whole lot of pictures, so I embrace the random moments to take pictures that are pretty priceless.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer lovin'

In a week and a half I will be all finished my two spring courses and I will be ready to start the summer bucket list.  My bestest friend Casey listed most of it, and with a couple of tweaks to mine, we will hopefully complete them all together.  

1.Go camping

2.Have a spa day

3.Have a picnic

4.Go on a road trip

5.Dye my hair

6.Build a sand castle

7.Go on a scavenger hunt

8.Visit a lighthouse

9.Use a disposable camera

10.Wash a car

11.Let go of a balloon with a message attached

12.Cook an egg on the sidewalk

13.Glue a toonie to the ground and watch people try to pick it up

14.Make crayon art

15.Put up a Take What You Need poster

16.Photo bomb a stranger's picture

17.Hair chalk

18.Get a tan tattoo

19.Read at least 5 books

20.Have a Starbucks date with myself

21.Plan a trip around the world (places to go in the future)

22.Have food fight

23.Try 5 new foods

24.Go Go-Karting


I left #25 blank.  What is one more thing that I have to do this summer? Any thoughts/suggestions?!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Maia,

Life has been pretty busy lately so the blog has been on the back burner.  Life is good though which is great!

Haig is here right now.  He came on Saturday, while I was at work but we have had lots of time to do stuff the past couple of days.  Time is really flying by, I can't believe he will be gone in a couple of months.  And today, is his BIRTHDAY.  He is 20, old like me now.  But hey, we are all just growing up!  We are going to spend the day at the beach, have a dinner date and maybe go out dancing depending on how we are feeling after a day in the sun.  Its gonna be 23 degrees today, I'm gonna get my tan on! [slash, burn].

My two spring courses are almost finished and I could not be more grateful.  They have been a lot of work and I am stressed to the max.  I cannot wait to be done and I cannot actually believe I am saying this but I am looking forward to be going back to Reebok full time.  I will get to hang out with my friends more and get to just relax knowing that I don't have any school work to do.  It is a lot of pressure to get school work done when you know that you are getting marked for it, but we all know that a school without tests, papers and exams is not a school.  Might be kind of nice though...

What else is new and exciting.... Well, Haig is making me a longboard!  I am really excited.  I am not the best rider yet, but I will hopefully get pretty good while he is gone.  He is fantastic at it though.  I think we are going with a pink, white and blue color scheme, it will look so pretty when it's done (mostly because Haig is making it and he is pro and will make it look awesome).

I think that's about it for now;.... see nothing that new and exciting to talk about!

I miss you

Love, Alyssa

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The instagram life.

Oh yeah and I cut all my hair off. Hello endless days of straightening my hair all summer long.
a. My lovely friend Katherine graduated high school!
b. Shoes on the way to church
c. Hair cut!
d. Ah, finally found pretty mint jeans!
e. Brand new fuzzy socks on a cozy day inside. This weather is making me so sad. Mister Sun where are you?

Friday, June 1, 2012


You know when you are just full of stress, you want to cry or scream or you just want a long hug from your favorite person?  All you could use are some words of comfort even if they bring tears to your eyes in public places or just a moment of reassurance?

This was my day yesterday.

I got to my morning class and realized how behind I was with my readings and my journal(which is worth 40% of the final mark at the end of June).  As I sat there in class, I made a couple of comments that quickly got turned down by the Prof.  I started to feel embarrassed and I just wanted all those things that I listed off in the first paragraph of this post.  I got home and continued to struggle with working on the journal.  I felt like I was doing it all wrong but I kept going.   The day went on, my family came home and the mood of the house was very tense and we were all very angry with one another for no real reason.   Our conversations had different tones and I felt upset.  I really did not want to go to my night course, but I did  to get out of the house.

When I got to school, I emailed my morning prof and asked if I could meet with him to see if my journal was on the right track and he quickly emailed back a "sure, after class on Tuesday will work, Have a great weekend"


I don't know why I got so pent up about the smallest thing, or why my emotions are out of whack right now.  But let's just say that yesterday was a rough day.  I am past it now but I am still a mess and I wish school would just be done.  When I made the decision to take spring courses I didn't think it would effect my emotions this much.  It does not help that I just spent an amazing long week with Haig, and now I won't see him for awhile.  We will only have a couple more visits until he leaves which scares me.  It also scares me that he wont be here while I struggle though my education, but knowing that he is off doing bigger and better things will make me happy and hopefully be enough to get me though the trials I have when he is there and I am here.

Love that boy.

I think that's all for now,  busy weekend ahead for me and it starts right now.
XO, Lyssa