Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saying goodbye to summer....

A couple of shots from the summer,
of things and people that I will miss.
Places that will remind me of memories made and laughs had.

swimming at the pool with the Pinsents, July and August 

magic mountain with Haig, Casey, Emily, Chelsey, Devin and Lee
August 3rd

going out dancing at Peaks

playing games with friends

going out to dinner with Chica Face Megan
August 13th

being a Tiki!
August 25th

XO, Lyssa

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cole Harbour take One

I arrived in Cole Harbour on Thursday night.  It was so weird to work from 10-3 on Thursday because that is a shift that they give to part-timers.  But it was nice to work my last summer shift at Reebok.  It has been a good summer there yet again.  Thursday night we relaxed from my drive over and we spent some time with Rachel who was catching a plane in the morning to Alberta!  We are all so happy and proud for her.  After sleeping in on Friday, Haig and i ventured over to Halifax.  I was on the hunt for new LuluLemons, which I found but not quite the ones I wanted but they are still great!  We also swam om Friday and watched half of the Hunger Games before we started to fall asleep like an old marries couple.  We are just so cute.  Saturday, my amazing man took me to the temple and helped me to some work in the baptistry and confirmation room.  It was one of the best experiences that I've had in the temple and I am grateful for his priesthood. In the afternoon we took the younger kids to a black light mini put, they had a lot of fun!  Haig and i also got over to the mall where I found new pants for school and where he found a new bowtie!  We were very excited about that find.  We also took the kids for a late night swim at Rainbow Haven.  It was cold but we made the most of it for about an hour before heading home.  Off we are to church today and home together to PEI for a couple days tomorrow!
XO, Lyssa

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Some snaps of what has been going on in my life filled with good food, work times, new cute pjs. Also some letter writing, Julie's fat cat Riley, black hair and cute outfits.

I work today from 1-9, and I am going out tonight with some friends. In the morning I'll get up and shower and go to work from 10-3. I'll make a quick trip home and be on my way to Halifax!
I love my lovely little life :)
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Craziness that is my life

So my life is crazy and this is probably one of the last times you might hear from me for the summer.  It is just too hard to blog when things get this crazy and honestly, sometimes I don't even want to.  I will at some point thought because I have started to make blog books for 2011 and then I will make one for 2012. Thanks to my big sister Laura for introducing me on a fun way to document, not only online but to have them in my hand as well.  Speaking of Laura, shout out to her for getting married in l2 days!  I am saying this now because as mentioned, I will probably not be around.  Life has been busy with hanging out with friends and working.  On Monday, I went bridge jumping with Timothy and Megan.  Megan and I went to Peter Pan Diner for dinner and we went to Julie's so Megan could make a collage for her dorm at UNB.  Tuesday I went out to lunch with Casey and we spent the afternoon tanning at her house.  In the evening we went to the beach along with Emily and Chelsey for an evening swim and after we had a bonfire  at Emily's complete with hot dogs and s'mores.  It was a perfect two days off and then I was back to reality yesterday setting up for the Tent Sale which started about an hour ago.  
Today 1-9:30
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-6:30
Hoefully I can pull through these next couple days, have a day off on Sunday and then work straight until Thursday at 3pm when I am off work and leave for Halifax for the weekend.  I cannot believe that summer is almost over, Haig is leaving and I am going back to school and work full time.  It is all a lot to take in, but I am slowly but surely.
Wish me luck on my work week
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Work days

Again, my summer has been consumed by work. I worked a lot last week and I even did a co-worker a favor today and worked for her. I normally do not work on Sundays because I go to church, but I did make today an exception. This week I have two days off before we have our big tent sale. I will be doing as much as I can Monday and Tuesday when I won't be working. I am content though. I have been reading lots when I am not at work or I am at home with my family. I have been spending a lot of time with my sister lately and I am constantly reminded that she is my best friend. It is a good life that I live.
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, August 9, 2012

last bits of the weekend

Sunday August 5th,2012

Sunday was another rough day for me, but I got through it.  We went to sacrament meeting and all of a sudden I started to feel stressed and upset again about the previous day and the months and years that Haig and I were approaching.  They are coming fast.  It will be three weeks on the 14th until he leaves, and that is pretty scary.  I walked home from church during Sunday School to get some well needed rest.  Haig came home a little early too and rested with me comforted me a lot.  We spent the rest of the evening in all and watched a movie with some of the family.

Monday August 6th, 2012

Haig had to work all day on Monday, so I got to spend lots of the day with Rachel.  I had offered to drive her out to someone's house because she had some boxes of stuff that she had to get.  Rachel is moving out west in two weeks so she needs to go through a lot of her things to get packed.  After we picked up the boxes, we had a little snack date at Wendy's.  We got fries, I got a frosty and Rachel got a milkshake.  Rachel is so down to earth and I love hanging out with her because she is so laid back and easy going.  When Haig got home from work, we decided to go on a date.  We ended up going to a place in Eastern Passage called Wharfwraps.  The atmosphere was just how I like it and I am glad that Haig picked that spot.  After dinner, we took a walk on the boardwalk and took some cheesy pictures because that is just what we do.

Tuesday August 7th, 2012

I got up.  Ate some breakfast.  Woke Haig up.  Said our goodbyes.  Packed up my car.   Drove home non-stop.  Got home, unpacked. Worked 4-9.
Exciting right?

But no, I had one fantastic week with Haig, our friends and our families.  I am so grateful for these last couple of weeks we have together and the time that we will have apart to grow and strengthen each other.
It will all be okay

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 4th

Saturday, August 4th 2012

Saturday was a roller coaster kind of day.  Well, it begins Friday night.  I went to bed quite early, frustrated about the day ahead.  My emotions were insane.  I was so happy and excited but also frustrated and confused at the same time.  Haig would be going to the Temple for the first time, and I would not be able to join him.  With Haig going on a mission, there is something he must do in the Temple in order to go.  Because I will not do this until I get married someday,I could not go inside with him.  I planned on going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, but I was unable to because of a timing conflict.

So on Saturday morning, Haig left for the temple with his family.  I stayed at the house for awhile and got ready for the day.  I got to the chapel that is beside the temple and I waited with Victoria for most of the morning.  I also called my mother and my friend Brittany for a bit.  They both helped me a lot to calm down from feeling upset and frustrated.  The sun started to shine from the clouds, literally and the day started to feel much better.

I cannot share my emotions from the entire experience.  I just know that when I saw Haig after he had gone through, I was one happy girl and we were two happy people!  We had a lunch at the church with his family and some of his close church friends.  It was just lovely and I am grateful to his Momma, Kat and Granny for  planning it.

We took some pictures at the temple and then to save ourselves from sweating to death, we went swimming at the pool for the afternoon.

One of the best days our lives

Magic Mountain and Cole Harbour

Friday, August 3rd 2012

We went to Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton, New Brunswick for the day.  Like I had mentioned, it just happened to work out that myself and Haig made plans to go to Magic Mountain on the same day as my girlfriends planned on going.  The girls were already in Moncton and met us there around lunch time.  We spent the afternoon on water slides, in the wave pool, eating beaver tails and smoothies and also chilling in the lazy river.  I do not have pictures yet because we bought a waterproof disposable camera which I have yet to get develop!  I am super excited, I hope the pictures turned out fun :)

Haig and I left around 4 and drove to Sackville, NB to eat some dinner.  After some food at Wendy's we were on the road to Cole Harbour.  We had a nice drive together.  He is such a good driving companion, well and a great companion in general ;)

We made it to Cole Harbour just in time to get back into our bathing suits and run across the street to join the whole family at the community pool.  I will admit that I had more fun in that 15 minutes than I did the whole day at Magic Mountain.  And after driving in a hot car for two hours, it could not have been more perfect.  I really enjoyed the whole day though and I am so glad I got to spend it with so many lovely people.

photo via katherine

Haig, Casey, Emily, Chelsey, Devin, Lee, Victoria, Hannah, Emma, Katherine, Rachel 
Haig, Nichla and Granny Cliff
Thanks for the great day!

Burlington, PEI

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Haig, Kayla, Amanda and I went out to Burlington, PEI.  It is about 45 minutes from Charlottetown and their main attraction (only attraction) is a pretty run down amusement park.  I have not been out since the 9th grade, but I remembered the Go-Karts being pretty decent and Haig and I have wanted to go on a Go-Karting date for awhile now so off we went.  We took Kayla and Amanda with us along for the ride because they are just so much fun!  We rode on the Go-Karts, Bumper Cars, played Mini-Golf and got the chance the ride the Bumper Boats before they stopped working.  I know, run-down right.  But all in all it was a fun afternoon!

Don't mind my wet butt from the bumper boats... Awkward.... but fun :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

This guy

Has been told many times this past week and especially yesterday, that he is my favorite. He is just so fantastic, loving, caring and amazing to have in my life. So glad he will be mine forever!

Picture taken in Burlington, PEI. August 2nd, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer days

This week has been pretty great so far. I worked Monday through Wednesday and Haig got here on Tuesday. Yesterday night we had a date at Boston Pizza and we also went put dancing with some of my girlfriends. Today we went out to Burlington which is funny because it is Haig's hometown... Burlington Ontario that is. But there is also a place on PEI called Burlington and they have a small little amusement park with a fun go-kart track. We spent the afternoon there with my sister and my neighbor Amanda. Today is also a special day because it is my Parents 26th wedding anniversary! Go mommy and daddy. You two are fantastic and I love you both so much.
Tomorrow Haig and I will go to Moncton for the day to spend at Magic Mountain with some of my friends, then we will drive to Halifax and I will be spending the weekend there. Lots of stuff a happening people'
XO, Lyss