Monday, September 24, 2012

Things that make me incredibly Happy

being a university student and snacking in between study breaks with my best friend!

Baby boy onesie for Bayker Nelson

my sixth sense, I just knew that I had mail this day!

Katrina's new kitten Jack! 

Katrina's youngest darling, Lily <3

The Fraser ladies in prints on Sunday, myself in Leopard, Kayla in polka dots and Mom in, I don't even know what....

A letter today, September 24th 2012.  Three weeks tomorrow.

This guy's music.  Makes me so happy and makes me miss someone I love very much.

I’m gonna love you til the world ends, I’m gonna hold you til the world ends

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY, and that 's saying a lot cause its a Monday guys...
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This week;

Just because we haven't used the webcam in awhile...

These have been my hangout buddies today.  Learning all about the joys of accounting.  Debits and Credits, Assets, Liabilies and Shareholders' Equity Oh My.

I hate it.

Haa.  Other than this stuff taking over my life, this week has been better than the first full week back to school.  When I haven't been at school, I have been at home working on school stuff.  I have also gone out a couple of times this week to run errands.  I got a super cute fleather jacket at Value Village that I am really happy about.  It just needs a little mending repair and maybe a dry cleaning to make it even more oh so fabulous.  Other exciting news of the week, next June my baby sister is taking a trip to Scotland for school!  I am so stoked for her because I know how much fun I had on my trip to Europe!  She will be going for over a week and she gets to billet with families that speak Gaelic (the class that she is in that is taking the trip).  Sometimes she likes to speak Gaelic around the house, I deal with it.  I only know like one word that we like to say a lot


it means "Get Out"
It has sort of turned in to an inside joke in our house.  I love it

So, need I remind you all.  I go to school, I work, I read, I sleep and I eat.  I send letters to my Elder Pinsent and I get lovely letters back from him!  I got my first one this week and it was such a delight.  We have two weeks down people, only 102 left to go!

Have a lovely weekend, I'll be back again on Sunday!
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sabbath Day

         taking note, the shirt I am wearing is from Reitmans and I got it for 7 bucks!  That's better than 
thrift shopping people, I love a good deal!

It is weird to have my emotions on this roller coaster that I have mentioned before.  Also, I have always been a pretty sensitive person, but of course lately that has been worse.  Sometimes there are times I feel like I could just burst into tears because of my surroundings and situations.  This past Friday was like that.  It was a rough day and sending a quick note to Elder Pinsent expressing how I felt did not make it any better.  Later that day I was talking to one of my really good friends and she told me a situation that her sister was going through while her boyfriend is away fighting for our country.  I started to feel guilty for the way that I had acted when I heard this story and it was hard to hold back my emotions again for feeling so selfish and needy of others.  

I also had an experience that really hurt last week.  It is not easy to get along with everyone, but knowing that you are NOT getting along with someone and trying to make it work is not fun at all, especially when you love someone and you just want their love back.  I feel upset even thinking about how things are and I wish they could be changed but I am so tired.  I am tired of trying and I am tired of being discouraged.  Hopefully things will change at some point but for now I am just trying to not fall apart again about it.

And today is Sunday, a day of rest.  I am happy that I don't have any work to do and that I can just relax at home with my family.  We will be having dinner soon together and maybe we will sit down and watch a movie tonight.  I just need to keep smiling for now and make it through.


Music, has been my saving grace these last couple of weeks, here are some of the tracks in particular

I won't give up- Jason Mraz
Some nights- Fun
Firewood- Regina Spector (seriously, this girl is amazing.)
How- Regina Spector
The A Team- Ed Sheeran
Hall of fame- The script
Mercy- Dave Matthews Band
If only- Dave Matthews Band
Dark side- Kelly Clarkson
We are never ever getting back together- Taylor Swift (what is life without a little girly break up song?)
Fire- Ingrid Michaelson
August is over- We the Kings
Baby Blue- Dave Matthews Band
You know it's true- Jules Larson

Take a listen, and enjoy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Days, Weeks, Months

So, is it just me, or do the weeks seem to go by fast?  I have been thinking about Time a lot lately.  Most of my friends or people that I come into contact with are surprised about how long Elder Pinsent will be gone for.  Two years is a really long time, but then again it really is not.  Like seriously people, it is September.  Look how fast this year has already gone by.  Haig's sister Katherine mentioned on her blog that September is like the start of a new year for her, and I agree with her.  Everyone is in back to school mode, and getting back on a schedule with life.  I of course use my agenda religiously and I always come to a weird moment turning the page to look at a new blank week and realizing how fast the last week has gone by.  I think the Weeks will go by faster than the days and faster than the months.  When I start to countdown it will be weeks, believe me... the countdown is already on.  But I am still doing good in case anyone is wondering.  We had our own Canada Halifax Mission President and his wife visit us today and I was so impressed at how much they love these missionaries.  I hope that Elder Pinsent will receive that same love when he arrives to his mission field in about three weeks.

by Sydney MacLennan

Friday night was my first shift back at work, and it was a little strange to have been gone for so long but really get back into the swing of things at work.  I am a third key now which I do enjoy and it adds a bit more structure to my life, as with school.  I am also loving the bit of a raise.  I need to do some back to school clothes shopping.  I didn't get to do much while I was in Nova Scotia right before school started.  So hopefully I will get a couple more items over the next couple of weeks to add to my fall wardrobe.  If anyone knows where I can find super comfy shoes that will last me into the winter months (so not TOMS), let me know.  I can't find anything to walk around campus in.  All university students should know that good, cute shoes are a must have.. or a couple of pairs :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

How my iPod saw it

persona bracelet and picnic date

pretty flowers I woke up to and the view from the Stake President's house

Miss Victoria on the trampoline

View from the Pinsent's picture window

packing his gear, and Elder Pinsent

sharing some Oh Henry ice cream with the boy

prepping his love letters for me, and Luke playing with the Stake President's dog

Photographer in the works, Miss Hannah Jane

Went to church two times on Sunday!

And that is how my Ipod saw things.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Departure

On Tuesday, September 4th 2012, I said good-bye to my best friend, my companion of the last two and a half years.  Along with his family and his Granny Cliff, we took him to the airport around 6:45 am for his flight at 8:56 to Chicago and then to Salt Lake City.  Once we got to the airport he checked into his flight and got his baggage checked.  We took some last pictures with our favorite missionary and then we decided we would let him go through security so he could board his flight when the time came... also just an excuse for all of us to get the water works over with... or maybe that is just me.  I defiantly looked like a basket case at the airport.  I could not even go watch him go and walk through the terminal to security because I knew I would lose it.  Regardless of how much I cried, or how sad I was I was So Happy.  I was so happy that he has finally gotten to this point and my words cannot express how proud I am of him and all he has become.  He is going to be such a good missionary!

We love you Elder Pinsent, talk to you soon

Elder Pinsent and his lovely sister Victoria (who gave me a big,long hug once he was gone, I love her for it)

Mom and Dad

Hannah, Luke, Emma, Victoria, Elder Pinsent
Maybe with his two other sisters (Kat and Rachel) they could have held him back!  ;)

It's not goodbye, its just see you later.

Elder Pinsent

Monday was a holiday,  so Haig and I went on our picnic lunch in the afternoon because in the evening we would be driving out to the Stake President's house as Haig would be getting 'set-apart' to be an elder.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is how he becomes a missionary.  The stake president gives him a blessing and sets him apart to become an ambassador for our church to serve his mission for two years.  It was an emotional experience for everyone.  After it happened, Haig even found some mascara that had stained one of his dress shirts from one of us girls giving him a hug.  Poor guy, good thing he has lots of them!  The Stake President's house was a ways out and it is out by a lake.  I called his house a tree house because that is basically what it feels like, right in the middle of the woods overlooking a huge lake!  It was pretty neat.  On our way back to Cole Harbour we made a stop at a diner where we almost all got Fish and Chips for a late dinner.  Again, I love those Pinsents.  My goodness they are great!

after being set apart--- now Elder Pinsent

Dad, Mom and Elder

Pinsent Family

trying not to get too close... myself and Elder Pinsent

Mahone Bay, NS

Picnic Date

Just a few photos from the last date that Haig and I will be on for two years.
We went to Morris Lake and had a picnic lunch, with some Dave Matthews tunes and sun in our eyes.
I could not have asked for a better way to spend our last couple hours together.

Love this boy, oh so much.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Days

This is what I looked like today,

And his is probably what this handsome fella looked like;
photography by our lovely friend Sydney MacLennan see more of her work here

Today, I started my first day of my second year at UPEI.  I have decided to major in Sociology and double minor in Business and Family Science.  This semester I am only in three courses; Families in Contemporary Society, Organizational Behaviour and Financial Accounting.  I am only in three courses so I have some more time to be at work part time.  

Today was also Elder Pinsent's first day at the Missionary Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is where he will learn lots of stuff on how to be a fantastic missionary.  I won't hear from him until early next week, but here's hoping that his first day went well.  You can do this handsome, keep your chin up.

XO, Lyssa

Cole Harbour take 2

So, as mentioned before, I was in Cole Harbour a second time, for the weekend right before Haig left on his mission.  For the most part, Haig and I just got to run around a lot and get lots of things done before he left.  We got to relax with his family and spend some time with friends here and there.  We got to swim a couple times at the community pool before it closed for the season.  All of those Pinsent kids are fish.  Haig told me that I am a social swimmer because both times we went swimming I ended up leaving early because I was cold.  Haig said I just needed to swim more, but that was difficult when I was already so cold!  Sunday was a really fun day.  Haig had a meeting with the Stake President and 7:30 in the morning in Halifax, so while he went to that I got ready to go to church in Dartmouth at 9am.  We went to the first hour meeting together and then went home to do some reading and have lunch with the family before we went to our regular 3 hour church meetings at Cole Harbour.  When we got home, Haig and I had a funny little thing happen with his favorite suit...  So that was that...  Sunday night we had an Open House at the Pinsent's with lots of friends from church, friends and neighbors.  It was nice to be able to relax with people and see everyone to celebrate this new adventure in Haig's life.   

I guess I am a Minnesota Vikings fan from here on out!

an amazing lady in Haig's ward made this cake!  She did a fantastic job and it was so good!

Haig and I before guests got there!

I love Cole Harbour and I will miss it for awhile.  I won't be going back to visit the Pinsents for quite some time because I will be very busy with school and work for the next little while, but they know how much I love and miss them!  I am so grateful for them in my life and how they will support me during these two years as well as their AMAZING son who I know they are so proud of!
A few more adventures to come from Cole Harbour... stay tuned!

Richards Fish and Chips

The last night that Haig and I were on PEI, my parents took us out to dinner at one of my favorite places.  Last summer I tried to determine who had the best Fish and Chips around and this place won.  They are fantastic!  Their location adds to the experience, it is right on the wharf and it gets really busy on hot summer days.  We got pretty lucky by getting there about 45 minutes before they closed, got served and sat upstairs in the dining lounge.  It was really windy outside, I wish we could have ate on the upper deck like I had wanted to, but it was still a great time.  Like seriously, SUCH good Fish and Chips.  Any of you readers that live away, you come to PEI and I will take you there, my treat!  And hold me to that!

Thanks for dinner Momma and Daddy!