Monday, November 26, 2012

My week in photos;

This past week had a little bit of everything---

Got all dressed up to present in my Organizational Behaviour class.
Went out to dinner with my family at East side Marios.
Got a beautiful letter from Elder Pinsent.
Found a vintage picture of Haig and I in my scriptures, babies at prom 2010!
Had cinnamon rolls during Glee on Thursday night, so delish!
Bought our dog a cone because she has a sore on her face. #ConeOfShame
DIY'ed myself some glitter shoes. I am very happy with them. They will make their debute for a business society formal this Thursday!

How was your week? I liked mine :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feeling Festive

I am feeling a little American today as they all celebrate their American Thanksgiving today.  I received a letter today from Elder Pinsent (dated from last week) and he said that him and his companion had about 5 dinner appointments set up for American thanksgiving meals.  I am super grateful for that.  I am happy that he will be fed so well this weekend and that he is loved by the Saints in Minnesota.  I am thankful for his decision to serve a mission and that he is loving it beyond words.  Makes me heart super happy and super thankful.

Things aren't always easy but they are certainly worth it!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of short days, twix bars and Christmas shopping!

Why Hello there,
It has been a quick week. The days are so short when it gets dark so early. As soon as 5:30 hits and it's dark outside, my unproductive mood sets in and I just want to put on fuzzy socks and drink hot chocolate for hours. Unfortunately, I still have school to focus on and I need to go to work to make money. I don't mind it and I am happy that there is only about 3 weeks until I am done this semester!
This time of year is stressful. With time and school winding down and money being tight. I am happy to say that the smallest things do mean a lot to me right now. Like last night I hung out with my good friend Katrina and we ate twix bars and wasted time on her iPad, but we had a good time and I was thankful for her company! After a short trip to do some Christmas shopping and being very unsuccessful, buying a new set of earrings for myself, it was nice to just end my week relaxing with her.
I just hope that I can get enough done within the next couple of weeks and then start to really get in the Christmas mood! What are you doing to get into this time of year? I know for me, it is putting together packages for Elder Pinsent. I am super excited for him to get lots of goodies from us and from home. I know how much he will appreciate it all :)
Here's hoping to a good week!
XO, Lyssa

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten things I hate about you

Have you guys seen that movie before?  "Ten things I hate about you"?  Well let me tell you, I watched it for the first time last night and I just about fell in love with it.  Why was I seven years old in 1999?  I think I was suppose to be a teenager in that decade.  But alas, I was a teenager in the two thousands which was pretty cool too... I guess.  It got me thinking, I don't hate anyone, but lately people are bugging me with my pet peeves, so here is my list of top ten pet peeves as of lately---

1.  Working in retail, when I see this it just makes me cringe.  The person who takes their debit card out of that little paper envelope they give you when you get the card.  Most of the time that I see them now they are soiled and brown from sitting in the person's wallet.  I am pretty sure that is what a wallet is for so do me a favor and throw that piece of paper out please.

2.  When people take their shoes off in public and put their feet on a sofa that people normally sit on.  Casey and I had to watch this the other day in the business building on a couch that we sit on every now and then.  Not cool no shoe girl, not cool at all.

3.  When people have to pay in exact change.  Sure this is sometimes a good way to get rid of change, but if it takes you about 10 minutes to do it then, just "please insert your chip into the card reader".

4.  Fashion crimes.  I know I am no fashionista but I sure do know a good outfit or two.  And a dress that one of my professors has been wearing is not a good look for her at all.  And to that girl who white jeans a couple days ago, please put those away for 2012.

5.  Dirty bathroom that I usually end up cleaning up.  Toothpaste and shavings left in the sink... I just love my brother....

6.  When heels sink into the ground---which happened in taking the photos of my church outfit above.

7.  When people think their life is perfect.  I know this one is a little vague, but I have been seeing it a lot lately.  We all have trials and if you think you don't then you have some growing to do and you will probably encounter some on the way.  Get started kiddo.

8. When customers think I work out.  Just because I am wearing the whole Reebok ensemble does not mean that I am in any way shape or form physically active.  I don't have time to work out right now, sometimes I even get a good work out by working there.  I am a student, the only part of my body that has been getting a good work out lately is my BRAIN.  But thanks for thinking that I look fit ;) I am pretty happy with my bodayy right now too!   

9.  I know like most of these have been about work but... The fact that a lot of people asked if we would be open today (November 11th).  No we will not be open on the day that Canadians respect those who went to war for our country and the people who still fight for it today.  Go home and do some research folks. 

10.  When the amount of homework I did I could have watched "Ten things I hate about you" again.  Just a couple more weeks until I am done this semester for good!

XO, Lyssa

Thursday, November 8, 2012

my life in snap shots

School days--- studying in the stacks and helping my friend Paul out with some accounting!

what makes my life so much easier these days, letters from Him


an antique spoon that I bought at the Christmas forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

an adorable picture I found of my dog on Haig's old cellphone.  I just love her.

a typical study outfit for cold days at home

yummy chocolate study snacks!

ps: you are...  from Him

Best friend

This is my best friend Brittany.  She is going to complain for some reason or another for putting this picture up on my blog.  She is going to find a way to make it seem like she looks terrible in it.  She is going to use it as an excuse to pretend like she is mad at me.  But Brittany, I don't care
This is my best friend Brittany.  She is an amazing loving woman.  She is intelligent, kind and sweet.  She knows what to say and when to say it.  She brings me up when I am feeling down and is always just a skype call away to listen to be rant, or me for her.  
Thank you for being so great to me.  Distance really does not separate our friendship!
XO, your best friend Alyssa.

Nova Scotia's goodness

I had a good opportunity to take a weekend off work so I decided that I would visit my Elder's family in Cole Harbour.  I also got to see some of my other really good friends at Institute (a church gospel class).  I also got to go to the Halifax Nova Scotia Temple which was really great.  It was so nice to have a weekend away from home, and I felt at home with the Pinsent family in Cole Harbour.  They were so accommodating and although it was a really busy weekend for them, we made the most of it.  Haig's mother Nichla makes beautiful signs, canvases and leather accessories and she had a craft show during the weekend.  I am so proud of the work they do for their family and I am grateful for all of their love and support.  I got to hang out with the kids throughout the weekend a lot.  I won't forget the morning that I left we were all snuggled in Haig's old bed where Luke sleeps now and we just had some good laughs and how happy I was to have them in my life.

Hannah, myself and Luke-- We went to see Wreck it Ralph and it was 
really cute!  I highly recommend seeing it! 

This girl is so grown up, I love her sweetness.

Victoria and Emma were all thumbs when we got back from the Christmas forum.

Some of Nichla's signs.  She's absolutely genius I'll tell yah!

Victoria got a new tooth brush, which resulted in a lot of excitement of tooth brushing action!

My silly sisters :)

Nova Scotia, you are great.
Pinsents, you are even better.
XO, Lyssa

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The best;

The other day I experienced one of the best things ever and it goes a little something like this;

"just an average day, but I am in a good mood.  I walk out to my car.  I am on my way to work with a stop to make on the way.  I turn on the car and a new song that I really like is on the radio, my life feels like a movie.  I buckle up and put the car into reverse.  Once I am on the street, I grab my mail key that is on the dashboard.  I am hoping for the best.  I make a slight turn and the mailbox is in sight, I get a little giddier by the second.  I come to a stop and put the car in park.  I get out of the car and practically skip to the mailbox.  As I open it, I see one small envelope.  I already know where it is from and who it is from.  And in that moment, everything about this situation gave me a sigh of relief.  I am in love, I am happy and I am so proud.  On my stop on the way to work, I read it in an empty parking lot and am captured by the lyrical way of his words.  It is perfection"  

Some days are really hard, and some days are not so bad, but experiences like this make it all worth it and it will be even more worth it in about 22 months.  Some call me crazy, I get the rolled eyes and the 'I don't know how you are doing this'.  I shrug it off.  I am doing this and I am doing just fine doing it.

I feel Home

I am off to my second home; The Pinsents; for the next couple of days.  I am really looking forward to it.

XO, Lyssa

Halloween 2012

So, by now you have probably  figured out that I love these two little girls.  They are absolutely hilarious and I am so thankful to Ellen who has put them in the spotlight.  Today marks their one year anniversary on Ellen.  One year since this happened  So, my best friend and I decided to be Sophia Grace and Rosie for Halloween this year;

@caseydevon, you are my girl on fire.  I am so thankful for you in my life.  You are my go to girl, you make my heart beat run away and I love having you as my best friend!  You are the Rosie to my Sophia Grace.
love you long time casey face