Monday, December 31, 2012

two thousand and twelve

In a few hours, it will be a new year.


This time last year, I can remember exactly what I was doing.  I was sitting on the living room couch with Haig and we were watching Transformers.  We were somewhat disappointed because our night did not go as planned.  We went out for dinner, that I had reserved two weeks in advance.  The food was amazing however we were upset that we had to sit right beside the door.  We got a little cold as people came and went.  We had planned on taking a drive around town to watch fireworks and talk in the car, but it was a downpour most of the night and for anyone who knows me, I do not like driving in the rain.  So we just decided to go home and spend the ring in 2012 just enjoying each other's company.

New years Eve has always been 'our' thing.  It is when we shared our first kiss and our first I love yous.  We have a song to go with midnight and everything... I know... a tad corny, but it is what we do and we really love it.

Tonight, December 31st 2012, I will enter 2013 without Haig.  When I celebrate at 12:00, he will be getting back to his apartment in Minnesota as Elder Pinsent.  [maybe I should stay up til 2am so I can celebrate his too, or I should just set an alarm].  It is a little bittersweet that we are not together this year, but I am reminded of his great sacrifice he makes everyday.  Like my sign that Nichla made for me, he is gone for a short period of time so people can come unto Christ and be with their families forever.  

Two thousand and twelve has really been a good year.  I finished my first year of post secondary and I have really started to figure out what I want to do someday as a career.  Haig got his mission call to Minneapolis Minnesota.  I made numerous trips to Halifax and also drove over for the first time by myself, which also meant driving on the Confederation Bridge for the first time.  I had a great summer working and hanging out with really good friends.  I went to Magic Mountain Water park for the first time with some of them and we had a really good day.  Haig and I went back and forth a lot of the summer, we ate lots of good food, spent lots of time at the beach and the pool and we made me a longboard.  Haig went through the temple and it was a really great experience for him.  It made me so excited to go through the temple someday for myself.  I went out dancing with the girls at least every week of the summer, and it was so awesome!  Best calorie burner right there.  My 'big sister' Laura got married to her best friend Jeremy and I could not be there for her big day but I was super happy for her.  My best friend left on September 4th to serve in MN.  He makes me so proud everyday and I love hearing from him in letters and emails.  I started my second year and I took a part time third key position at work.  I did really well in my three courses and we found out that next year my sister will be going to Scotland [we are so excited for her] !!

Goodbye to 2012, a wonderful year. 2013, please be good to me and to all of my loved ones!

XO, Lyssa

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Music that I listened to while traveling/that I am loving in my life lately

Cover your tracks-A boy and his kite (Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack)
The forgotten-Green Day (Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack)
A thousand years, Part 2- Christina Perri (Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack)
Where I come from- Passion Pit  (Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack)
Pretty much the whole  Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack.... 
RED- Taylor Swift
I will wait- Mumford and Sons
Hey Ho- The Lumineers
Home- Phillip Phillips
Secret Valentine- We the Kings
Say you like me (acoustic)- We the Kings
You Never know- Jon McLaughlin
You know it's true-Jules Larson
Everything has changed- Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sherran
Mercy-Dave Matthews Band
Sweet-Dave Matthews Band
Some nights-Fun
Only you-Joshua Radin

just to name a few...

Charlottetown - Halifax

sister face + sun

Halifax- Charlottetown

Elder Bear

The Pinsents gave me two beautiful gifts for Christmas,

Nichla (Momma Pinsent) makes signs for a living.  She makes them on wood with vinyl with cute sayings.  She also makes cool canvases too and leather coin purses and make up bags.  She is one crafty lady that is for sure!

We saw this sign on Pinterest awhile ago and she told me she would make me one for Christmas and she did.  It is now above my make-up table to I can be reminded of the sacrifice that Elder Pinsent is making everyday.

The Pinsents also gave me a build a bear.  Rachel used to work at build a bear and Hannah just loves it, but other than that I don't really know how this idea rooted.  They made me a build a bear (Hannah Jane put the satin heart in and everything), they dressed him up like an LDS missionary and they named him Elder Pinsent.  I have started to call him Elder Bear instead because he is here with me.  Elder Pinsent is in Minnesota.  I just need to somehow make him a name tag and he will be all set.

I love you Elder Bear, and I love you Pinsents even more!

photos taken on Kayla's Canon Rebel t3

Some nights, I don't know Anymore

The past couple of nights have been pretty fun, I'll put it at that.

I'll start with last Wednesday.  My friend Philippe was visiting his mother and step father for Christmas.  He lives in Quebec and he is becoming a fire fighter!  Pretty cool right?  Anyways, he is super cool and wanted to hang out before he went back home so I went over on Boxing Day night after a much needed nap.  I got some candy on the way and we watched a couple of movies and got to know each other a little better.  It is funny how some friendships work.  I have a lot of friends that I feel like I don't talk to a lot, but when we do talk nothing has changed at all.  I also have best friends that I don't even talk to everyday but when we do talk, we find ways to catch each other up on things that have been going on in our lives.  We watched two movies and then I made my way home because I was super tired.  I hope we can see each other again sometime next summer!

Thursday I had a Boxing Day Sale shift at work.  I worked with the day staff until about 6 and then it was just my sister and Shayla and I for the evening.  It started to get pretty stormy outside.  Our manager Joe came down around 8pm and told us if we did not have anyone in the store by 8:30 to close up and go home.  Luckily for us, he was the last person in the store that night.  At 8:30, we got all of our stuff and I did the closing for the night.  It was nice to be off early in a way.  I came home and started to get caught up on one of my favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy.  I have been a couple episodes behind for awhile now and seeing as this is the last season I would really like to be caught up before it starts back up in January.  I had some snacks and got cozy in my bed to watch it and I would have to say it was a pretty good way of spending two hours after a long day at work and coming home on the stormy roads.

My parents were unsure about a trip to Halifax for the weekend because of the stormy weather that was being predicted, but Friday morning we got out stuff ready to have a little road trip to Halifax.  Every year the church puts on a big dance for the youth so we decided it would be nice to take Kayla over for her last one since she will be turning 18 this summer and will no longer be able to attend them.  We had a nice sunny drive over for the most part and we got there late in the afternoon.  I went to the Pinsents as soon as we got there while my parents took my sister shopping.  It was so nice to see my sisters, little brother and my other parents again.  We relaxed and ate some nachos.  Kayla came back from shopping and I did her hair for the dance.  My parents went to the temple for the night and then went to my great Aunt and Uncle's house in Dartmouth.

my baby sis, all grown up

My sistas, Victoria, Emma and Kayla

Opposites! Victoria & Kayla

Momma Pinsent and I took the girls over to Halifax for the dance and then we ran some errands.  She is such a fun lady and she is a great listener and gives the best advice.  I was grateful to spend some time with just her.  We picked up Daddy Pinsent from work and then made our way back home.  When we got back home we played a game with Hannah and Luke.  I chilled with Hannah until the girls got back from the dance and then I had pizza with Victoria and her friend Brandon.

Saturday felt like the longest day ever.  I got up early with my sister who also stayed with me at the Pinsents. We got ready and we went to the temple with other youth from Charlottetown and New Brunswick.  There was about 30 youth and I was glad to be with my sister and two of her good friends Julianna and Riley.  They are such sweet sweet girls and they all made me happier to be in the temple.  My parents were also in the temple [baptistery] with us which has not happened in awhile so it made the experience even sweeter.  

After our morning at the temple, I went back to the Pinsents to say goodbye to the kids.  It was certainly not a long visit with them but it was very enjoyable.  I love their sweetness and being with them makes me Oh so Happy.  We made a stop at my great Aunt and Uncles on the way out of town so that Kayla and I could say Hello to them.  They are really lovely people and I love their generous hospitality they always provide us with!

We made our way home in he afternoon with a couple pit stops.  The roads were again sunny and there was no storm in sight.  When we got home we had some cleaning up to do.  Kayla and I spent the night shopping getting some boxing day deals here and there.  I came out with a couple new random items.  A new water bottle from Winners, Snowboarding goggles on sale at Winners and two pairs of flats on sale at Old Navy.  Can I just say that I have not been able to find flats that I like in a really long time, so I did not stop at one pair.  I caught up on some more Grey's Anatomy when I got home and again got cozy in sweats with the storm coming ahead.

cute right? 

And the storm came alright.  We have been home here all day because church was cancelled this morning and I have been loving it.  I miss some people at church but relaxing in pajamas all day is so much better than going out and being in this cold.  However, I did tell mom this morning that we will have to do some cleaning up outside tonight so we don't have to do as much in the morning.  Looks like I will be getting my snow gear down from the attic very very soon.

Keep calm and Stay Warm, 2013 is on its way!
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So this is Christmas

The presents are all unwrapped, the turkey has been eaten (still lots left) and there have been some really great moments.  Christmas 2012 has been one that I will never forget.

Last night right before I watched my favorite Christmas movie with my family, I got some really bad news.  One of my best friends, my chica, lost her mother very suddenly.  I fell into a shock as well.  I could not understand why.  Knowing the plan of salvation really helped has really helped me over the past 24 hours.  This family is forever and I know my my best friend will see her lovely mother again someday.

I woke up this morning still in a weird dazed shock.  Since I heard the news the Christmas spirit in me became hard to find.  Knowing I would be seeing a friendly face later in the day, I got in the shower right after I woke up.  I got ready for the day and I did not go out to see the tree and gifts until I was completely done.  It was perfect timing because by the time I was done, my brother got up and out of bed.  Opening gifts went by quick this year.  As we have gotten older it seems like it goes by faster because there is less and less under the tree.  This year I got some nice gifts, I am glad my family knows me so well and they are all able to pick out things I really like.

From about 12pm-2:10pm I was freaking out big time.  Just ask my mom, dad or sister.  Elders on missions get to call home on two special days.  Christmas and Mothers Day.  Haig's mother talked to me a couple days ago about adding me in when Elder Pinsent skype when he called them.  This would be around 12pm Minnesota time.  When 2pm rolled around here, I was ecstatic to be hearing from him shortly.  His family called me on Skype and we tried to all video chat but it did not work out as we hoped.  Elder Pinsent told me he would say his good byes to his family and call me back in a couple minutes.  He did this and we Skype for about 10 minutes.  It was the best 10 minutes that I have experienced in the past couple of months and I hope it can get me through the next little while.  He is as good as ever, he is well taken care of by faithful saints in Cedar Lake, Minnesota and it was Him.  He surely is a different person, but at the same time he has not changed one bit!

After he called I took a little nap and then our little family gathered around and we ate a yummy Christmas dinner.  Mommy is such a good cook.  I keep telling myself year to year that I want to make a Christmas dinner but I have not ended up doing it yet.  Maybe next year...

Even with the upsetting event of yesterday I tried to make the most of this Christmas.  I was really reminded that family is everything.  I am glad my day was filled with family and it is not even over yet, I still have some calls to make to loved ones.  We also need to remember the birth of Christ.  I love him, Happy Birthday Jesus.  You are the best friend anyone could ask for.

all photos taken by Kayla Fraser on her Canon Rebel baby.

this last one is for Elder Pinsent.  Merry Christmas from PEI, you are my lobster.  xo
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night and have a safe and Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Brownies and Bling Bling

This weekend, I went out to a gift exchange with Miss Ellen.  We decided to get a nice brownie treat from Boston Pizza.  It was so yummy and we gave each other Christmas gifts.  She gave me my first two sparkly items of the season,  a gold studded bracelet and another silver band bracelet.  I really like both of them a lot!

Thanks Ellen!  You are the best.  I am so glad you are in my life.  You are such a good friend.

Today, I went to Emily's house and her and Casey and I exchanged our gifts.  They both gave me some more of my favorite things.. Anything that sparkles, is warm or is pretty colors.  So basically I got some nail polish, a scarf and lots of bling bling like various earrings and bracelets.  

I love you Emmy and Casey.  I love my gifts from you both and I am so glad for the memories we have of this past year.   We have had some pretty good times and I look forward to many more in the new year and in years to come.  

More to come tomorrow :)
December 25th, 2012

December Snapshots

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas.  It has come so fast.  It does not seem like two years ago I spent my first Christmas away from home with the Pinsent family.  Last year I stayed at home with my family and it was a lovely way to spend it.  This year is of course the same.  My dad is home from working in western Canada.  He leaves on Sunday which is earlier than we had hoped but I am really happy for him working so hard for our family.  I can't see him doing this much longer so I hope he can enjoy it while it lasts.  This morning I took Kayla to work and I picked up my mom one last Christmas gift.  A couple of months ago I broke her large glass mixing bowl and I have been meaning to replace it ever since.  I went into the Paderno shop a couple stores down from Reebok and bought her a large, deep stainless steel mixing bowl and some festive napkins.  This has resulted in Mom doing lots of baking today.  I am sitting at the dining room table and gingerbread in is in the air.  It smells so yummy.  I already had a little too and it tastes yummy too!  Kayla had to work today but she is off early so Dad has gone to get her now.  I got to pick what day I wanted to work (either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve) and I picked the latter because I have no plans whatsoever and I wanted to relax today at home.  Tonight we will carry on with our Christmas tradition of watching It's A Wonderful Life.  It is my favorite Christmas movie of all time and I try not to watch it until Christmas Eve.  It just has such a beautiful meaning and I am still shocked when people say they have never seen it before.  It is a classic!  I hope I can continue to watch it as the years go by, I don't think it will ever get old to me.
So like I was saying, it has been a short month, here are some snapshots from this lovely month.

---EXAM week.  Consisted of lots of music, studying and painting my nails for pretty encouragement
---Sometimes during exam week, you just gotta take a study break and get into a bin of pillows at SEARS
---Hot Chocolate really helps too
---Then when I was done exams, I watched all the Twilight Movies in less than 24 hours and it was great.
---We went to my Aunt Karen's and she was dog sitting for her son.
---On December 17th, Gossip Girl aired its Series Finale.  I wore a headband in honor of Queen B herself.
---Our Christmas tree this year.  I put the ribbons and disco balls on the it.
---I made my first blog book.  I have already started my one for 2012, loving it.
---I got a letter from my best friend to open on our favorite night of the year, New Year's Eve 2012.
---Sometimes I love when my sister gets a hold of my iPod
---Some friends at the causeway brought us these treats to work on Saturday.  So cute!

December, you have been so good to me, and we still have another week!

Faber Drive

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the band Faber Drive and some other special guests would be playing at the Charlottetown Civic Center.  I love lots of their popular songs like 'Tongue Tied', 'Second Chance' and their new song 'Candy Shop' is pretty catchy.  My friends and I have gone to the concerts held at the Civic Center this time of year before, and we have enjoyed ourselves.  We decided that it would make for a really great night out and also a fun thing to do while our friend Emily is home from University of New Brunswick.  The tickets were also a great price, only $34.50.  We would probably spend the same amount going out any other night so why not go to a concert?
We had a really good time minus the fact that there was a lot of little girls there.  This is because the act before Faber Drive was Victoria Duffield.  She also did a really good job and I like hearing her on the songs on the radio, they just get me dancing!  Some of the little girls tried to get to the front of the stage but we didn't budge.  We were about the second row standing and while some people fought over a t-shirt Faber Drive threw out to the audience we were able to make it to the very front of the standing row.

I had a really good night with my lovely friends Amanda, Casey and Emily.  I hope that we can make some sort of tradition of it!

Photos taken by Casey Ford;  my phone pictures did not turn out great.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas and Consumerism?...

My thoughts on the ideas what kids (or their parents want to get their kids) want for Christmas these days...

This post is an accumulation of my thoughts after an encounter today that I had at Toys R Us.  I had to run in to find a movie that Future Shop wanted $29.99 for.  I knew I could find it somewhere else cheaper and with the new Toys R Us right next store I decided to run in and check.  I found it for $19.95 so I got it and walked back to the front of the store where the cashes were located.  As I walked up I stood behind a couple that was paying at the cash.  They cashier was scanning in a Leap Frog Explorer Tablet and was selling the couple a warranty for the product.  They maybe had one other item that I did not see, but their total came to $279.99.  I had to hide my jaw dropping.  What were these parents thinking?  Now, let me start off by saying that I am sure their are many benefits to these products.  They help children to learn in a variety of different ways, but what happened to books, songs and writing?  Especially for a young child, because get this, after they left the cash they started to discuss how the warranty would really be needed "in case the child smashes it"...REWIND... You mean to tell me, that you just bought your child an item over $250 and there is a possibility that someday if they have a fit or get into a rage attitude they will destroy it?

*this is the part where I shook my head, let out a little chuckle and let the cashier ring in my movie.

Studying sociology in school, I have learned that Media is playing a huge influence on kids today.  I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but every now and then when I do I am amazed at the advertisements and how well they are made to entice our consumer society.  Now, I don't have any facts or displays for you, this is primarily my own opinion but the last time I turned the channel to a Kids Network, I saw advertisements that I know at 3-10 years old, I would have wanted that item after watching the advertisement.

I don't know what motivated these parents to buy this item for their child.  Maybe their child will benefit and learn from the product.  Or maybe their child is just spoiled rotten and next year it will be an iPad, and the next year it will be a cell phone, a laptop, a puppy, a bike, a car.  I like to admit that my family was never well off growing up.  I was usually pretty happy with the gifts that I got, except for when my mom tried to pick out clothes for me (that never ended well and she has learned her lesson).  One of my favorite Christmas gifts to date was the year my sister and I got cars for out Barbie Dolls, her a blue convertible and me a lime green punch-buggie.  We use to park them under out bunk beds and pretend it was a parking garage.  Another year, after the trend of the GAP logo sweaters, I asked for one for Christmas.  When we went to visit my Grandparents in Moncton, I opened up a zip up hoodie my Grandmother sewed herself.  Somewhat unimpressed at the time, I wore the sweater with pride anyways because my Grandmother knew that I did not need a Logo to be happy, and to this day I have not owned one of those sweaters.

How we spend our money this time of year is up to us.  I won't lie and I will say that I did spend more than I should have this year, and maybe a little more on myself than I should have.  It is just frustrating to see so much being spend on one item, for one child.  In a way a feel bad for this child, but I hope they are happy with the gifts that they receive and they don't take them for-granted, ie. smash it.  I pray that this child and the parents, and our society will come to know the true meaning of Christmas is not about how many gifts are under the tree or how much was spent on all of them.

One of the true meanings on Christmas, spending it with these two goofs; I love them so much!

Please feel free to comment below or let me know if you have any issues with anything that I have said here!
Merry Christmas and XO, Lyssa

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Activities

These last couple of days have been busy with activities leading up to Christmas.  I find this time of year, instead of giving gifts, it is really important to give T.I.M.E.  I find myself wishing I had spend less and less every year, but I really proclaim myself to be a giver.  I love giving gifts to people even the smallest thing.  This year for some of my good girlfriends, I bought them a pair of fuzzy socks, just ones from the dollar store and I wrote on a gift tag "For your Mistletoes".  It was as simple as that.  For other close friends I bought smaller gifts and I think I ended up spending the most on my sister.  She is my only baby sister, a senior in high school so it was the least I could do to make this year great for her.  I am so excited to almost be done of my shopping and also that Christmas is now so close.

Monday night, I planned a little dinner for my co-workers.  We went to East Side Marios, had some great food and some good laughs.  I really like being around this bunch, I can really be myself around them.  I love the girls at work, we always have some good conversations and we have become pretty open about things which always makes for some good laughs in between stressful times at work.  Thanks Reebok/Rockport staff for another good year of fun, Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday night was another festive gathering at my friend Dana's house.  I think I have talked about Dana here before but I will again because he is just that special.  Dana and I have been friends since Grade 1.  We were in the French program together and then we went on to play clarinet together for 6 years in junior high and senior high band programs.  Dana and I were also in french at UPEI together last year.  He really is a great friend and he recently moved so he decided to have a party with our other friends from high school at his family's new home.  It was a great way to eat, laugh and catch up with old friends.  We had a great time playing games guessing out pop culture icons.  My favorite part of the night was spending time with these two girls; my besties Emily and Casey

And then us with the host himself;

And me with my two of my good guy friends, Scott and Ryan.  Aren't they just the cutest gingers ever?

And with a group of my close friends from High School;

Dana, thanks for throwing a great party and thanks for the invite!  You are such a great friend!

I am sure that the next couple of days will just fly by and then a new year will be in our midst.  Tonight I am working the night shift so I could have tomorrow off.  Tomorrow night Emily, Casey, Amanda and I are going to a concert at Charlottetown Civic Center.  FABER DRIVE.  The tickets were pretty cheap so we figured it would make for a fun night out especially while Emily is home from UNB.  Working again on Saturday, my last shift until the 27th.  I took Christmas Eve off so I could partake in some pre-Christmas baking with my mom and exchanging gifts with my close friends.  
Are you all ready for Christmas?  

XO, Lyssa

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It is the most Wonderful time of the Year

I should excuse myself for the lack of blogging that has been going on in this neck of the woods.  These past few weeks of December have just flown by.  They have been good and we still have two weeks of it to go, the best two weeks of the entire month!  Maybe the entire year.  This month has been filled with lots of Christmasy things but I am still not feeling in the Christmas mood.  It is pretty sad.  I am trying so hard!  I am currently listening to The Canadian Tenors Christmas playlists on youtube.  Their version of Oh Holy Night is so beautiful.  I am really considering buying myself tickets to go see them in Halifax this coming Winter.  They are fantastic!  Other Christmas stuff that has been going on;

Went out to cut down a mini Christmas tree that is currently sitting on our deck--

Went to see the Confederation Center of the Arts production of the Wizard of Oz 
with my baby sister and crazy fan of The Wizard of Oz.  Now can we just go to
NYC and see Wicked please?!  And I am also so excited for the OZ movie to come out!
Should be really good.

What I wore.  Found this sequin skirt in the Old Navy girls' section for $10.99.  
There are some perks to be a petite 20 year old.

Our church puts on a live Nativity pageant.  I have been attending it every 
year for as long as I can remember and it never gets old.  I can probably quote the
whole script for you and all the words to the hymns the Mormon Tabernacle sings.
I can't get enough of the Hot Chocolate and cookies that are served after and the 
spirit that is felt throughout the entire night.  It is an amazing reminder of the reason
of this wonderful time of year, the birth of our loving Savior even Jesus Christ.  And what
would the Nativity be without some barn animals, or I guess forest animals...

Amanda the Moose, Kayla and Fox and Alyssa the Bunny <3

My dad came home from working out west this past week and it has been so good to have him home.  We went out to my Auntie Karen's house for dinner tonight and her and her 'man' cooked us a lovely meal of roast beef, potatoes and lots of vegetables.  It was so good and it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  When we got home I helped my dad get the tree into the house.  I am out in the living room right now and it smells so good out here!  I almost wanna sleep out here! 

This week will be filled with lots more Christmas activities and preparations for the big day next week.  Wow, I am glad I wrote this post because I am starting to get more excited now!
XO, Lyssa