Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31st?

One month down through 2013?  I know it is a cliche to say that time flies when you are having fun, but it really does.  Not that I am having huge amounts of fun by my life being pretty much taken over by school, but I have lots of fun doing other things.  We have lots of fun at home relaxing, eating food and talking.  I have lots of fun at church seeing my friends and handing out chalk from the Library (I have it pretty good with my church calling).  I have lots of fun with my friends.  Whether I am out dancing with the girls, driving around late at night getting junk food or simply staying in and watching a movie.  I have some good times by myself too.  Just taking time to relax and get to know 'me' a little better.  I have happy moments when I write my missionary best friend.  I have a really good time putting stuff together to send him.  I see myself as a very creative person to begin with but I have just been thinking of the most fun stuff to send him.  I really hope he enjoys it and doesn't think I am a crazy fool missing him.  I have lots of fun talking to my friends.  Most of my really good friends live away.  Last week I got to talk to Luke and Emma Pinsent. After a tough day it was exactly what I needed.  Luke was funny as usual and brought my spirits up with his funny and humorous remarks.  My other good friend Megan always knows how to make my day even when she lives a province away.  She is such a strong young lady and I look to her for inspiration day by day.  I have also been enjoying going to the gym... I only started two nights ago but I will keep it up this time!  I hope...It has just been making me feel so good.  I am not good with endurance.  I am not about to run on a treadmill for like 45 minutes like I have seen other people do.  I stick to the machines, the treadmill, elliptical and stair master. I think I'm gonna have to get some small weights for the house because I am not about to lift weights in front of anyone!

My life is a little crazy, and weird, but its lots of fun.  We are one month down out of 2013.  Only 11 more until 2014 and 2014, will be a really really good year :)
Bye January, it's been fun!
XO, Lyssa

Red Balloons

Two years ago, Haig gave me 99 red balloons for Valentines Day, and it was amazing.  I have loved red balloons ever since!  My sister Kayla has been wanting to take some more pictures with her great camera so this week we decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to since she is home from school (exam week).  It was maybe not the best week that we had hoped for though.  Today was the day we had decided to take the pictures and it is SUPER Windy.  But we decided to go for it anyways.  My hair was looking nice and straight and I went outside to test a balloon and then it was all over the place.  So up went my hair and we drove to a spot by our house to take some photos ;;

They turned out okay, don't you think?  Just a note though, I don't recommend taking photos with balloons in really really windy weather.  I actually felt like I being pulled back a couple times by them.  Maybe I could fly somewhere with them...MN? :)
XO, Lyssa

New Scriptures

After Christmas, I had a little bit of money to spend.  Seeing as my best friend is reading out of these books everyday, and me... not so much... I figured I had better get some motivation.  I had a Quad set of scriptures as we call them (all of the books in one bound), but over the past couple years I decided that I wanted them separate so I could flip from each book easier.  I also got them in black compared to the Navy Quad I did have which has over the years faded to a lighter navy tone.  I only got them yesterday and I am excited to take them to Institute tonight and start flipping through the wonderful pages of these books.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nala is 15 !!!

Hey Guess what?  Today was my Birthday.  I turned 15.  Alyssa bought me a new collar and we ate some vanilla cupcakes.  I only had one because they don't want me to get sick.  I mean look how good I look for a 15 year old yellow Labrador.  I would say pretty darn good, wouldn't you??

I've loved you since day one, when you were just a crazy playful puppy. Sometimes you ran away and we were really upset, but you always came home. One time you ran right into me and literally knocked me off my feet. Now 15 years later, here you are and we Love you so much. Happy 15th birthday to you Nala, you are the best dog a family could ever ask for.

A little more on the personal note;;; When Haig left a couple months ago, he said goodbye to Nala.  I wasn't there when he said it, but we talked about it after and he got a little sad when he said that he knew it would be the last time he saw her.  He will probably be right.  Nala is healthy, but sometimes we can see that she is in pain with her back legs and when she gets really nervous or is sleeping she will pee by accident on herself while she is laying down.  I know she will leave us someday, and that day will be really hard.  But she is the most amazing dog and she will be hard to replace.  I don't want to find out how our house will feel without her because she is such a great companion.  I love you her forever and I am reminded of the cliche quote that 'All dogs go to Heaven'.  Nala will go to Heaven, because she is an angel and she is in our family because she was meant to belong to us...I am sure of it.  I love you baby Nala, forever

XO, Lyssa

Little bit of Sunday Fashion

Looking at the pictures of these new shoes that I own, I am falling more and more in love.  Even better, they were only $17 at Payless (when I split the bill with my sister's pair and Buy one Get one Half Price deal was on).  Still pretty good though eh?  The skirt is great too.  I got it from Sears back in the fall although I had my eye on it during the summer.  Here's the tip---Wait for it to go on sale.  Uh duh, like oldest trick in the book. But really. No one seems to go in our Sears and if they do, it usually is not for clothes.  So ever couple months, Mom, Kayla and I end up going in some night when it is dead and we take over the dressing rooms.  We have a good time and I just happened to get lucky with this skirt for $12.99.  BAM.
Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week.  Not because I get to dress up awesome for church (because during the week, its all yoga pants and Hoodies , but because I get to go to church and see wonderful faces of people that I love and get to learn more about the gospel.
XO, Lyssa

Lately via the Ipod

So, here's the thing.  I get really lonely when I am at home.  Mom and Bryan get up early and head off to work.  Kayla sticks around a little longer but usually leaves for the bus just as I am getting up or jumping in the shower.  So one day last week when I was lazy and did not want to start a fire, I cranked the electric heat in my room and started to do some homework.  The loneliness started to set in, so I went to get my faithful companion Nala.  She was hesitant about leaving her usual spot in the living room, so I picked up her bed and grabbed some treats and leaded her the way.  She was a little skeptical at first, but as I worked away she started to fall asleep.  She stayed with me for about an hour until she wanted out.  It was nice while it lasted! 

In the winter, the toes still get painted...Just not as much as they do in the summer, and usually not this bright.  I was feeling the bright color one day and it was a Christmas present from my friend Emily so I decided to give it a shot.  The only problem with this was that my toe nails had been painted a dark red for the longest time and so when I woke up the next morning, I had a bit of a bright surprise to see my bright pink toes peeking out of my duvet.  Made for a smile as soon as I woke up.

How comfy does this sweater look. Honestly? So comfy.  I really want it but I think I would look like way too much of a crazy representing some Minnesota in Charlottetown PEI.  I found this after doing some research on MANKATO, MN because this is the area that Elder Pinsent is currently serving his mission in.  It is the home to Minnesota State University.  Elder Pinsent called it the University town, so I hope he and his companion has some luck there with finding people who are searching for truth!

It is really never a dull moment in the Fraser house lately.  We share in some good laughs and we are always there at the end of the day to relax together.  We like having meals and snacks together.  The other night, we stumbled upon this goodness on a popcorn bag.  We had a really good laugh.

These are some of my favorite t-shirts that I just cannot get rid of.  I don't wear them anymore but most of them just carry a lot of memories.  I guess I will explain some of them.  When I was in Montreal a few years ago, I bought a Montreal Canadiens Tee because they won a game while I was there.  A game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The streets were crazy and we watched from our hotel room.  I <3 Willam & Kate...cause one time I just happened to shake Prince William's hand and I said "Thank-you".  Yeah that happened.  A couple shirts are from my trip to Europe and just threw a couple of my favorite Reebok Tees in there too.  Once I am done classes I will start making some sort of quilt or blanket with them!

My Missionary has been assigning me some readings.  It is really hard to find time to study my scriptures and  do what I should be doing to draw closer to the gospel when school really consumes my life.  So he sent me this talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  It really made my day a lot better reading it and it helps to know that he is truely inspired to tell me what to read.  Elder Pinsent knows how much it will help me and I love him for it.  He is such a great missionary and he is loving the work that he is doing every day!

Facts about January 29th 2012 and this photo---1) I am not wearing make up in this photo 2) I went to the gym tonight for the first time in too long 3) I am freaking out about writing a business plan this term 4) I did not shower today 5) I am suppose to be studying right now 6) I want to eat a twix bar that I bought today but that kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gym and 7) New Girl is on in ten minutes, Yay!

Ahh, the life of a University Student.

Mom brought home some natural sweetened pop!  It was pretty good.  And then one of my friends told me that this brand also makes it in cream soda.  Sounds like a must try to me!!!

Our wood stove is actually my best friend lately.  I am glad I know how to make a fire in it for the cold days I spend at home alone.  It makes for some warm company.  Up keep is not always fun. Sometimes I get distracted and just stand in front of it for about 15 minutes trying to warm up but it is usually worth it!

Elder Pinsent is off to Mankato!  He spent the first 5 months of his mission in Cedar Lake, just outside of Minneapolis.  Now he is off to a new experience and I am really excited for him.  Mankato is currently my favorite place in the world.  He got there today :) January 30th 2013

Does anyone wanna know how long I have been looking for a dark mustard yellow sweater?  Well probably about 8 months.  Or maybe ever since I saw my big sister's Laura's.  Let's just say she wears the best clothes and she probably gets so sick and tired of me asking where she gets them from.  But she does have a really nice yellow cardigan and I have wanted one like it ever since.  I was skimming through Value Village when I stumbled upon this and although not a cardigan, at $3.99 and a size small---I am pretty sure it was to be mine!

Who doesn't love a good pair of socks?!  So amazing.  Gotta love Payless ShoeSource.

Let me also just say it felt really good to write this post.  My life, regardless of the craziness and stress is actually an amazing event.
XO, Lyssa 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

La La La La

Not a whole lot going on around here lately.  I go to school.  I do school work.  I figure out what I want to do with school.  Sometimes I wonder why I am in school... But it is all good.  I also hang out at home a lot.  I make cookies, or cinnamon rolls or I just eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate.  I also know how to make fires now in our awesome wood stove.  Sometimes I watch TV or movies.  Like when my sister randomly asks me to watch The Lorax with her.  Uh YES please.  Or when she watches disc after disc of seasons of Friends.  She is obsessed.  Or, American Idol.  Auditions are my favorite part of the series, the only part I end up watching.  Sometimes I shop.  Rewind... Sometimes I shop a lot.  I usually just get what I need though and end up coming out with a lot more.  Take Wal-Mart for example.  Go in to get mascara... come out with mascara, eye liner, goldfish crackers, raspberry poptarts, and lemonade vitamin water.  YEAH, that happened.  To make it all better I was dressed head to toe in Reebok all ready to go to work for 10am.  And I looked like I just rolled out of bed.  It's all good.  I have said a many times on here, that my life is pretty freaking awesome.  I have no regrets.  Back to shopping, I also got some great deals on new shoes that I love love love.  A black pair of chunky pep-toe heels and a pair of brown oxford style kitten heels.  I am smitten by the beauty of a shoe.   Makes me want to curl up and watch PS. I love you (because she becomes a shoe designer) and because it is almost Valentines Day and I deserve to watch a good sappy movie and eat some chocolate... maybe even buy myself some flowers, or balloons!  Balloons would be a good idea.  Reminds me of the time that this happened;

February 13th 2011, because my best friend Haig Pinsent is amazing!

Being in a room full of 99 red balloons is actually like the best, so if you need an idea for Valentines Day when you share it with the person you love, this is PERFECT!  Or at least I think it was.  Or I am just really cheesy and corny.  Let's go with all of it.  

Well, this post has been pretty weird.
Keep trucking people, Life is about moving forward ---->>>
XO, Lyssa

Monday, January 21, 2013


and a rather large picture of my face

Over the weekend, I saw a new movie called Silver Linings Playbook.  The main character in the movie faces many challenges, especially one of a mental illness.  I was very intrigued with the fact that Hollywood is now 'ok' with putting stuff like this on a big screen, because they should be.  Mental illness is very common in our society these days and I think it is important that it be recognized.  At the beginning of the movie they show the word

latin root for 'Ever Upward'

The main character goes on to talk a lot in the movie about Silver Linings.  There is ALWAYS a silver lining to things in our lives.  Whatever we are facing or going through, we are growing and learning.  Like the personification we learned in Grade 8... 'Every cloud has a silver lining'.  Even on the rainiest day, the clouds will break and the sun will shine.  And if it doesn't on that day, I can promise you that it will.  

I did not make a New Years Resolution on January 1st, but I think I am making one right now.  I want to be a Positivist.  With everything I have going on in my life right now, I think the key thing for me to do is to stay positive and go with some old cliches that everything happens for a reason, live, laugh and love and Carpe Diem.  I think as we stay positive about our lives, we will be happier, healthier and people will see it and want the same for themselves.  Another thing I would like to mention about staying positive is serving others. I know that I have been the happiest when I have served because it gives me the opportunity to help others.  Look for opportunities to serve and use your talents.  

Current Positivist moment: I have tons of homework and readings to do, but if I get them done I can relax all day tomorrow!

Keep Calm and Stay Positive.

XO, Lyssa

Friday, January 18, 2013

photos of the week

Let's face it.  I do love the United States of America because it is the home of a couple of my very good friends.  Currently, my best friend Elder Haig Aaron Pinsent and he lives in a lovely place called Minnesota.  I also have two good friends who live in Utah.  Maia Cook and her lovely family live in Provo and I miss them a lot.  Her little girl Georgia is just so adorable and I cannot wait to meet her this summer.  My friend Katherine Burchett also lives in Utah.  She goes to school and takes lots of cool pictures and videos.  She wants me to go visit soon, but I am pretty low on funds.  I will when I can though!  The US is also home to my now dual citizen bestie Megan Chica.  She used to live in Florida before she moved up here almost 4 years ago!
Miss you my American friends.

Before I started dating Haig, he bought this jacket from American Apparel.  So basically I am saying I would have dumped him if he bought it while we were dating... just kidding!    So now that he is in the States, I am holding on to it for him until he gets back.  My only promise was that I will not wear it out in public.  I am sure he will want to have a come back with it when he gets home, I don't wanna ruin it for him.

I had this tan pair of boots that I got online last winter.  I did not wear them a lot last year because I got another pair at the same time that I liked a lot more.  I went to visit work the other day and found out some shoe polish had been marked down to $1.00!  So I picked up a couple of bottles of brown and it has been my nightly project for the past week.  I sprayed them tonight with some rain and stain repellent so hopefully I can start wearing them next week.

I found these shoes a couple night's ago and they reminded me of a pair of shoes that Haig's brother and law wears a lot.  So I sent it to Haig's sister Katherine.  It was just kind of funny.  They were a little too small though.  If I had have found them in my size I would have gotten them.

Last night I was getting really stressed and worked up about school.  When I saw this quote from a wonderful lady, Marjorie Pay Hinckley, I became a little more relaxed and knew that everything will work out for my good.  Sometimes, learning is hard but it is so worth it in the end and I would not change the way I have gone through my education and continue to go through it.

Today, I found this wonderful pair of pajamas at Joe Fresh in Superstore.  They are suppose to be Christmas pj's but I think I will save them for Valentines Day and wear them around that time of year.  I will be a little lonely this year, but I have some plans to do some fun things with some good friends so it should be all good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15th?

Look at that. Half way through the first month of 2013. Sometimes the days just fly by. I have mentioned that I feel like the weeks go by faster. This is mostly because my weeks are usually pretty filled and planned with stuff going on with school, work, church and my friends. It also helps in a way that two of my classes are in the evening. It makes for a long day waiting for them and even a longer night sitting in them, but once they are done I am usually one happy lady. I make my way home and relax with my momma and sister and I always have a little bedtime snack. Last night caramel rice cakes and hot chocolate made my tummy happy. I heard recently though that when you crave sugar at night it means that you are tired. This means that most nights, I must be pretty tired. I get a lot of cravings for sugary foods over salty or bitter. I will usually only crave chips in the salty category. When I crave sugary, I could probably go for chewy chocolate cookies, donuts (I blame working at Tim Hortons for three years and always taking a treat before going home), chocolate bars, eclairs or strawberries. Let's face it... I crave those things most of the time!
Enough about food. Back to time. It has been almost 5 months that Elder Pinsent has been out on a mission. Almost 1/4 of the way through and it does seem like the rest will just fly by because I am keeping myself so busy. Sometimes I feel like he probably has more time than I do in a day, but I have come to the conclusion that I am wrong with thinking that. We still each have 24 hours in a day. His days just seem more laid out and sometimes mine are chaos and I am all over the place. I know how great it is that he is out in Minnesota doing this, but I'm happy at the end of my busy day I get to come Home. Home to my family, my room, my doggy and my fridge (Haha).
Life is good, and it keeps getting better'

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This week has gone by so quick and it feels like I did not get much done.  It was my first full week back at school and I have my first test tomorrow!  How crazy is that.  I am not too impressed but it is not really a test.  It is more of the teacher's assessment of our understanding and knowledge gained from the readings.  This course is pretty similar to the one I was in last semester so the readings for this test tomorrow is pretty much just a refresher of the stuff I already know.   Other than school this week, I did some running around here and there.  I hung out with my baby sister and she introduced me to one of her favorite shows "SMASH".  She bought the first season when it came out on DVD the other day and we have been watching 2 or 3 episodes every night since.  It is a great little show I'll tell yah with lots of BIG talent.  I hope to see more amazing stuff from it in its upcoming season.  Speaking of TV, I am also very excited for Grey's Anatomy to come back on tonight.  I have been hearing that this is the last season but I am thinking now that it could be a rumor.  No confirmation on that but I should look into it.  I started to make some purchases for Valentines Day.  It seems like this year is just going to fly by.  We are already 10 days into January and I just know that the next 86 days of my semester will go by quick.  This semester will be weird because I don't have any final exams, just research papers, presentations and assignments.  It will be stressful but it will be so nice when April 5th hits and I will be done [until I go back for spring courses, but those are fun].  It is only my first week and it already feels like there is a lot to be done, but I am going to break the rules and procrastinate it a bit and start next week.  I just wanna pretend for one more weekend that it is Christmas break or something, no harm in that.  I WILL start doing stuff for school next week, I promise.  I am excited to get working at some of the stuff this semester has in store.  I have missed my learning more about sociology and topics like aging.  I also get to make a business plan [which will probably be fictitious], but that is okay!   It should be a really neat semester!

ALONG with all of that, this guy has been on my mind more than ever.  He got to go to the temple today in St. Paul Minnesota so I am sure he had a really good day.  I got some pictures a week late as a Christmas gift and I am ever so grateful for them and his smiling face.  He loves loves loves this experience so I love it too.

temple photo via

Now, what was I doing on here again?  Oh right studying for a 'test' tomorrow.  Whoops.
XO, Lyssa

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Fashion

After posting this to Instagram today,

I came to the conclusion that I really liked this outfit for my first full day back at school.  And then, I decided to blog about it.

I am a summer girl.  I love my Bermudas and plain tees over winter wear.  However, there are a couple pieces that I do really love this time of year and they have become pretty essential in my closet, so here they are !

It has just gotten super cold here on PEI.  In early December I found the top three left  waffle tops at Old Navy.  I originally bought just the green, but I went back the next day to buy the dark and lilac purples.  At 8 bucks each, I can wear these super comfy long sleeves with anything.  

I think it is important to represent your school.  Around here it is not uncommon to see UPEI clothing a lot of places.  When I was buying one of my textbooks today at the bookstore, I saw UPEI t-shirts on sale and also to support Breast Cancer.  Why the heck not?  I have wanted a school t-shirt for awhile and it is always good to support a great cause!

I am still loving the lace.  This time of year, I would go for the darker colors.  I recently got the ultramarine blue at Joe Fresh for $10 and the dark magenta at Smart Set for $15.  I usually pair them with my black jeggings or tights to make a comfy look a little classier.

Ah, the comfy cozy sweaters that these winter months bring.  I really like this new one I just found at Joe Fresh after Christmas.  It is not too big but not too tight either and it is long enough to cover the top of pants so no cold air is getting up on my back.  This shade of grey also makes my heart happy [reminds me of my Elder's dark grey suit :) ]

I am obsessed with this silk black shirt I got at Bluenotes.  Such a good staple to wear on a night out!

Hoodies are also fantastic this time of year.  Once it gets a little nicer outside, pair it with a Chambray top for a warmer jean jacket look.  I got my Chambray at American Eagle during the summer.  It is a really great piece for any season.  Mine was a little out of budget, but it has been a good investment.


reebok purple leggings///gap polka dotted jeans (found them on sale for 7.49)/// reebok black leggings
black jeggings GARAGE/// colored jeans bluenotes/// astro pants lululemon

It is hard being a University student and wearing real pants.  I am not kidding here.  Some days i find myself just wanting to put my leggings on (and Yes I believe in wearing leggings as pants as long as your butt is covered and your leggings are in good shape, nothing is worse than a ratty pair of leggings or cheap yoga pants).  However, there are some really cute pants out there right now.  I am still rocking and loving the colored and printed jeans.  I am also loving jeggings because they are a comfy to and fro pant.  And of course, yoga pants are a Female university student's saving grace.  If you want a good pair, just go all out with the splurge for lululemons.  Like I said, in my opinion, nothing is worse than seeing ratty cheap yoga pants around campus.  If you can't afford lulus than you can certainly find a nicer quality than cotton ones from teeny stores like Stitches and Ardene. Fact.

                                   AND ALL THAT JAZZ                 

Even though Christmas has come and gone, that does not mean we have to take the sparkle out of our loves.  We're like diamonds in the sky!!... too much?  too bad.
Anything that is going to keep you nice and toasty warm this time of year is a must.  You can also find tons of good deals on winter accessories this time of year.  All three scarves above were $5 each!  And you can never have too many accessories on.  You will get compliments if you pair your pieces right.  
Since I mostly rock the faux ugg boots and my leather boots to school, it is nice to have a cute pair of flats for church and the weekend.  Found the lovelies about at Old Navy for $12.  
This Christmas I was also a lucky to get lots of bling from my girlfriends.  Say goodbye to big and chunky bracelets, these my friends is what you need.

Now, I am no fashionista, but I do know a thing or do.  

-  Do not just wear a tank top under a winter jacket.  It will make everyone around you colder than it actually is.
-No white jeans until at least April.  Camouflaging with the snow is not the best look.
-Layers Layers Layers.  I wanna see them
-Saying it one last time.  I am sick of seeing ratty yoga pants around campus.  I know yoga pants are so comfy, but if I can see threads hanging from the seams, frayed hems or dirt marks on white top bands, then you are doing it wrong.
-Wear what you want to wear, but wear it with a smile.  This one is going out to one of my favorite blogger's Alycia Grace.  Backing her up on her idea that you are you are never truly dressed without a smile.  Yeah it is cold this time of year and some days it is hard to get out of bed and put on layers and layers of clothes, so make sure your outfit does make you happy.  Thanks Alycia!  You are so great!

Happy Winter Wearing!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


4 months down, 20 more to go

I would have never seen myself doing this 5 years ago.  Three years ago I started to consider it and about 2 years ago, I knew I would be for sure.  That decision has changed my life and this stage of being patient has taught me so much up to this point and I am growing more every single day.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!

The first three days of 2013 have been BUSY! I have been doing lots of running around for errands here and there before I go back to school tomorrow and work all weekend.  The days have been busy but I cannot complain too much they have also been pretty fun and relaxing.  I started the year off right by seeing the first showing of 2013 at Empire Theaters of 'Les Miserables' .  I only watched the movie version of Les Mis about two months ago after my wonderful friend Megan lent it to me.  I understood the story line but I was also very intrigued at the idea of the musical behind it.  In preparation to hear the cast sing the songs, I did not listen to any of the music before hand except for the famous 'I Dreamed a Dream'.  I will admit, this song gets belted out by me every now and then while I am alone, or at least think I am alone.  Next Susan Boyle right here.  
I went along with my Mom, my sister, Megan, two of her friends, and three of our other good friends from church, Julie, Eryn and Kristin.  We had a really good time and the movie was, Beautiful.  There is no other word to describe the work of Victor Hugo.  The music was also amazing.  If it does not win Best Score at the Ocars I will probably punch something.  I have no doubt that it will be nominated for a bunch anyways but that is one that I would really love to see Les Mis win.  I will be downloading some of the songs tonight and they will be going on my Back to School playlist!

Speaking of school, this semester I am in 4 courses;

M W F 11:30-12:20 Dynamics of Family Living
M 1:30-4                 Canadian Society
T  6-8:30                 Intro to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
W 6-9                     Culture and Aging

At this point, I am hoping to major in Sociology and double minor in business and family science.  I can declare these at the end of this semester but I'll just play it by ear and see how this semester goes.  Last semester was my heavy business semester and I am glad it is over with.  I am looking more forward to this semester because I have missed my sociology courses and I am super excited my special topics course in Culture and Aging.  It will come in handy when I hope to use it in one of my idealistic professions someday.

I have also been very good the first 3 days of 2013 with reading my scriptures everyday.  It was a challenge last year I will admit, but I really decided that I needed to buckle down.  My best friend on his mission is reading them several times a day so I need to at least once!  He is such a good example to me!

Speaking of which, I should go read some more right now before life gets crazy again!