Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canada & Independence day

First and foremost, this year I will admit to be celebrating the 4th of July a little more than Canada Day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my country, but I also love love love my love and Elder Pinsent who is serving and spending his first 4th of July in the US of A.  I don't know how many times I have said it, but Minnesota is so lucky to have him.  I miss him a lot and I hope he gets to have lots of fun on America's special day.  I like the States.  I have only been twice, but I had lots of fun both times.  Haig has met so many great people in Minnesota and has made lots of friends on his mission.  I am told that we have lots of people to visit across the states some day.  I would like to visit the New England states as well as Chicago and Florida someday, where as he wants to visit more of the west coast.  One of his best friends & previous mission companions is from California, so I am looking forward to visiting there.  We will make it back to his mission field too, I have grown so fond of Minnesota. We also both have lots of friends in Utah and I would love to visit Portland, Oregon & Seattle, Washington as well!  And of course, I wanna hit up NYC again, it is such a fun city!  Wow, I guess we are starting to have a long list of America to visit.  I am grateful that Haig is serving in a mission in a country where there is religious freedom and that there is the freedom to teach people about the gospel.  It also makes me grateful for my religion's liberty in Canada as well as in most of the world.  We can practice and preach and serve with no harm towards us.  My church means so much to me so to be able to go to church week after week is such a great thing.  Our church was persecuted in the past for many years so it is a testament to me that we can now partake in the gospel more fully with less harshness from the world around us.

I love doing some cheesy pictures for my man, so this is what he is getting in the mail soon as a "I am celebrating July 4th because I love you in Minnesota" kind of deal.  They won't make it to the mail until Tuesday... so he won't seeing them for a little bit but I think he'll be okay.  The dress I am wearing is new from eShakti and you can use a great promo that is provided below! Enjoy ;)

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!


Other than being sick on Friday to start my weekend, I can say it turned out okay.  Saturday I got to work at Reebok with some of my lovely friends.  It was however a CRAZY day.  On a summer Saturday we could make about $10,000 and that would be a lot but this weekend lots of people must be visiting PEI for the Canada Concerts and visiting family and stuff, we ended up making about $17,000 in sales!  I was in Rockport and I had a couple good sales but I ended up being behind the cash for most of the day ringing people through.  The rest of the weekend, I knew I had to hang low because I needed to fight off the rest of this cold.  I hung out with my sister on Saturday night.  We made a trip the mall because I wanted to take a look at a shirt she recently bought (I know, I'm such a copy cat).  But we ended up both trying on some stuff at one store and we didn't like any of it.  Then we both had to pee really bad so no more shopping for us until we found a bathroom! hahaha, just had to add that detail in because it is never a dull moment with my sister and I.  After hitting a couple more stores with no shopping success for this week, we ran some grocery errands at Superstore and also visited Sears to try on some bathing suits.  I need a new one piece really bad but I have been having no luck what so ever.  We also made a stop into Bed, Bath and Beyond and ended up buying a shower curtain---as a new curtain for our room (thumbs up).  We may cut it in half or just get a draw back for one side.  We will see!  It is summer anyways so it has kind have been nice to just have it off to one side and let the breeze blow in.  I read my scriptures and got ready for bed and then instead of watching some episodes of Veronica Mars, I decided to start this book that has been sitting on the shelf for awhile.  "The Five People you meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.   I just finished it tonight actually (a great short read) with an AMAZING story.  I just loved it.  It had me in tears on multiple times.  I am so glad I finally took the time to read it and I definitely recommend it to all!  Today was a lovely Sunday.  I wore a new dress to church and got a couple compliments on it.  I made some plans with my friends for the next couple days so I am looking forward to that.  We also had a good third hour combined meeting in which we talked about becoming more united as a ward and church unit.  I know that as I begin to strengthen myself in the gospel, I can lift up others around me as well as the members in my ward.  I read my book in the afternoon and I did take a little Sunday afternoon nap!  We had a lovely dinner tonight of slow cooker pulled pork (my mommy makes the best!), some Mr. Noodle Salad and some potato chips.  I am currently watching Enchanted with Kayla, so I can say I am pretty happy with the past 48 hours.  Especially reading that book.  I haven't read a novel in awhile so it was good to read again and enjoy a book as much as I did this one.  
More fun ahead this week... but not really!  Working lots.  All work, no play!  
(except for tomorrow, a little bit of play!) 
XO, Lyssa

Friday, June 28, 2013

flashback Friday

The other day I sat on a set of swings with a little boy at work.  As we started to swing and talk with each other about his plans for the summer, these two pictures came to my mind.  We had just spent Thanksgiving 2010 weekend with his family in Nova Scotia and he was working with our good friend on PEI for the next little while.  I was on my year off, we had no idea what things were to come in our lives.  I think back to these days too and realize it really did take awhile to get Haig out on a mission.  With the recent age change, I don't even think if that had been in place at the time he would have gotten out at 18.  Haig is now serving with guys who are 18 and he has just turned 21.  I know however, that is is out now for many reasons.  People have been preparing and searching and as the work continues in the area that he is serving in I know his influence has impacted it.

I miss this silly boy a lot and I think back often to the great memories we have together.  Next week we will hit our double digit month mark.  I will get to cut out another countdown number.  14 Months to go until I get to have more fun with this boy and I know it will be more than I can ever imagine.  For now though, I love my weekly e-mail from him as well as spiritual and uplifting letters about his progress, the progress of his mission and companions as well as learning more about a new place and hearing funny things and insights from him.  It is really so great.  I feel as though some people have started to forget about this sacrifice that we are making, but I don't.  It is one of the biggest parts of my life right now and I know the blessings will be in store.

Can't wait to swing with this boy again soon.
XO, Lyssa

sleeping sickness

I have been working with the kids all week and I have not been getting as much sleep as I should, so when I woke up this morning with the sorest throat and my head feeling like 1000 pounds, I should not have been surprised but it was still very unexpected.  I called into Chances sick because I was suppose to be working with some younger children this morning and I knew I would not have the energy to do so as well as the vulnerability of getting the children sick.  Of all weekends too, it just had to be this one.  The Canada Day long weekend.  I felt bad for calling in sick.  At least it is not nice outside either because I have really been confined to my bed for most of the day.  After I got a hold of my Chances supervisor, I slept all morning and got up around 11:30 and had a couple of my mom's homemade baked goods that she had been working on all morning.  I sat around for a little bit and started to do some more course selection for my third year and I was texting a couple people when I realized I was going to pass out again.  I slept from about 3-4:30.   After I got up, I knew I had to make myself a meal. I found a can of chicken noodle soup, heated it up and ate some soda crackers with it.  Perfect meal for a sickie.  Might have to make some cup of soup before bed too!  So to say the least, it has been a pretty crappy day and start to a long weekend.  At this point I am guessing this head cold could be here for a couple days so I am prepared for some more days in my bed.  Send help or good movie suggestions.

Regardless of all that, last night I had the great opportunity to go to a play with Jocelyn (who also ended up sick today...guess we are allergic to each other!).  Someone visited her work at the Great George Hotel and offered them tickets to the performance of Anne and Gilbert.  I got her text when I got off work yesterday and I hoped no one else had said yes to her invitation and sure enough, she let me go with her!  I have seen the show before, a couple years ago when it was still performed in Summerside, PE.  This is the first year that they have moved it to a theater in Charlottetown called The Guild.  It is the love story of Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.  It was cute and a little spunky and I will admit to getting goosebumps on a couple occasions.  For one instance when the entire ensemble sings "Your Island, Your Island, You're from Prince Edward Island, Your Island, Your Island through and through!".  Those lyrics ring out wild to me because I love my province and it is my own, it is my home.  All fiction set aside, Anne and Gilbert are the perfect example of the strong independent girl who doesn't want the boy, but of course in the end her heart defeats her.  I loved seeing the show now that it had moved to the heart of the Island and I hope is has so much success this summer!  Thanks again for taking me Joce :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

graduation guest post

this past Monday night, my baby sister graduated from HIGH SCHOOL.  She's all done of public school, the last of us Fraser kids.  Here is how she felt on her big night!

Hey, it's me Kayla.  
so, on graduation night, it was pretty crazy.
I went to Colonel Gray High School around 6 o'clock to pick up my gown (seen in the pictures, and they are really warm!), then I met up with my friends. My hair had been down, but it started to look really gross, so I asked my lovely friend, Emily, to put two french braids in at the side for me. Emily has been one of my best friends since grade 7 and she is amazing. After getting a few pictures, we made our way to the Holy Redeemer Church right across the street from our school, where our parents were waiting. The church service isn't exactly religious; it's just a good way to celebrate the grads and display talents among the students. There were songs and poems. One girl read an  abridged version of Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the places you will go" which was really heartfelt. After the service, at around 7:30, all the grads got onto the buses to make our way to UPEI where the graduation ceremony would take place. There was 263 graduates, so we had to have a few minutes to get everyone organized. We started to walk in at 8 o'clock, where families were clapping and cheering. Alyssa, of course, was snapping photos. (She was my photographer for prom as well). As we all got to our seats, we remained standing for "O Canada". We then had a welcome by a chairperson graduate, a speech from our principal, and a greeting from a representative who works for the school board.Our guidance counselor, Ms. Duffy then presented scholarships and major gradation awards. We then heard a musical selection from a very talented graduate, who performed an original song of hers.

Then the big moment came... the diplomas

Each person goes to the stage to shake the principals hand and receive a diploma. Since I'm a Fraser, I am pretty close to the beginning. In the program, my name says "*Fraser, Kayla Denise" (that's me!). The star shows that I got honors. So when they called me up they said "Kayla Fraser. Honors". When that happened, my mind was concerned on walking onto the stage (without tripping) and getting that diploma that I worked hard for. I walked up and heard cheers, shook Mr. Whitrow's hand and thanked him, then walked off with the help of a teacher named Mr. Arsenault. I found my family and Amanda, where I got celebratory hugs and we snapped a few photos. I had to go back to my seat so then I could watch everyone else get their diplomas. I started to get tired of clapping, so I just clapped for my friends or pretty much, just the people I actually know. After all the diplomas were given, there was the presentation of prizes and aggregate awards. 
Now here is a good story. Turns out, I got a prize! And I told this by my friend Kailey as we were boarding the bus to go to UPEI. I received the Stephen Duncan Memorial Award (which is donated to a student pursuing post-secondary education in photography or a related field, which in my case is journalism). It was a cash prize of $150, which will be surprisingly helpful. It was also really cool to go up to the stage twice. I didn't trip at all! After all the awards, we heard our valedictorian's speech. Our valedictorian was Jacob Hemphill, who is amazing and talented in all ways. He gave a great speech. As he ended his speech, all the graduates stood and there was a few closing remarks and the band played "God Save the Queen". Then it all got crazy as I tried to search for my family. Eventually, I found them. I got a card from my parents with $100 in it and I got a nice watch from my aunt Karen and my Grammy. We then got family pictures and I found some friends to get pictures with. Also, Amanda was there so I got pictures with her as well, since she is pretty much my sister! 
After all that craziness, all the grads got back onto the buses to go back to school for our safegrad, which is a chem free all-nighter event that give the students a fun last time together. My friends and I got changed into comfy clothes and went to the cafeteria to eat pizza and ice cream (YUM!). It was a good way to fill our bellies and socialize with friends. We then went into the gym for some games and prizes. We had some good laughs in there. The best part of safegrad had to be the hypnotist show in the lecture theater. Needless to say, we all tried not to pee ourselves, for we were laughing very hard Our valedictorian, under the powers of hypnosis, spoke to us in Chines! At around 2am, we got back on the buses to go to the amusement park, Sandspit in Cavendish. It was also very fun. I rode the tilt-a-whirl, the scrambler, the rock 'n' roll, and the go karts! I loved riding the go karts. The line was long, but it was worth it. By the end of it, I was very over tired and started going a little crazy On the bus ride back to the school, all of us were close to zombie-ness. Although, we did see a good sunrise. Back at the school, they were serving breakfast, which I barely ate. I started to feel sick, so I stopped eating and texted dad to come and get me. I hugged whoever I could before I left. When I arrived home at 6:30am, I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until noon.

All in all, it was a great night. I loved every bit of it. It feels good to be done of high school. I'll always cherish the memories of high school.
Colonel Gray High, you made me who I am today. Thank You. 
~ Kayla

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Summer Working Girl

Today was my first full day of work at my ***new*** summer job!
I have been volunteering with a daycare organization for a couple months now called Chances Family Center.  I worked with a program of drop-in and play families in Cornwall.  Once I was finished school and had some more free time, I started to work some casual hours at after school programs in Cornwall and at West Kent school.  I started to love the kids, the activities as well as the change of job atmosphere.  So a couple weeks ago I got some information about positions for the summer, so I applied for a couple of them and I ended up getting the one I had hoped for!  Rewind a little to the end of last summer, I made a goal to leave my full time job at Reebok because I was just getting bored of the same old thing every single day.  I started a job hunt a little late than I had wanted to out of my own laziness and frustration of applying for summer jobs.  I was so grateful when this opportunity came my way.  So what is it that I do?  I am a Youth Educator Support for the Charlottetown centers, and in particular West Kent day programs.  To sum it up, I get to play with kids all day long and get paid for it.  It's not as easy as you think though.  Today was my first full day and as fun as it was, the kids got a bit of cabin fever later in the afternoon and started to get a little wild.  I played a game with a couple girls and one of them became really upset when another girl got ahead of her and ended up winning the game.  Its a great job but has its perks and it just goes to show that all of us will have some bad days.  I know I am really going to like it because it helps me to just feel like a kid and have fun!  I'm gonna try and stay at Reebok a little bit this summer just on Saturdays and maybe some nights so we will see how that goes.  I am trying to make as much money as possible for the fall!

It's gonna be a busy summer... but I don't care, I love it!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer instagrams

Starting to really love these sweet, warm days of summer. I've been spending the past couple days just at home relaxing and spending lots of time with my family... And on the couch! Ha. But really I just like living the anti-social life right now and not being out too much and spending money. I have been spending some of my nights watching the Stanley Cup finals so there has always been lots of snacks around and laziness on the couch with my momma. After a very lazy morning and afternoon today I decided I had better get outside and take a walk. I wore some new shorts from Reebok, put on some tunes and just walked (and a couple of short distance runnings). It felt good to be out on this beautiful night! Hard to believe this time next week June will be almost over. Time is just starting to fly by this summer!

Kayla's Prom 2013

I can't believe it has finally come and gone.  It just seems like it was yesterday that I drove my sister up to Summerside to go dress shopping.  The ladies were so confused as to why she wanted this particular dress so bad with sleeves.  They even tried to convince us to order the strapless one and add something to it.  It just seems like yesterday that she asked her friend Gordon to go with her [and I was in Dominican and pretty much freaking out that she finally got the courage to do it].  It just seems like yesterday that I was going to my own prom!  I will admit now too that Kayla did have a bit of a more exciting day than I had.  She had a lot more attention but I think that's great because she is the baby and it is the last time we will do it for one of the Fraser kids.

The day was pretty low key but crazy and stressful at the same time!  Our good friend and her date's sister came around noon to do her hair.  She did a test trial of it last week and I didn't get to see it but Kayla liked it so I knew it had to be good!  And it was excellent.  It was a braided up-do and some wispy curls in the front.  She also had some hair bling bling to go with the bling that was on her dress.   Charmaine did such a wonderful job, we are so thankful for her!  A great way to save some money that way too!

After she got her hair done, we made her stay home while mom, Amanda and I ran some last minute errands for the flowers, film and gum!  Kayla watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S 'The one with the Prom video'.  Kayla loves this show so it was perfectly suiting that she had to watch the prom episode on the day of her prom ;).  When we got home, Amanda and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sun that was outside and do some tanning while Kayla got her make-up done by our wonderful friend and close neighbor Katrina.  Katrina is seriously like a make-up queen.  She is fabulous at it. She has so much to teach me and she will definitely be doing my make-up for events to come.   Once her make-up was done and she got home, I had showered and gotten ready so she finally was able to put her dress on and have some pictures taken.  We debated going for a little drive to some nicer scenery but ended up just walking over and taking some in our neighbors yard [but we don't know them very well, so it was a good thing they weren't home!].  

So this is my baby sister, the one that I have shared a room with since the day she was born.  The one that I can tell everything to.   She is my rock and one of my biggest strengths and she makes me proud and happy. I don't know what I would do without her, and I don't know who I would be without her either.  I am glad I won't ever have to find out.

We took some more pictures until her date, Gordon arrived.  Gordon Veitch looked dashing in a new suit for his mission.  He has been called to serve in the Leeds England Mission and reports in October.  It is a very exciting time for him and his family, and also very busy as he works and finished up his first year of school so we were pretty happy that he could take some time out of his life to go to prom with Kayla.  They made such a cute prom couple and it was so nice to see good friends laughing and having fun together.  Gordon cracked us up all night with his funny remarks and comebacks at my commands at pictures.  Thanks for being such a great sport with all of us Gordon, you were fantastic.

From home, we made our way to one of Kayla's friend's house to have a potluck and take pictures.  We ended up being late because of some timing issues with getting ready and Gordon getting off work, but it was okay.  Made for less awkwardness for him in the long run.  Mom, Kayla and Gordon went down in one car and Amanda and I took my car so we could go home later after.  We got to the house and ate some of the food that was there and Kayla started to get some pictures taken with her friends.  They had already taken lots of pictures, so we didn't take too many but I tried my best to get what she wanted and I think I made a pretty good photographer for the day!  

And then we made our way downtown to meet her drive.  Our dad was also coming home from out west and our Aunt picked him up and just took him straight downtown so it would be the first time we would see him.  My Auntie Karen has a lot of really good friends.  One of her best friend's husband has a little ford truck from the 1930's and it is what Kayla ended up picking to drive her to prom.  And it is SO Kayla's style.  She loves anything vintage and is so classy.  Barb's husband John even dressed up as a driver and it was just perfect for Kayla's day.  I think Gordon must have liked it too, he continued to be a good sport.  We took some family pictures and some last minute ones before they drove up to the prom site.  I didn't take too many pictures there, just some of Kayla and some other close friends and then captured one more as they walked into prom.  After some more grads made their way in, Amanda R. and I went out to get an ice cream with Amanda N. and caught up on some things.  Amanda R. and I came home, uploaded some photos and then waited for Kayla and Gordon's call for a pick up.  We took them out for some Chinese food after and laughed and talked about their night.

I am realizing now just how genuine all these pictures are.  I am impressed with my photo taking skills of the day.  It was mostly on auto, I tried playing with manual a couple times but it wasn't working so well.  I also used portrait a bit for some of Kayla and some others with her friends.  Kayla also pulled out some great smiles and laughs during the night and I was so happy to catch them on camera.  I am so glad she had a good time at prom.  With a great date, great friends, great ride ;) and also great memories that she will have for a long time.  

I love you baby sister, you looked beautiful, you always do but even more on this day.  
Congratulations on Prom Day, June 18th 2013!
XO, Lyssa

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

her turn

my baby sister on my prom day in 2010

Now, it's her turn.  The last time we do the high school closing ceremony rituals of prom and graduation.  Today is her prom day and I have just painted her nails an iridescent grey/pink sparkle to match the jewels on her dress.  She is going to look stunning when she gets all dolled up later and I am getting pretty excited.  She is going with her good friend from church Gordon, who also looks pretty dashing in a suit.  There will be lots of pictures taken (by me) and there will be lots of happiness on my part too because I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished this past year.  I am pretty sure she did better in some of her courses than I did in Grade 12.  Yesterday Kayla found out that she as accepted to Holland College to take Journalism.  SO GREAT! She is such a good writer so I hope she finds it to be a good fit for her life in the fall.  

Today is your day baby sister, enjoy it and make the most of it.  You are gonna look beautiful. 
your big [little] sister 

Monday, June 17, 2013

my Elder Pinsent Update;;;

This boy has not been ceasing to amaze me.  It just makes me so happy to see him dedicate two years of his life to serve our Lord and our church.  He is seriously incredible and he is leaning so much on the way!

The Minneapolis Minnesota Mission with Bishop Gary E. Stevenson of the Presiding Bishopric, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Twelve & Elder Tad R. Callister and Elder Edward Dube of the Seventy.

Elder Pinsent says::: I'm way in the back in the middle and hard to see, but I'm there! 

The MMM was lucky to have 4 special guests this past weekend. Elder Dube, new member of the 70. Elder Callister of the presidency of the 70. Bishop Stevenson of the Presiding Bishopric. And Elder Holland of the Twelve. Never have I been in a meeting with more pulpit pounding and heart piercing finger pointing in my life. It was a really pleasure to be able to be a part of that meeting. We received very specific instruction on what we are to do for the rest of our lives. I think everyone left there ready to work and to be better then ever before. I certainly did.  

I hope that in the next 15 months I can continue to change lives the way that I have been blessed to already. I know that even if not another convert comes from my work from here on out, there will still be one. This work is converting me faster then it is anyone else. It is a miracle just to have been a part of it.

Elder Holland was amazing. There are no words to describe that meeting. His first statement:
"I would walk on hot lava to be with missionaries. 
I would drink shards of broken glass to be here with you tonight."  
I am glad that he didn't have to, but I could feel that he really meant it. He spent most of the evening talking about how we can only promise one convert. Ourselves. The most valued conversion is the one that has taken place integrally  I know that the effects of my work have made changes in myself that will last for the rest of eternity. For me, and for you.

my Elder Pinsent

"Rebel Beat"

A couple years ago, one of my favorite bands came to the East Coast, and at the time, I was pretty low on funds because I was trying to save money on my year off.  The sad thing was is that I said I would not be able to go over to spend the money to go over the Halifax to see them, and I ended up being there for a YSA dance the same night.  (so basically if I had have known that I would have drove over with my YSA friends, skipped the dance and go to the GOO GOO DOLLS).  But I didn't, and I have regretted it ever since.  I have been to a couple concerts in my adolescent years and I truthfully believe that one will not regret going to a concert.  Of course sometimes the tickets are way pricey, but I think they are such an unforgettable experience so you should do what you can to go.  

When I found out the Goo Goo Dolls would be doing a tour for their new Album "Rebel Beat", I started to cross my fingers that they would come somewhere close.  I checked tour dates weekly and still nothing.  Then my friend Sarah, who was on top of the game too posted something to Facebook with newly announced shows in Moncton and Halifax.  I asked some other friends, but everyone else is a little tight on money, but I wasn't gonna regret it again, and I think $100 isn't too bad for them as well as Matchbox 20 who I also love!  So, I am headed to Moncton August, 27th 2013 to go to a concert, [about three years in the making].  And I am beyond happy and excited to be going over with my friend Sarah and her boyfriend Jordon.  I'll miss my man a little, but we will take in lots more concerts in our future together :)

XO, Lyssa

Saturday, June 15, 2013

photo ops

cause who doesn't love a post filled with completely random photos?

 little chair at wal-mart stuck in the wall somewhere..


Haig Pinsent Jr.'s third Birthday (got a little scrapbook lurky at his house)

I saw my first lady slipper flower in Nova Scotia!

love love love this dark purple dress I found at Value Village

my sister face Victoria and I as we painted our butts off for the superhero mural

took a Sunday afternoon to myself at the Pinsents cause I was 4 chapters behind on my scripture study

my loves, Rachel and Victoria Pinsent!

oh just being a 'rebel'

a new lovely skirt.  so just a little capture of it.