Sunday, September 29, 2013

this place, these people

These are my people and one of my favorite places ever [the temple].  I am so happy the gospel has brought us together and that my love for them grows more and more with each visit and our continued love and support for our missionary Elder Pinsent. 

Young Single Adult Conference

We attended a Young Single Adult Conference.  There was a formal dinner and dance on Saturday night, which I took as an excuse to put my best dress on and look absolutely fabulous.  Some of my wonderful friends were there from Charlottetown and I also got to see close friends from Halifax and the surrounding areas.  It was a lovely night.  I even got the chance to be Brave.  I found confidence in myself when I expressed in person how I really felt about something.  
Try it sometime, say what you want to say.

Conrad's Beach

Granny Cliff and Hannah Jane met with us a little later and we went to our second stop, Conrad's beach.  I just loved the sunshine, warmth and the beauty of this fall day.  
September 28th 2013


I took Kayla to two of my favorite places on Saturday afternoon.  They hold a close place in my heart because the only times that I have been to them before was with Haig.  I wanted Kayla to feel the same amount of happiness because of the beauty I beheld.  I hope she did.

Fraser Sisters do Halifax!

I went to Halifax with my little sister, my best friend.  I took her to her first Young Single Adult church conference, some of my favorite beaches outside of Cole Harbour and did our favorite thing together, shopping ;)  We had a blast and I would go again with her in a second.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Such strength. Such beauty.  Hope, Faith and Courage.

All for Love.

You are my home, we belong together.

With God, we can do all things.  Love conquerors all.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

at our home

So what I am 21 and still living at home with my family?  I wouldn't change it for the world right now.  Our dog is getting older and every day that goes I am happy that I get to be with her.  My sister and I are closer than ever.  She called me at school today because a boy was dumb to her.  I was a little tied up with some studying but the fact she called me just made me happy.  My parents are both working.  My mom got a job she had applied for, but they gave it to someone else who wasn't doing it so good.  Luckily they realized that mom would have been the best for the job in the first place.  Bryan got a new job too so he is moving up in the world a little.  He is very independent he just doesn't know what he wants to do yet.  I get to spend lots of time at home especially on the weekends when most of my friends are working. It does allow me to get school work done because I like to work at home, but I also get to spend it in good company.  Kayla is usually watching TV or a movie in the background and her little laugh when she is really enjoying it makes my stress from school work a whole lot lighter.  We also like to pull the Canon out more often.  Fall is soo soo beautiful and I am looking forward to more of the colors, changes and everything else in store that comes with it.  I got a letter from Elder Pinsent today and it was the sweetest.  He told me he has been thinking about the future a little bit which is such a relief when I realize that him coming home really isn't too far away.  He will be home in less than a year's time and there will be lots to figured out.  The more we can get sorted out while he is still on his mission the better.  He is a great rock to me with my education even though he is not here.  Although that does make it harder, I am also happy he is not here to witness all my nonsense craziness that results from my over-thinking and over-stress of school work.  He will be here my last year though, so he's bound to see some of it!  He will be a great help though, I just know it.

I think that's it for now.  Back to the school work grind.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


That is exactly what we did this Sunday afternoon.  I have school on my back.  I have been feeling it lightening up a little bit because most of the stress I have been feeling is just my own creation of paranoia of "not having enough time to get things done", when I am really not doing all too bad.  I have also been having some relationship complications with a couple people because of some awkward situations that have arised.  It sucks so I am trying to just clear my mind over it until we can really get it all sorted out.  Kayla is at school full time, but lucky for her she hardly brings any work home.  She has free time in the afternoon so we usually is able to get all of her work done.  She got her first official letter from student loan the other day, so welcome to college baby sister!  Ha.  Our lovely neighbor and bestie Amanda has been feeling some stress at work lately with a very challenging situation.  She is one of the strongest girls that I know though so I am sure she will find a way to get through it.  We handled our stressful situations with a little Sunday afternoon walk in the park.  It was nice to play on the equipment a little bit too and just feel like kids again.  We walked in the forest on the marked trails.  Sometimes we even walked in silence, just taking in the calmness that came in with the afternoon.  It was a good afternoon spent with my two favorite girls.  I hope we can make it part of a routine as a way to relax from our crazy days and weeks, because I know there will be many more of them ahead.
Bring on the craziness that is my life, cause with these two I think I'll be just fine.