Monday, January 13, 2014


January has not been treating me so well, just with some stress that comes with the beginning of a school semester, but I am still happy and I try my best to find positive things throughout my days.  More than that, I hope YOU are all having a wonderful month, better than mine.  And look at that, it's almost half way through anyways!  Time flies even when you are not having fun I guess....

So what have I done this month then, well I have been buying too many clothes still.  I just can't stop especially when the deals have been sooo good.  I am really looking forward to dressing up for school more this semester as I have a couple of presentations and I should just always look cute as a third year arts student all the time!  I have been on a couple errand outings with Mom & Kayla lately and I just have to stop and take cute pictures of sweet things.  I love that Valentines Day is right around the corner and that I have lots of close friends around me this time of year to celebrate with.  I love loving!  I am also continuing to knit and trying out some baking here and there when I have the time.  I made carrot muffins one night and they didn't turn out so great... so those got thrown out to the birds, but Mom also made some berry muffins that night too and they were delicious!  We also did some grocery shopping together the other night and if felt very womanly.  Us girls, just doing our thing at Superstore.  Sometimes I just think in the back of my mind, people either think I must look really young grocery shopping with my Mom at my age, or they just might think I am a loser.  Either way, doesn't bug me!  I like helping my Momma out, especially if it comes to food.  And like the best Moms, she helps me out as much as she can most of the time.  Like now for instance I should start making some biscuits for a Relief Society Enrichment tomorrow night, and I might need a hand ;)

love my Momma, love my life, love YOU [whoever you are, feel free to say hello]

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