Sunday, February 16, 2014

fab 5

5 fabulous things about the past week or so!
I bought bright pink stockings at Joe Fresh, they were only like a buck after Christmas.  I like them a lot but they were a little hard to match up with something to wear to church.  I went with my black floral dress that I love.  The pinks were not quite the same, but it did the trick.  It made the lighter pinks in the dress stand out a little more.  I also regret not taking a picture of my entire outfit, after I got over 20 likes on a picture of my legs! hehehe

I finished another scarf!  This time a smaller cowl in burgundy.  I bought two balls of it but I only used 100g so I took the other one back and exchanged it for a rose coral.  I'll make another one soon!  It was a super easy pattern at that.  Only 26 stitches and work it garter stitch until it measures 110cm and sew the ends together.

On Valentines Day night, I ate an Oreo Ice Cream sandwich in less than 2 minutes. It was sooo good and rich at the time, but then I felt like garbage after.  Oh, and real oreo cookies are milk are a trillion times better!  

I got my 2013 blog book as well as a letter from Elder Pinsent in the mail on Wednesday.  I love great mail days.  I am happy with the over-all results of my blog book.  Sadly, but funny enough my sister found some misspelled words.  Guess I should do a better job proof reading next year.  Some of my pictures were also a little blurry, although they had not given me any resolution warnings on them.  I was surprised especially since some had been taking with my sisters Rebel.  Nonetheless, I am happy with my [giant] 2013 blog book and that I have it as my memory of 2013.

Last but not least, one of my favourite artists Andy Brown posted this picture and caption on Valentines Day.  He is a sweetheart and I look forward to hearing his new music and seeing him live in a couple months!  He's great to look at too :) :) :)    


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