Sunday, February 16, 2014

introducing: Cecelia Kate Persson

photo from Katherine, February 9th 2014, "Hi friends and family. Look what we did yesterday."

Cecelia Kate Persson 
born: February 8th 2014

basically my newest, cutest little friend.  
Good job Katherine and Eric, you two make a cute baby.
She is just so so so so so so cute.
It probably won't be for awhile, but I am looking forward to meeting her!

I have been so happy to celebrate this joyous event with the Pinsent/Persson families.  This is Haig and Nichla's first grandbaby.  My Haig, Rachel, Victoria, Emma, Luke and Hannah have all become uncles and aunties to this sweet little lady.  Elder Pinsent was so happy.  He was beyond words, literally.  He said in his e-mail to me on the 10th... 

"Dear Alyssa,
Katherine has a baby.......................
Don't know what to do with myself right now.....................
So, so happy.......................
*sigh* life has been so good to us these days. 

Ahh, he is just so sweet.  I know all the kids are super happy.  Katherine tells me Cecelia is a happy and mellow baby.  Laura called me after she met her for the first time and told me she is just darling.  I am happy she is healthy and that she is finally here in the world with us.  I am looking forward to heading over to Nova Scotia to watch and spend some time with Victoria, Emma, Luke and Hannah this weekend as Dad Pinsent heads out west to meet her.

Did I mention she is pretty darn cute?  I think I did, but I will just throw it out there again.

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