Saturday, February 15, 2014

the sweetest thing

On Valentines Day, my sister and I took some Valentines that we had made as a YSA activity to the Garden Home.  It was such a lovely experience to walk around and pass them out.  A lovely activities coordinator took us around to pass them out to the residents which was nice because she introduced us to them and letting us know who needed them the most.  

So, here is my to be honest.  Yesterday was not great.  I know it is only my last Valentines Day without Haig, but it was a bummer to get nothing.  Mom bought me a shirt when we went out later in the evening, and she also bought me reese puffs a couple nights before so I could have them for breakfast.  I was also hoping to pick up a shift from work to make some money before going away next week but I never got a call.  So I spend the morning showering, making myself pretty and relaxing.  It was a nice way to spend the morning, with the house to myself.  I watched two Valentines Day episodes of the office which made me miss Haig a little bit.  I made some lunch, a yummy roast beef and mozzarella grilled sandwich and some chips.  I ate two chocolate bars and watched an episode of my current TV show 'Private Practice'.  I planned on meeting Kayla at the home around 3:30, but she wasn't doing anything so she just came home and got me and we went.  After we picked up Mom, a pizza from domino's and came home to eat it.  Mom and I made a trip to Sears later and the Mall just to have a look around.  I like spending time with Mom.  We also went out this morning.  We spent some time in Value Village and both found some gems.  We also made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market.  It smelled oh, so good in there.  We ate perogies, and we got some apple cider for the weekend and we each got a pastry for a treat on our drive to the grocery store to pick up another couple of things.  The stores were crazy, most likely because of the possible storm tomorrow morning.  I will be doing a snow dance tonight after I get home from volunteering at my community hall's valentines dinner!

So, I guess what it comes down to is that yesterday I was a little selfish.  I guess it's not too hard to be when so many girls my age post pictures of the flowers or chocolates their boyfriends got them.  I honestly think it can become too much of an over-do.  [So, Laura next Valentines Day the only post you will see about what I get will be on my blog!].  I didn't get any flowers from a special someone, I bought myself about 3 chocolate bars the day before and I didn't get to doll myself up this year like I would have enjoyed.  Regardless of those things, yesterday was great because I will not forget the happiness that came from passing out some simple Valentines to the seniors.  They were so sweet and accepting of them.  After we gave one to a lady in a wheel chair in the hall, one of the care-workers told us "we have no idea how much that might make their day".  She didn't have to tell me, I know that it probably helped.  When we left, my face hurt from smiling and laughing with them.   We were not there for too long to pass them out, but it is something I will do in the years to come because of the bliss that came from it.    

day of love, 2014 was a success

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