Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Know My Saviour Loves Me

Life has been busy. I have seen busier days, but lately the days just seem full of things to do and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done.  Most of the time though, I am happy. My life is good.

March is a great month. For one, March marks 6 months until Elder Pinsent comes home. I am pretty excited about that.  The first week of March has also been really great. On the 1st, we went out to dinner for Bryan's 23rd birthday. I had the most delicious Sheppard's pie at Churchill Arms in Charlottetown.  I spent some time with Mom during the day we had gone out shopping. The school week was of course busy like I mentioned. As I get more work done, I continue to see the end in sight. I have to take 4 spring/summer courses thought so I know the end of this semester will just be  another break for me until I go back in May.  Dad got back on the 7th and it has been so good to have him home.  I have missed him and all his silly little quirks and the ways he knows how to make me laugh.  This weekend I did lots of school work on Saturday with some group partners.  I also had the chance to hang out with Chelsey, Casey, Cody, Amanda and Jonathan.  It was so much fun to be silly and crazy with them for one night amidst all this stress and craziness.  Cody, Casey and I got lost on our way to the place, but once we got there, the laughs made up for it. 

Tons of exciting things will be happening over the next little while. Kayla will leave on an internship, Mom and dad will go on vacation, I'll be home with my brother for two weeks, I will watch my last General Conference without Haig by my side. We will spend Easter as a family and in May I will see City and Colour live.

I think what makes me most happy is how blessed I feel. I know it comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ. My life is far from perfect, but I know that He is doing all He can for me to make sure I am happy right now.  And because of that, I feel bliss beyond measure.  The support that I have received from friends recently has been outstanding.  I know my Saviour Loves me for putting these people into my life.  I also know that He knows that I can do this.  He motivates me to do all I can, and sometime I will reap more blessings for all of this hard work.  Sometimes, we just have to be patient, but always moving forward with hope and faith.


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