Thursday, May 22, 2014

birthday minutes

may 21st 11:39pm
had a rough night at school, but finished my online course so hallelujah! 
found out one of my sweetest friends Karrah will be in Fredericton when I visit next Saturday. Hopefully everything works out and we will see each other. I miss her! 

may 22nd 12:01am 
opened a letter that I have had for a couple days from Elder Pinsent. I knew I would have to save one for my birthday in case I don't get one on my actual birthday. He said there was a package on the way... 

listened to 22 by t swifty. awhh yeah girl. 

my time of birth. I spent it sound asleep. 

woke up, already had about 16 posts on my wall. One from my sweet momma who I would say hi to a couple minutes later in person. I'm so happy that even at 22, she still mostly enjoys that I live at home. I told her we would celebrate my birthday and her Holland College graduation this weekend! 

Decide I should actually start getting ready for the day.. the day seems like its going quick already! 

ate some blueberry eggos for breakfast. 

I got to the mall and I went right into target- because I am basically obsessed. I wanted to buy Coldplay's new CD but the price made me feel a little poor, so I passed on that for now.  I bought some nail polish and eye shadow applicators and a kit kat bar. 

I got home from the mall and I relaxed for a couple minutes by texting my friends thanks for their birthday wishes. Then I turned on the episodes of Modern Family that I missed last night. I haven't actually watched all of the episodes of this show, but it is great to just sit down and watch because it always makes me laugh. 

my sister brought me home pizza for lunch! om nom nom

got ready to go to work for the afternoon in Cornwall. wah. It didn't help that it was wet and rainy outside which meant I would most likely be inside with the kids all afternoon. Hopefully it would go by quick!

spent the whole afternoon inside with some kiddies.  they were funny today.  I was hanging out with a couple of girls for awhile.  Because I am causal staff, they don't see me very often, and I think they felt uncomfortable with me watching them make "crayon soup" and they asked me if I could go away. HA thanks girls.  But I stayed, and I made suggestions and they ended up being happy with their final project (crayon shreds in water in a plastic bottle).  Once I finished up, I picked up my best friend Megan who welcomed me with a card (that I read later in the evening and shed a couple of tears, she is so sweet).

we went to my house and picked up Kayla and we had a nice drive out to the country for our YSA barbecue at Brother and Sister Rea's house.

we were the last to arrive, but it was nice to make an entrance and have everyone say 'happy birthday!'.  We have new sister missionaries which is wonderful.  My friend Kelvin gave me a card and a mini black forest cake and my friend Amalia gave me a card and crazy straws.  My friend Charmaine played cook for the night and she made our hamburgers nice and delicious.  Amalia also made a chocolate cake that we had after dinner and a game of get to know you bingo!  It was nice to spend the evening with some wonderful friends in the gospel.

I got home, and I took some birthday self-portrait photos.  I figured since I didn't take too many during the day, because I didn't do anything relatively exciting, I needed photos that I could look back on of the day I turned 22.  I took most of them in my room.  Because, here's the thing... this is going to be One. Big. Year.  A lot is going to happen before I turn 23, and one of those things will be moving out of my parents house.  I do love living here, I love the room I have and I love spending time with my family.  This year has a lot in store, and I am really looking forward to it all.

my sister went out for the evening, but I have vowed not to do any school work today, so I think I will be putting on a movie in just a little bit, and pour myself some bubbly water from the soda stream, and call it a day.  More celebrations to be had this weekend.

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