Sunday, June 22, 2014

people told me I looked nice in this colour

So, Kayla and I have started this weird thing.  I got dressed before her this morning.  When she came in to get dressed, she started to put on a new dress that she recently bought.  She had it on for a minute or so, and then started to take the dress off.  When I asked her why she was changing, her reply basically was that we wouldn't match if she wore that dress.  

I have to admit, when she is dressed first, I usually think the exact same way.

It mostly started by dressing similar in the past, but now it is a weekly occurrence!

I love you little sister and our need to match each other for church ;)

  People at church today also told me that this cranberry pink/dark magenta/whatever you want to call it... is a great colour on me, so let's find some more stuff in this colour shall we?   

What's even more awesome is I got the dress from walmart for THREE (3!!!) dollars.  Kayla's dress was given to her from Victoria, made by my 'mom-in-law', Nichla.

Also, I went for a drive last night with my parents and gathered some of the most gorgeous coloured lupins I have ever seen!

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