Saturday, June 28, 2014

the craziness called my life

This week was pretty crazy.  I started my new job.  On Tuesday I went to training with one of my co-workers.  The training was called High Five and it taught us some principles about working in recreation with kids.  It was a nice workshop, and I was surprised I had not heard about it before.  Wednesday, myself and two of my co-workers (Emily & Heather) took first aid training.  I won't go into too many details, because I know I will remember it for a long time, but I passed out at first aid training.  Yes.  I was that girl.  It was right after we had started talking about basic emergency first aid, there was a couple mentions of blood and applying pressure.  The instructor talked about different kinds of shock for a bit and then he pulled out an epi-pen, and my body just reacted to it, I passed out and got sick.  I went home and continued to be sick for the rest of the night.  That sucked the most.  I still passed the course though, and I figured it was probably the best place for me to have a little incident like that, with a trained first aid instructor who was like a big teddy bear!

I spent Thursday and Friday working.  Thursday was mostly at the park and on Friday Heather and I did some driving around delivering the newsletter.  I have volunteered myself to do the grocery shopping for our Canada Day Event, and although I regret it just a little bit because there is so much work to go into it, it is great experience.  I am writing from the park right now before I get at some paperwork for the summer.  I don't see many kids coming until after Canada Day, but it is going to be a gorgeous day so we will wait and see.  I am excited for tonight when I will be volunteering for BIG RED MUSIC FESTIVAL.  I love my life and the various opportunities I am given to grow, have fun and just LIVE MY LIFE.  I am looking forward to just dancing my heart out.

I can't believe it is almost JULY.  So crazy, crazy, crazy...

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