Friday, June 20, 2014

week of june 16th-20th

This week, I mostly did lots of studying for my Business Law final on Monday night.  Nothing too exciting other than that.  I did some tanning with Amanda one afternoon, and another day Casey and I went to see Jake go to prom.  Today Kayla and I went to pick up a PEI Provincial Park pass and then we went to Pizza Delight for lunch.  I like spending time with my sister, especially since we will both be working a lot more pretty soon.

I ran twice this week.  I am getting better, but I still have no idea how I will ever run a full 5km.  I probably won't, but that is okay with me!

I officially start my summer job on Tuesday!  I have training on Tuesday and First Aid training on Wednesday.  I will be finishing up my 'spring' semester on Monday night once I finish writing my exam, but I only have just about one week off before heading back for a summer course.  I am so hardcore and dedicated, I surprise myself!

This is also my last "weekend off" for the next couple of weeks.  There is lots of fun and exciting things in store these next couple weeks, and hopefully I can keep up with documenting them!  Sometimes though, I like to sit at home with my Mom and watch TLC all night.... like right now.

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