Thursday, June 12, 2014

weekly notes

I am trying to run a little more.  It's hard but I am working on it.  I do feel better after I run.  I find I have more energy for the day, even though come the afternoon I am craving a cat nap, but I resist the temptation and always end up having a really good sleep at night, so it has been pretty awesome.

Summer meals are in full swing and they have been amazing.  Monday night we had hamburgers and chips, keeping it simple.  Last night Mom brought home a giant salad from the store and we snacked on lime nachos and home made salsa.  Tonight we had steak and potatoes and carrots that were cooked in tin foil on the BBQ.  I just love summer meals even if they are a little warm on hot days.  I also think I eat way more meat in the summer because the BBQ is the best way for things to be cooked!

Our soda steam machine has also been pretty life changing.  I just love to have the fizz in my drink without all that crazy sugar in pop.  We buy the crystal light liquid or whatever brand is on sale and just squirt some in.  I am currently sipping some my own peach pop, and it is delicious!

Tonight, we had a YSA activity and Sister Kristin Domike taught us to make: meat balls, stuffed zucchini, vegetable tomato sauce and fudge sauce.  We got to feast on a meatball sub, spaghetti in sauce and meatballs, stuffed zucchini and garlic bread.  After we indulged in vanilla ice cream and the fudge sauce.  I don't know if I will ever be able to make a whole meal like that any time soon but it sure did help motivate me to get cooking!

I skipped class on Wednesday afternoon to sit outside in the sun and it was glorious.

I just realized that my Facebook is so random.  Because I have friends who are older and have families and cute kids and funny lives, but then I also have friends that still party and couldn't care less about the future.  And then there's me and I just try and get people to like my stuff and think my life is cute when really it is sometimes pretty pathetic and corny.  But alas, I love it anyways!

I wrote a paper for my sociology course this week and I am really, really impressed with it so far.  Let's hope my professor is too!  Next week, I am tackling about 6 chapters of Business Law.  Final exam is June 23rd.  Wish me luck, I actually need it this time.  I rocked the midterm like it was no body's business!

I went shopping with my sister today because I need some new shorts.  I didn't find any at Old Navy, but I still managed not to buy anything that was catching my eye.  We also went to Sears and there was a couple of cute things there too but I resisted the urge to spend money on clothes I really don't need.  Go me!

I hope I can start work at the park soon!  I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

Oh, and tomorrow is my best friend's birthday.  I miss and love him a lot.  Can't wait to turn 23 with him next year.

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