Sunday, July 27, 2014

dog days of summer

Well life has been a little crazy with long shifts at work and the business of school.  I have also been able to have some time to have fun.  Last Sunday, I went to the beach with Mom and Kayla and we had a lovely afternoon.  It is so nice to live on Prince Edward Island this time of year.  The week rolled on with some work and a great trip to Halifax.  On Mondays and Wednesday nights I work until 8.  It is nice to be around at the park because not too many people are around.  On Wednesday nights teams come to play baseball, but no kids came this week so I didn't have to do too much, so that was nice.  Class is just going okay, but I am not enjoying it very much.  It is so hard to go during the summer and it is also going to be hard to study for a midterm this week and work on our group project.  It's stuff that has to be done though, and it will be!  Friday night I also worked late because my co-worker and I switch the shifts every week.  After work though, my family, Matthew and I went to The Old Triangle for a very late dinner.  Matthew is moving back to Moncton in a couple weeks and although we didn't hang out as much as we could have, it will be sad to see him go, but we wish him all the best!  He is such a smarty pants and great guy so I know there are some wonderful opportunities in store. Yesterday I worked from 10-4 and not very many people were around.  It is kind of sad because the park is such a wonderful resource in the community, it is just underused.  We are doing what we can though and summer can be a very busy time of the year.  This next week is going to be just as crazy with a fun and fitness camp going on and a midterm.  I hope the weather cooperates for the week and I hope that it can go by quick and we can move on to the next.  I am getting more and more excited, September close to one month away!

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